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A 9ft tall x 20ft long flashing sign and digital scoreboard asking passers by "CAPITALISM works for me!" true or false?
A 9ft tall x 20ft long flashing sign and digital scoreboard asking passers by "CAPITALISM works for me!" true or false?
434 backers pledged $16,986 to help bring this project to life.

Presenting on Capitalism at Creative Time Summit tomorrow

Hello dear supporters.

I owe you a more lengthy email, but some urgent notes in the meantime.

Creative Time Summit tomorrow

I'll be there presenting the Capitalism Works For Me! True/False sign. Say hello if you're there too. I believe they may live stream it, but if not I know the presentations are posted after.

9 days left in Los Angeles

The solo show I put up in LA closes in 9 days. The Capitalism Works For Me! True/False sign is there waiting for your vote, so hussle over to Charlie James Gallery.

There's a short documentary about the show here:

European Version of the sign needs a new home

We're still trying to find a home for the version of Capitalism Works For Me! True/False that is in Tilburg Holland. If you have any ideas, get in touch.

I got the catalogs

They came last week before I left town. This means they're coming to you soon.

All the best!


Watch interviews from the Boston tour

Hello again dear supporters,

I have another treat for you.

I made this video for the installation at Charlie James Gallery. It's looping on a wall next to the sign and I think shows the variety of responses and thoughts that everyday people bring to the sign when it's out in the world.

There's some really amazing responses here – many people take these unexpected turns, or just go further and further than you'd ever imagine. Charlie James admitted he got a little misty watching some of them.

The show is up and the opening is the evening of Friday September 15th in Los Angeles' Chinatown. I hope you can make it.

I saw some backers at the reception last Saturday (Hi Sacha!) and look forward to meeting more of you in the future!


P.S. I saw more images of the Netherlands built version of the sign. Really weird seeing a "knock off" of sorts of one of my own pieces. I'll send some info on that as soon as I can.

Invite for LA show, and hear students talk about capitalism

Hi all,

There's 3 reasons I'm writing today:

  • I have a solo show in LA (including the sign) and you're invited.
  • I wanted to share a sound recording
  • I have good news

Capitalism Works For Me! True/False is part of a massive solo show I am mounting for September and October at Charlie James Gallery in Los Angeles.

I will be there for a special "preview reception" on September 8th from 6-9pm.

The public opening is September 15th 7-10pm. I will not be at the public opening because I will be launching the second Capitalism sign in Holland!

You're invited to the preview reception

As Kickstarter backers, I want to invite you to the reception. Here's more details:

Charlie James Gallery
969 Chung King Road
Los Angeles‎ CA‎ 90012

September 8th from 6-9pm. - preview
September 15th 7-10pm - public opening

If you plan on coming, please send me a little email RSVP? If you forget, just come.

Pictures of the install

The sign is so big we had to build a custom scaffolding to mount it. The original is too big to fit in the gallery. Whoops!

I fell asleep among the crates. Those are my feet. I was jetlagged, not lazy.

Listen to students talk about capitalism

Below you can hear a short excerpt of me talking to high school students in Boston when we brought the sign to their school. We were mobbed by students so I tried to engage and provoke them as best I could as individuals moved forward in the crowd. I felt more like a carnival barker then ever before. It was lots of fun and I remember saying some pretty bizarre things to get the students to slow down and think.

My special lady partner Victoria Estok was nice enough to record all this sound.

Sound player is the black bar below...

The good news is

I think the catalog went to the printer. Rewards begin soon...

See you Saturday in Los Angeles!


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Video preview, next stop Los Angeles, and catalog update

The sign is headed for Charlie James Gallery in Los Angeles for my second solo show there opening September 15th – everyone from Southern California put that on your calendars! Look for information on a special preview for Kickstarter backers to come.

For this show I'm making some new pieces working with Signature Sign, the fabricators I worked with on Capitalism Works For Me! True/False. I don't want to give anything away just yet, but in the body of work I've found some clever ways to talk about economics to an audience that both can and can't afford what's displayed in commercial galleries.

I'm proud of it and I think you'll enjoy it.

Video interview excerpt

Last night I was cutting together some interviews for a video to be displayed in the gallery. These conversations about capitalism are what will eventually appear in the book on Capitalism Works For Me! True/False. 

These interviews are from Hyde Park in Boston and in it we talk to the guy collecting carts in the parking lot and a man from Haiti who just happened to pass by.

Let me know what you think...

Catalog update

I'm doing a second scan over the SPACES catalog that will get printed soon. This is one of the things I've been waiting for before sending out rewards so this is good news. It will still be a while, but progress is being made.

More updates soon.


Charlie James Gallery - Los Angeles, September 15th - October 17

If you want more news on the show in the meantime, sign up for my newsletter.

'til next time,


Don't call it a come back

The sign is up and running at the San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park through August 17th.

There's some dings and scrapes but everything works.

Thanks to Alexander Jarman, Brittany Salyers, the crew at the San Diego Museum of Art, and Larry and Debbie Kline (who have a kickstarter campaign of their own) for the installation help.

Talk to you all soon,