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An environmental puzzle game, akin to nostalgic dungeon-style puzzle games like The Legend Of Zelda, for iOS & Desktop.
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Justin Baldwin

1,216 backers pledged $26,096 to help bring this project to life.

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iOS gifting issues, please read!


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MAMBC Release Information


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New MAMBC Trailer


Hello again everyone, 

We will keep this quick. We just wanted to share our new trailer with you all! Release is just around the corner, we excited for everyone to finally get their hands on the full game! More soon!

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Long Overdue Update, Minor Bad News, and Linux Support!


Hello Cakefans!

We know it's been quite a while since we've done an update for you guys, for that we apologize. We've been in a crazy grind the past two months going through QA and smashing bugs, and polishing up the game. We are also right on the cusp of submitting the game to storefronts! It's very exciting to be so close to finally having the game out!

During the next couple of weeks we will also be sorting out everyone's rewards, there will be another update soon with more details. For now our main focus is getting the game finished.

Some Minor Bad News:

A while back in a previous update we mentioned the desire to do an interactive air app version of the Art Book, while most expressed desire for just a PDF version, we still wanted to try and offer something extra if possible. Unfortunately though, we are unable to make this happen. The help we instilled to create this didn't work out, and we are so busy with the rest of the game we had to abandon this idea. However backers who are receiving the Art Book will still get a crisp sexy PDF version.

Some Super Good News: Linux Support!

We have gotten quite a few requests for this and we are excited to tell you guys that we will be offering a Linux version of the game when we launch on Steam! No need to ask to change your pledge, since we are launching on steam backers will have access to all Desktop platforms. Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Thats it for now! More to come soon! Thanks!


PAX East Update


Hey everyone, 

We just got back from Boston recently, and PAXEast was a blast! It was great to catch up with some of our backers, hang out with the Cartoon Network crew, and meet other awesome devs. We even got to meet and chat with legends like Tim Schafer! Which was cool as heck! (even though Alex is not sure what to do with himself)

We wanted to thank everyone that came by and checked out that game, and we hope you enjoyed it! We also wanted to share our Destructoid interview with Jonathan Holmes! So check that and some photos out below.