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Learn the basics of Japanese in this interactive role-playing game! No experience needed – start reading and writing in Japanese!
Learn the basics of Japanese in this interactive role-playing game! No experience needed – start reading and writing in Japanese!
2,203 backers pledged AU$ 29,275 to help bring this project to life.

Final Stretch Goal Reached! [Flash Cards Unlocked!] + Pledge Manager Update!

Posted by Sleepy Duck (Creator)

Hi all!

We are excited to announce today that we've hit our stretch goal for $20,000! That's an amazing effort thanks to all of you! That means the game has been 400% funded. Wow!

Today we reveal the final stretch goal that has been unlocked...

Katakana & Hiragana Flash Cards!

These beautiful flash cards feature artwork from the game and are double-sided, presenting a Japanese character on the front and the Romaji sound on the back.

There's a deck available for Hiragana and a deck for Katakana!

The way this stretch goal works is a little tricky. To start off with, every backer of $12AUD or higher will receive a digital copy of both flash card sets - these are ready to print at home, and will be available in full-artwork versions and printer-friendly versions.

We want to be able to give out physical decks of cards to as many backers as possible. We've crunched the numbers with our manufacturer, and the production cost is reasonable.

What makes this part difficult is the super high shipping costs from the manufacturer to our loyal backers. Addresses in the USA have affordable shipping options, but international addresses (which is a lot of you - even myself!) don't have an affordable option.

Because of this reason, we're making the physical decks an optional add-on with your pledge. That means, you can decide whether the extra cost of the shipping is worth it to you. If you live in the USA, I highly recommend grabbing a set of cards! If you're located internationally, you'll have to weigh up the price.

So, saying all this brings me to the second part of this update - our BackerKit Pledge Manager!

When this Kickstarter campaign ends, we'll send out a survey with the help of our pals at BackerKit. This survey will allow you to fill in any information you need to, such as your shipping address, any corrections you need to make to your pledge, etc. It will also give you the ability to Add-on anything you like as an extra to your pledge!

For example - Say you've pledged $4AUD and scored the earlybird digital version of Katakana War. Good on you! You might have your eye on a physical copy of the manga/artbook. Sweet! Even though your pledge level doesn't allow for it, using the BackerKit survey you can select the manga/artbook as an additional add-on for just $9AUD.

This makes it a super-simple way to customize your pledge and rewards to your liking. You can even do so for quite a while after the Kickstarter campaign ends! 

If any of this sounds confusing, please leave your comments below and I will be sure to explain.

Until the next update!

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    1. Sleepy Duck 3-time creator on

      @Jan Martin: Haven't committed to the format yet - was going to go for PDF for simplicity and compatibility for everyone. .PSD or .AI files are going to be quite large in file size. But again, we haven't committed to either format so time will tell :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Jan Martin on

      Hey, what Format will the digital cards be? As in file type?
      Or, maybe as a better question, could we get the contents in a .psd or similar format?
      I just noticed that the preview pic shows them with english pronounciation-subtitles, and me being german and speaking nearly all of those letters exactly how I'd expect them to I wonder if there's a way to get rid of those, as that might just be unnecessarily confusing especially if I might borrow them to interested parties. Given how I already asked for a printerfriendly, but bot bare-bones version, figured I might save you work if I just ask for source files. ^^ No worries if that's a no, of course, just interested. ... Guess I'm just impatient and need to vent that. :P

    3. Missing avatar

      Patrik Rak on

      @Sleepy Duck: Thanks for the answer. $21AUD is a bit steep, but not unaffordable. I would not like paying it for each pack, but I would definitely consider it for both packs combined.

      BTW, if BackerKit doesn't support combining shipment cost as such, I guess you can provide combo packs as additional addons as well. I guess I am not the only one who would consider getting both packs.

      Anyway, thanks and good luck with the rest of the campaign.

    4. Sleepy Duck 3-time creator on

      @Austin: The Hiragana cards are a companion for our first game, Hiragana Battle. The Katakana cards are to go along with this new game. We figured we should make both sets available for people who are learning both sets of characters :)

    5. Austin

      What's the difference between the two different flash card decks?

