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Slice of Life is a love letter to the Science Fiction genre of the 80's, entirely made with practical effects and miniatures!
Slice of Life is a love letter to the Science Fiction genre of the 80's, entirely made with practical effects and miniatures!
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UPDATE 16 - Miniatures Production Diary

Posted by Julius Film (Creator)

YOOOO everybody!!

So we have been very busy. We finished filming all the miniature work and now we can show you the latest Production Diary.. what number are we up to? ahhh yes 14!! WOW!

We have now begun editing everything together, including the sound and music! This message will be short and sweet as we have to get back to finishing Slice.

Live long and proper!

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    1. Julius Film Creator on

      Hey guys!!! We just wanted to thank you all for the really nice comments! It really means a lot! The diary about sound and music will be done in a few days!!!! See ya soon! ;)

    2. Óskar Örn Arnarson on

      I want to buy you all drinks, hopefully I'll get to do that one day. That was fantastic.

    3. Eric on

      Man, these update videos are going to end up being almost as good as the movie. I love this stuff. I respect you guys taking the difficult (and correct) path as often as possible. You are really kicking yourself in the balls to get as little digital in there as possible. The best part is that you are making these documentaries so people have to believe you actually did it! (Some of the shots look so good people may doubt it). Can't wait to see the movie, you guys are awesome.

    4. Missing avatar

      Joe Clay on

      I could watch these BTS videos all day long. When you finish the film, if you want to do another Kickstarter where we can just watch you make scenes and never even have a finished product, I'd still pay for it, haha. I'd pay even more for it honestly, knowing how much you guys show. Excellent work guys!

    5. John L Vogt

      Even if you never finish the film, the production diaries have been worth the price of admission.

      Love the enthusiasm!

    6. Marko Radosevic on

      I wrote it there and Im gonna put it here...
      Like usual, you blew my mind (again) with diary. Still, that truck is somehow too jerky.
      Can you connect that truck with that rig/gimbal that you used for car?
      To make it more smooth movement.

      Svaka cast i kapa dole!!!

    7. Land Patricio on

      Absolutely amazing, the best making off videos ever! Can't wait to see the film finished!! Great job guys!

    8. Missing avatar

      Mark Poff on

      Very excited to see the production phase and also the sheer amount of love and work involved. Eagerly awaiting that finished product. Keep up the fine work.

    9. Zachary Prusak

      A great diary!!! Your enthusiasm for filmmaking, and overcoming challenges on the set shines through! Can't wait to see the finished film!!

    10. Nathan Camp on

      It is fantastic seeing the behind the scenes miniature work.

      Also very impressed with how the matte painting worked out!

    11. Zane

      Your updates are great! Keep up the good work.

    12. Missing avatar

      Steve on

      Proper, I approve :)

      Excellent update as well.