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Monophonic wavetable synthesiser - 40 morphable waveforms - 16 oscillator modifiers - Sequenced arp - MIDI DIN and Sync I/O
Monophonic wavetable synthesiser - 40 morphable waveforms - 16 oscillator modifiers - Sequenced arp - MIDI DIN and Sync I/O
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Happy New Year + Stretch Goal

Posted by Sam Davies (Collaborator)

We hope you’ve all had a fantastic Seasonal break and that the New Year hasn’t come as too much of a shock, especially those of you (us!) who’ve returned to work today!

We’re excited to kickoff 2019 by announcing our first stretch goal for the CRAFTsynth 2.0. Should we reach £85,000 (170%) every backer will receive this super cool shell case for your Modal CRAFTsynth 2.0 absolutely free!

This offer is ONLY for Kickstarter backers and will cost £24.99 after the campaign ends….. so pledge now and get a really good deal on CRAFTsynth 2.0 and it’s custom travel case…


The Modal Team

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    1. Modal Electronics Limited 2-time creator on

      Hi Mark, all CRAFTsynth 2.0 units are sent from the factory in Hong Kong and so the delivery price around Europe is pretty much the same in most countries. Best, Modal

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      £12 for UK postage seems a bit excessive?

    3. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      Thank Y

      right ;)

      Thank Y

    4. Modal Electronics Limited 2-time creator on

      Hi Skantate, the total pledges have gone up over £5,000 in the past 24 hours and so we're still confident on reaching the stretch goal before 4:00pm tomorrow.... best, Modal

    5. Missing avatar

      Skantate on

      @Andreas 85k Pound not reached, maybe you see it in your currency.
      Euro is higher but not the goal.

    6. Missing avatar

      Andreas on


      Thank Y
      ———— d;)

    7. Buyerito on

      Lovely case! Not to appear negative but it seems the stretch goal might be a little far considering we’re just a day away from the end of the campaign. So... I hope an option you could consider is selling the cases to backers at a reduced price... if possible, of course.

    8. Missing avatar

      Skantate on

      Thx for your answer Modal Team, I didn't mean it offensly and appriciate your answer at sunday where everyone did his own stuff.
      I am optimisitc, just wanted to say I wonder how low the response on the internet was. Looking forward to the finished product and even if the stretchgoal isnt hit i hope there will be a possiblity to buy it via pledemanager or backerkit.

      make the best of your weekend

    9. Modal Electronics Limited 2-time creator on

      Hi Skantate, thanks for your comments. We'd love to do more promotion but at present we only have a handful of prototypes which makes this difficult. As for the case we are still quietly confident of our target - if you look at the previous Kickstarter for our SKULPT we had a sudden jump in backers at the end. Best, Modal

    10. Missing avatar

      Skantate on

      didn't read any article or see an synch youtuber promoten this synth. without any marketing we never reach a much higher result. but maybe i am surfing the wrong sites. nice case btw. is it addable later?

    11. Missing avatar

      Berry zwart on

      Awesome Case guys 👍🏼

    12. Modal Electronics Limited 2-time creator on

      Hi Simon,

      It's designed as a zip clamshell to provide resilience in transit - we're looking at offering the same thing for the SKULPT later in the year. But it should also adequately protect your CRAFTsynth 2.0 from dust as much as it will in a bag / back pack.



    13. Missing avatar

      Simon Ferris on

      Guessing this cover is for transportation purposes only or will it work as a dust cover also?

    14. Chris Stannard on

      That looks pretty cool. Was expecting a Skulpt-style cover, but this looks even more protective

    15. Missing avatar

      Wayne fletcher on

      fingers crossed you get threw the £85000 barrier so we all get the cool case.