    6. Sleepy Duck 3-time creator on

      @Quinn Calvert and @Rene Cabanza Jr.: The answer provided by @Hellspark is spot on! BackerKit is very flexible and convenient. If you've paid the correct amount for all add-ons during the Kickstarter, then BackerKit won't need any further payment. If you decide to add-on through BackerKit, after the Kickstarter ends, you can just pay via credit card and BackerKit processes it for you :)

      @Patrik Rak: Not all countries have been finalized, but for the USA the shipping price is included in the $15AUD add-on price for the flash cards. The price to destinations outside the USA is currently $21AUD - it's quite high, and we're very sad we can't include it in the price of the cards for these international destinations. I can't yet confirm if BackerKit will allow for combined shipping - we've still got a bit of tinkering to do with the software.

    7. Peter J. LaPrade Jr.

      Thanks for adding BackerKit. Might have to get those physical flash cards after the campaign ends or something else. Congrats on reaching the final stretch goal.

    8. Missing avatar

      Patrik Rak on

      You keep mentioning high shipping cost for the physical cards, but can you give us some numbers? At least rough figures would help. In particular, I am interested in Czech Republic, but I guess most other people would appreciate to know the cost for UK or Germany as well.

      Also, if I buy both packs, will it be possible to combine them so I don't have to pay the shipping cost twice?

      Thanks for your answers.

    9. Hellspark

      @Quinn Calvert and @Rene Cabanza Jr.
      BackerKit will allow you to add more funds if you want to add more items, it even allows you to upgrade your pledge despite the fact that the actual Kickstarter campaign will have ended. Its a lot more flexible than Kickstarter's survey system :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Dee-Ann LeBlanc on

      How exciting. :) I'll be getting the physical cards!

    11. Rene Cabanza Jr. on

      I agree with Quinn, do we add extra funds on KS if we want add-ons or do we wait until the end for BackerKit?

    12. Natalie Manahan

      @sleepy duck Thanks for the clarification. Bumping up my pledge and waiting for the Backer-Kit Add-On for the cards.

    13. Quinn Calvert on

      So... when using the backerkit survey to purchase add-ons, will we need to update our pledge before it ends to pay for the total cost of everything?

      Or will the add-ons be paid for through backerkit?

    14. Sleepy Duck 3-time creator on

      @Natalie Manahan: The printed cards will look great, they're being printed on the same stock as some popular trading card games. These cards are basically the one thing we can't include as a physical reward on any tier, due to the high shipping costs. So we've made the physical cards just an optional add-on for people backing any tier to purchase :)

    15. Natalie Manahan

      I thought these cards would look like cheap index cards. These actually look nice! If I upgraded to the "JAPANESE SENSEI" tier would I get a physical and digital copy for both the Katakana and Hiragana Flash Cards? So basically this tier would get me a physical and digital copy of everything (including the unlocked stretch goal stuff)?

    16. Adrián Marinero García on

      You guys are awesome! I'll definitely think over taking the Hiragana handbook or the manga.
      It's the first project I back and I'm really happy about your work. Keep it like that!

    17. Koochi on

      Yey nice update, in good detail. What you can also mention is that ppl can bump up their pledge and Backerkit will see this as 'ad-on money' until the money is spent.

      So using your example for the early bird at $4 AUD and that person wants a physical handbook ($9 AUD if I'm correct). (S)He can bump up his/her pledge already at KS to $13 AUD and choose the ad-ons while going through the BackerKit survey instead of paying the pledge here at KS and paying again at BackerKit for the ad-on.

      It's all about convenience really tho. Thanks for the update!

    18. Kristin Buchanan on

      Definitely will be adding on both sets of flashcards and maybe the manga/art book! (:

    19. Alejandra Alarcon Santini on

      i was rly interested in the digital handbooks for katakana and hiragana! when its available i'll be sure to add on!