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Slice of Life is a love letter to the Science Fiction genre of the 80's, entirely made with practical effects and miniatures!
Slice of Life is a love letter to the Science Fiction genre of the 80's, entirely made with practical effects and miniatures!
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Posted by Julius Film (Creator)

Yo everybody!

Some of you expressed interest in 3D models we made for our 3D printer and asked if we would share them. You know, those small AC units and greeblies we used for detailing the buildings...
Well sure, it's a cool idea!!! So we finally found some time and prepared a FREE 3D MODEL PACK!


 So yeah, there's 50 assets in the pack, sorted in a couple of different groups and types: AC units, sci-fi panels, vents, pipes, etc. - presented in glorious .obj format! :)

You can download it on our website HERE.

I must remind you we are pretty new in the world of 3D printers and these are far from professional 3d models, but hopefully some of you will find the use for them. Hey, at least you can print a miniature AC unit and tell your friends it's an exact replica of the model from Slice of Life!  :D

In other news, I also made a new Production diary update from our workshop showing some new miniatures, and explaining the process of using the 3D printer and CNC machine in more detail. I hope you'll find it interesting!

 See ya sooooon!


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    1. Todd Guill on

      Did you print these in the same scale as they import into the slicer or did you scale them?
      What kind of supports did you guys (or anyone who has printed these) use?

      I wanted to start trying these out and needed to know what Cura (or other slicer) settings to use.

    2. Hotchip on

      Great update and diary. It looks like you’re having fun (apart from CAD etc..) these updates are always enjoyed, I’m really looking forward to the finished product but am enjoying the journey on the way. Thanks for being so cool.

    3. Julius Film Creator on

      @merv storey: Haha, I thihk I'll just use these two for now. At least until we finish this project. This is more than enough for our needs at this time! ;)

    4. Julius Film Creator on

      @Ron Newcomb: By all means, share it! I've put the link on all our social networks too. The more people can use it the better :)

    5. Missing avatar

      merv storey on

      Great update!! So now that you have a CNC and 3D printer, are you going to upgrade to larger units as soon as you can?
      From what I hear, people always wish they spent the money on the bigger unit!

    6. Ron Newcomb on

      Love it! Can we share the models with others - or backers only?

    7. Zane

      Your update video's are great! Keep up the good work, everything you've showed has looked awesome so far.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ferdinand von Schenk

      Great T-Shirt by the way ...

    9. Missing avatar

      Jeff on

      These rock! You rock! Thanks for the update... Looks sweeeeet!

    10. Zachary Prusak

      Wow!!! That is SO cool!! Thanks Luka!

    11. Julius Film Creator on

      @Robert Shill: Hahaha, I'll consider it if I fail as a filmmaker! :D

    12. Missing avatar

      Robert Shill on

      I can see how it will all look very real. Bravo, Luka. You should try stand-up comedy, seriously.

    13. Julius Film Creator on

      @Gary Phillips; Ender 3D from Gearbest. It was on some kind of Christmas sale back then tho...

    14. Gary Phillips

      Where did you get the 3D printer from?