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A 9ft tall x 20ft long flashing sign and digital scoreboard asking passers by "CAPITALISM works for me!" true or false?
A 9ft tall x 20ft long flashing sign and digital scoreboard asking passers by "CAPITALISM works for me!" true or false?
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CAPITALISM and #Occupy, and the DeCordova Biennial

Hi all,

I've had some family things come up that prevented me from posting updates recently. Everything is ok now, but it threw a monkey wrench into my schedule. I'll be posting some more updates soon, but for now here's a couple quick things...

Why isn't the sign at Wall Street?

I've been getting asked this every other day and here's the answer. It's complicated. I'd love for this thing to be at Occupy Wall Street. It's a great location and I had been talking to organizations prior to OWS about getting the sign down there. I also made the piece hoping to start the conversations that are happening around the country right now. The issues being raised in the past few weeks are incredible. But the sign more or less requires institutional support in each city and a lot of advanced planning.

Each location is planned months in advance and there's logistics issues that prevent moving the sign on short notice. For example, it breaks down into 5 crates that are all around 10 feet long. Those are shipped by a freight company and moving costs vary depending on location, but for example, the next trip from Ohio to Boston costs around $1400. Then the sign gets reassembled in the new city where it takes up 9x20x7 feet of space, and the crates can take up ~10x4x6ft of space (so, not a friends garage). Then there's renting a giant truck, but not too tall, because it will hit overpasses - seriously. And then coordinating people and locations. You get the idea... my overall point here is that it's difficult for us to stray from our schedule.

The other thing I remind myself of is that creating a space for these conversations in other cities is just as important. This sign has a valuable role in creating a literal giant question about whether capitalism is working for you in places like Cleveland and I'm glad to be doing that. The sign truly is doing its job wherever it is.

Capitalism Works For Me! True/False at the DeCordova Biennial

I'm happy to announce the sign will be included in the 2012 DeCordova Biennial from Jan 22 to April 23rd. I'm working with the museum to move the sign to various locations around Boston this spring (including hopefully OccupyBoston). When it's not on a truck it will be displayed at the entrance of the museum. Inside will be photographic portraits of people who voted in Cleveland, short statements from them, as well as some video.

More details on this as they come together.

One last photo

Just to give a better idea of the behind the scenes effort, this is a picture of the crew of volunteers who helped move the sign from one location in Cleveland. In the background is the truck that Wood-Lee International Art Handlers graciously donated for over 6 days for us to get the sign to locations in Cleveland. Woody, one of the owners is next to me in the front with his wife and they are two of the most amazing and generous guys you'll ever meet. There's 4 students from the Cleveland Institute of Art, an artist and teamster who helped out in exchange for a beer afterward, and Melinda, a local artist who helped the whole weekend. It takes this many people and this is how it gets done!

More info coming soon! And I also have information on my site:



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