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A sci-fi sandbox game set in an immersive galaxy, with a focus on creative freedom and exploration.
A sci-fi sandbox game set in an immersive galaxy, with a focus on creative freedom and exploration.
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February 2019 update: visual overhaul sneak peek.

Posted by Francois Duret (Creator)

Dear Wanderers,

I am now deep into production mode on the graphical overhaul. I still have a couple engine feature to add but most of the technical works in behind me, it was quite a big task. I am now working on upgrading every item with the new style, leveraging also on the last few features like the rescaling tech. I tried to delegate this task but unfortunately there is just too much connections with the engine, so I have to bite the bullet and do it myself. I might have an artist work on a simple retexturing once things stabilize though.

This is a fundamental task, I think the current artstyle have been hindering the potential of the game, so I am willing to make the extra effort to put the game to the next level.

But enough words, let the screenshots do the talking!

The new style will work great to create interesting contrast between organic material and colder technological one like metal. I still want to keep the overall feel simple and clean, having more freedom on the material creation as opposed to pixel art actually allows me to simplify even more design and textures. 

Now metal pick light like a true metal. The normal map allow me to add geometry details that will react to light neatly. I also play a lot with the paintable surface, I found out that keeping a small percentage of bare metal makes the block more visually interesting, like on this grating below.

Transparent block will also look much nicer, they benefit a lot from the new lighting and the rescale tech.

Hope you liked it, next month I will unveil the new character design, and hopefully I will have enough block to give a first build to you guys!

Thanks for following the game, see you in the next one!


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    1. Missing avatar

      ProPeach on

      Austen, you should have received your Steam key in an email soon after the Kickstarter campaign ended. This key has no expiry date, you can redeem it on Steam whenever you like

    2. Austen Hinton on

      I have asked this a few times now and gotten no answer. I purchased the Kickstarter a long time ago when it was first launched and I missed the download opportunity. I was wondering if there’s a way to get access to it now. I’d like to be able to play it before it’s released.
      Hopefully someone sees this!!! Thanks!

    3. JackRLupus on

      Its looking beautiful. If you need help with repetitive tasks feel free to ask. :)