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The easiest way to film on the go. The SteadeeGo and the SlideeGo will fit easily in your backpack. So improve your outdoor videos now!
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Using the SteadeeGo at high speed

Hi backers!

I ran some tests tonight with the SteadeeGo and I wanted to share the results with you.

Some of you have asked me about using the SteadeeGo while roller skating, biking or mortorcycling. These activities virtually create a facing wind at the speed you are going. 

Tonight, I was holding the SteadeeGo outside my car while my wife was driving at different speed, making accelerations and slowing down.

Around 5 MPH or 8 Km/h, you can shoot with the SteadeeGo without problems. It is equivalent of jogging or slow skateboarding and roller skating.

Around 10 to 15 MPH or 16 to 24 Km/h, it is getting difficult to get long shots with the SteadeeGo as it will eventually "catch" a side wind and quickly turn around itself. From your footage, you can expect some smooth shots of few seconds.

Over 15 MPH or 24 Km/h, it becomes really difficult to control. You will probably not be able to take good shots.

These results are expected to be the same for any "Merlin" steadicam because of its technology using a gimbal. But I didn't find anyone having tested them this way.

During the experience, we also tested it inside the car and it is awesome! The car bumps a lot on the ruined streets of Los Angeles but the camera stands still. 
Here is the video: 

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    1. Creator Sylvain Lepoutre on May 4, 2012

      I will be showing the SteadeeGo and SlideeGo in the next updates... I know you guys want to see more closely how it works.