Learn Japanese To Survive! Katakana War

by Sleepy Duck

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    1. Natalie Manahan

      This news is amazing! I never expected this to be the stretch goal!

    2. Missing avatar

      Matthew Ryan Oppel on

      Does the $70 Japanese Sensei & Friends tier come with two copies of the book, or just the one?

    3. Missing avatar


      Wow! With so many good things unlocked, I just had to increase my pledge. Way to go, guys! I loved Hiragana Battle and can't wait to get my hands on all of this new studying material. :)

    4. Koochi on

      This will surely get some more backers in to get to the 20k stretch goal you teased earlier.
      I should've guessed it was a book when you said that you can definitely find it in stores and it helps you with your learning! Nice going... This makes me want to up my pledge since I want the paperback version too... Or...

      ...Is it also possible to buy this manga as an add-on if you up your pledge (by the amount of what the manga'll cost) but stick on the same tier (same process as you can do with buying the guides)?

      Great update! Keep up the good work

    5. Sleepy Duck 3-time creator on

      @Natalie Manahan: Glad you like it!! We are super excited about it too!

      @Matthew Ryan Oppel: The $70 tier will come with two copies of the manga/art book ;)

      @Izzy: You are awesome, thank you for the increased pledge!

      @Koochi: Yep, we can do that! Bump up your pledge by $3AUD for a digital copy of the manga/art book or $9 for a physical copy. Just make sure to send us a message specifically stating that you want it!

    6. Koochi on

      @Sleepy Duck,

      Thanks for the response... Will do! Thats already a $27 AUD bump from me purchasing both guides + manga... So far =_=... How will you entice me to spend more... Maybe the $20K tier...? :P