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$4,082 pledged of $110,000 goal
$4,082 pledged of $110,000 goal

FINAL UPDATE and relaunch information!


***Final Update***

Thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey to make Land of Zion a reality! Tonight we will be cancelling our current Kickstarter campaign and planning to re-launch again in late January or early February of next year.

Here's an outline of what everyone is saying:

"The artwork for Land of Zion is beautiful and the gameplay mechanics look fun, BUT why a TCG? (Trading Card Game)"

"I would much prefer an ECG (Expandable Card Game) model where all of the cards come with the base game."

"I don't like blind booster packs. I would rather buy sets knowing what I'm getting."

We were hopeful that our unique approach to packs with no duplicates and less cards needed to play would convince gamers that this was the best model for Land of Zion, but we were wrong.

The sheer size of our funding goal combined with the pack buying aspect has turned many away from this project.

After listening to the community this week and gathering feedback; we have made the decision to cancel and re-launch late January or early February 2017 with an ECG model (expandable card game). This will be mean all cards will be included with the game - no packs - no blind boosters. We will focus on constructed and draft style game modes with the release. The initial release will come with a smaller character card amount, and we will add more card sets through stretch goals. We will also plan on expansions to add additional content. More information about this transition will be updated on or on our Facebook page

We are very excited to be able to share Land of Zion with you next year with the new content and ECG model! Here's a preview of the game from one of our reviewers explaining some of the gameplay, and an overview of the mechanics used in the game. We want to hear from you on our decision to move forward with this transition, and any thoughts you have on what you would like to see in the new version.

Eric Bittermann
Sky Kingdom Games


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    1. Sky Kingdom Games 3-time creator on October 9, 2016

      John and Hans - thanks for your support and see you next year!

    2. Hans J. Gumulia on October 9, 2016

      See you guys next year!

    3. Missing avatar

      John Silveira
      on October 9, 2016

      Liked the page on FB, I'll keep an eye out for the relaunch in 2017. Best of luck to you guys!