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Everything you wanted to know about Islam ... and what they wouldn't tell you, anyway.
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The Beginning

Posted by Heina Dadabhoy (Creator)
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First of all, much love to my backers. Your support means so much to me. If you count yourself among them, look for a message from me soon which will detail what information I need from you in order to ensure you receive your reward.

Secondly, I am officially contracted with Pitchstone Publishing. This means that I will have professional editing, typesetting, and printing, so your final product will both look a lot better and cost me less than if I had self-published.

Where will this extra money go? A book tour, of course! I'm cutting back slightly on the number of conferences I will be attending this year in order to save the Kickstarter funds for when I actually have  copies of my book in hand to sell at conferences and atheist/skeptical books around the country. If you are a member or organizer at a potentially interested organization, feel free to contact me. I can see about speaking to your group either later this year, if your group is near where one of the conferences will be, or next year, when I'm doing the actual tour.

Last, but not least, my gratitude for motivating me to write this book. I can focus on my writing for the next few months and worry about nothing much but producing a manuscript. Writing is a momentum thing for me, so look for more posts on Skepchick.

My next immediate step, besides an outline, will be to launch a webpage. Be on the lookout for that within the month.

-- Heina

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