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...crafting small batch, single origin, direct trade, feel-good chocolate and cacao products in East Africa.
...crafting small batch, single origin, direct trade, feel-good chocolate and cacao products in East Africa.
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A new beginning for moonbean chocolate!

Posted by James Pitkeathly (Creator)

As I sit on my porch in Kampala, and the final minutes of our campaign elapse, I use the time to reflect. What a crazy ride the last few weeks have been!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the people who made this possible. There were times we thought we would never reach our target, and with 5 days to go and a mountain still to climb, the campaign started to really feel doomed. We never lost faith in the project though, and our unwavering belief in the kindness and generosity of people was strengthened as we started to see the number of backers and pledges rise higher and higher. To end 2017 with the relief and elation of reaching the summit was the most remarkable gift... to build so far beyond it over the two days since is humbling. 

This was due to tremendous support - and not just monetary support. We received a great deal of encouragement and goodwill from so many people who left inspiring messages that really helped boost our spirits and make the campaign a success. People who personally offered assistance, ideas and encouragement. Some from individuals who had recently started a company themselves and are just a few years ahead of where we are. This is why we chose to crowd fund initially, and you are the people we want to share this journey with - a community to offer guidance and support, and one to which we are accountable. 

I woke early this morning to roast beans in preparation for our first batch of moonbean chocolate in 2018. Surrender and Gift arrived soon after 9am, and we're steadily winnowing in advance of grinding this afternoon - by this evening we'll be refining chocolate. Our campaign has ended, but the project is just beginning in earnest. Next week I'll be traveling down to Bundibugyo again to meet with farmers and buy our first bulk of ingredients... beans that will be destined for various parts of the globe, in the form of chocolate rewards, and with their value added in Africa. 

We'll be in touch again over the next couple of days to collect your delivery addresses, and with further updates as the project develops, but for now we wish a happy, healthy, prosperous and peaceful start to the new year to you and your loved ones.

The launch of our campaign coincided with the last full moon of 2017, a supermoon. Tonight's full moon, the first of 2018, marks the successful completion - and it's another supermoon! As we look up at the night sky this evening that bright globe will be a symbol of the connection we feel to each of you. We all share the same moon, let's all share the world that we see it from in peace.

Big hugs!

James and Denise xoxo


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