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A film for the human spirit: Standing for the inclusion of Performers with "disabilities" in LEAD roles in the Film and TV Industry.
A film for the human spirit: Standing for the inclusion of Performers with "disabilities" in LEAD roles in the Film and TV Industry.
109 backers pledged $10,180 to help bring this project to life.

Fall updates on Post Production and Investor Gifts....

Hello to all of our amazing supporters and Investors!

We had a very busy year with all the doors we opened!  Yeah!!!  Thank you for helping us bust through some WALLS in this town!   We had a very successful panel at CAA last month, entitled "Redefining DisABILITY in the Media".  Thank you Becky Curran!  We had a great turn out and exceptional support.  Both Eileen Grubba and Noam Dromi were on the panel.  Noam's film, "The Dolphin Tale" reached NUMBER ONE at the box office!  His movie not only included a Dolphin with a real disability, but also children and adults with disabilities were positively represented and hired for roles in the film.  Times, they are a'changin!  And WE are changing them!  Here's to much more success to Noam Dromi, a fearless advocate on our producing team. 

If you recently watched the movie, "The Help", know that you are helping us create the SAME movement, different group, but tackling the same demoralizing issues.  Here we are pushing for another movement for acceptance, humanity and equal opportunity for all, regardless of our differences.  YOU are helping us write the book!

Thank you for your patience with post production!  We did have our challenges this year.   Mostly due to editors and very busy schedules.  They have to put their higher paying jobs first.  However, we are winding it down.  Hoping to get the film off to sound design this week, and also to color correction.  Once we have a final cut, it will be printed onto DVD's for all of you who requested one.  If you have not yet messaged or emailed us to say where you would like your DVD and gifts sent, please do that!  Also, let us know what name or names you would like listed in our credits on the website.  If you prefer we write "in honor of someone", please let us know that.  If you really DO NOT WANT YOUR NAME on the Thank you list, let us know that also.  We really want to appreciate ALL who helped, but also want to honor your wishes.  THANK YOU to all of you who have already sent in your requests and info.  If you want more details, or to message us directly, you can here, or at

Our festival plan is being mapped by our Producers.  Our Thank You cards will be designed this week and printed soon.  We have two new volunteers to help with printing the cards, and updating the website.  We also have a new producer coming on to help with festival submissions.  More news coming soon!

We want you to know, you helped us give Eileen the incredible peace of mind of knowing her health insurance was covered for one more year.  What an incredible gift to give to a cancer survivor.  We're watching her soar.  You have helped this team make a difference in this Industry as well as very directly affecting her life.  Much gratitude to all of you.

We hope you all had a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!!!

Very Sincerely,

The Producers of Sleeping With The Bear. 

Christine Grund, Noam Dromi, Julian Moss, Cynthia Rose Hall, Eva Minemar, Gena Acosta and our amazing team. 


Tracking our progress:   

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    1. Team Eileen Creator on December 12, 2011

      THANK YOU to COLORIST NARBEH TATOUSSIAN for his incredible talent and generosity with his time to color correct our film!

      Thank you also to MATT COOPER and THE POST GROUP for making it happen! We're so grateful.