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Everything you wanted to know about Islam ... and what they wouldn't tell you, anyway.
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      Jim B on

      Heina, could we get another update about where things stand? It is better to hear that you are still a month away from finishing rather than getting five months of silence. Thanks.

    2. Thomas J. Webb on

      People always underestimate how long things take. I take that into consideration when backing kickstarters (and I've yet to have one delivered on time). I look forward to reading it whenever you do finish it :)

    3. Avi Blackmore on

      Well, I for one am outraged and full of fire in my belly at you!, wait, that's indigestion. *burp* Sorry.

      Anyway, in all seriousness, I fully understand. Such things happen, especially for a first-time writer. And especially especially for a first-time writer who also has a very busy schedule!

    4. Ryan Moran on

      Take your time! I'm excited to read the book, but have no issue with waiting until it's good and finished. As a backer I don't feel like you've done me any disservice. Life happens to all of us and things take longer than we imagined, it's all good.

    5. Jamie Bernstein on

      Heina, I'm so fucking proud of you! Seriously. I can't wait to see the final product!

    6. Ebony Love on

      We artists are so ambitious, aren't we? :)

      I'd rather have a fabulous book delivered a little late, than a mediocre book delivered on time.

      The key is communication. (And still some people won't be happy with that.) You can't please everyone. The person you should be pleasing is yourself, knowing that you did your best work.

      It's sort of a Kickstarter rite of passage to deliver books late. If things could be produced exactly on-schedule, then as a Backer you're not really helping someone launch their creative project, you're pre-ordering their product. And that's not as much fun.

      The fun part for me is getting to see the process... so, more updates would be great, so that we can see how you're doing, and what you're dealing with, and where you are in your process.

      Have fun!

    7. Missing avatar

      James LeRoux on

      Yay upcoming book! I'm looking forward to reading it, and I hope you give it the time and effort it deserves.

    8. Brian Engler on

      I've never written a book but have done several papers and I know how easy it is to underestimate completion dates, so no surprise here. I look forward to reading the book whenever it's ready. Thanks for the update.

    9. Ericka Otterman on

      Even though there's several months of waiting, I'm still so excited about this book. I felt that your original estimated date was extremely ambitious so I'm rather relieved to hear that you weren't working on this at a burnout pace. It's better for it to take longer and result in a more complete product.

      P.S. Yay! Can't wait, can't wait! ;)

    10. Missing avatar

      Nick Glover on

      Thank you for the update, I'm looking forward to reading this and discussing it on our podcast, for sure.

    11. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Harper on

      Thanks for the update. :)