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Andromeda : Tactical Lighting's video poster

Andromeda, the world’s first ever, military inspired, tactical tri-rail lamp. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 26, 2012.

Andromeda, the world’s first ever, military inspired, tactical tri-rail lamp.

About this project

UPDATE! Stretch Goal #1: If we reach $100,000 all backers who pledged $229 or more will receive a t-shirt with their order.

"Add a little mil-spec flair to your home or office with Andromeda Tactical Lighting." - Uncrate

"The lamp that can kick your ass." - MeWanty

"The words "badass" and "lamp" have never been uttered in the same sentence, until now." - GearHungry

"Forget the AK47 lamp which is still pretty cool, this design is not only bad-a** but also uncompromising in its style." - FirmNineDesign

"The military-inspired lamp is a functional and fashionable (if military-spec-style lighting is to your taste) design that promises to stand out in any room." - Gizmag

"L.A.’s Sketchy Designs Studio wants to introduce some terms one normally doesn’t associate with home furnishings: “badass,” “epic” and “awesome.” -FreshnessMag

"Andromeda is a sure conversation starter that won’t go unnoticed being placed inside any corner of your abode." - HomeChunk

"...its freaking badass look – a quality which makes it uber cool." - MikeShouts

"If you want to add a little bit of military flair to your digs, then look no further than the Andromeda Lamp." - OhGizmo!

"A badass looking lamp shade!" - PopularAirsoft

"...add military touch to your existing décor using Andromeda tactical lighting." - Tuvie

"Even if you’ve got a bearskin rug and a Javalina head hanging on the wall, 'decorating' your office can feel a little less than manly. We found one more item to offset those skirtish feelings." - Werd

"You don't even need to be a military enthusiast to appreciate the beautiful design, attention to detail, and sheer badass-ness that this tactical lamp has to offer." - 5&A DIME

"...this cool Tactical Lighting will quite literally light up your life in a way you've never experienced before." - GearCulture

"We see no reason a laser sight or possibly a small bayonet couldn't be attached to the lamp" - NRA

"...It’s almost as if Martha Stewart and Rambo did arts & crafts together..."     - Frachelli

"Sure, it looks more suited to a superhero headquarters or a GI Joe soldier's bachelor pad than your grandma's house, but it should play nicely with most modern home décor. Okay, maybe it won't…" - CoolThings

Andromeda, the world's first ever, military inspired tri-rail lamp. It fully utilizes the picatinny rail system, allowing you to uniquely customize the look of your lamp.

The idea for this lamp was a result from exploring other possibilities of the picatinny rail systems currently used by the military. We wanted an EPIC, BADASS, and just AWESOME lamp with a unique functionality that no one has ever seen before.

In order to take it one step further, we developed our own design in hopes that it would not only make our lamp unique, but have future applications such as custom lighting designs and eventually be used in a real-world military environment.

Custom tri-rail. Instead of using an existing quad rail system, we developed our own patent pending, tri-rail design. Our rail is made up of three extrusions offset at 120º that bolt together to create a full tri-rail system. 

Details of Andromeda 

Materials. Andromeda will be made out of high-quality materials.

  • Black anodized aluminum
  • Composite grade nylon
  • Woven cord
  • Various colored anodized bolts

Adjustments. We wanted to keep things simple while adjusting Andromeda. The strategically placed knurled nuts are a perfect place for you to loosen and tighten the arms and shades into different positions.


The picatinny mounts can be adjusted using the included allen wrench to lock/unlock the legs into place.

Lighting Possibilities. Andromeda comes with a nostalgic filament bulb. Since it uses a standard lighting socket, you can change out the bulb and replace it with any other bulb that uses the same E-27 socket.

Stealth on/off switch. To incorporate the military styling of the lamp, we discreetly placed the on/off switch at the bottom. 

  • ON : turn switch to the left
  • OFF : turn switch to the right

Anodizing Color Options:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Silver

To all of our supporters: 

We're offering a discount to our Kickstarter backers because without your support, we truly cannot turn Andromeda into a reality. All of the funds from Kickstarter will go towards manufacturing, tooling, production, and packaging costs. 

*Please note that minor changes will be made to the final lamp if necessary. We'll always keep you posted in the 'backer updates' section.

Why we need your help:

Specifics. Andromeda is a complex product. It has over 20 different parts; from screws, to the mounts, clips, and wiring. Within those different parts, 6 of them will use injection molding as the process for manufacturing.

Manufacturing Processes:

  • Injection molding
  • CNC milling
  • Water jet/abrassive cutting
  • Anodizing
  • Custom extrusions

Along with all the different manufacturing processes, most of the manufactures require a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) in order to get the job done. 

Our funding goal will allow us to successfully manufacture Andromeda and get it into your hands. 

Here at Sketchy Design Studio, we are truly grateful for all of the help and support we've received during this entire process. This is a passion project and we have enjoyed every minute bringing Andromeda to life. We have spent countless hours perfecting Andromeda into the lamp it is today and cannot do it without your continued support. Thank You!


  • In the tallest position Andromeda is 30" tall and has a 10" wide foot print. In its lowest position Andromeda is 16" tall and has a foot print of 15".

    A detailed picture is displayed under the specs heading.

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  • We are trying our best to accommodate all international backers.

    To do so, we will be offering a converter that can safely convert 220/240V to 110/120v for an additional $20 pledge.

    If you have access to a converter yourself, you won't need to purchase one from us.

    Please send us a message so that we can make note of which international buyers will need a transformer included with Andromeda.

    Thank you

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    A big thanks to you! You'll also receive special backer updates. Do you like to laugh? You'll also get access to special footage like bloopers, behind the scenes, and even Vinh jumping into a pool (by the way, he can't swim)!

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    EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - Over 50% off retail! Help us kick it off and receive the best deal on Andromeda, EVER! You’ll receive ONE Andromeda tactical lamp (Retail $560). Free U.S. shipping included (International please add $40).

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