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Everything you wanted to know about Islam ... and what they wouldn't tell you, anyway.
Everything you wanted to know about Islam ... and what they wouldn't tell you, anyway.
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    1. Jason Murray on

      Given that Heina has demonstrated an abject disregard for the 342 backers of this project, and evidently lacks the integrity or common courtesy to provide any sort of update, I decided to contact Pitchstone Publishing directly. This was their response:

      "Hi Jason,
      Unfortunately, due to the author's delays on the project, we've had to push it back and no longer have a release date. We're sorry we can't be more help in regards to your disappointment over the Kickstarter, which was completely the responsibility of the author. We urge you to continue to follow up with Dadhaboy. We'll post info when we get a firm release date set. "

      Note that there is no longer a release date, as per the publisher. It no longer even appears on their website (

      As per the publisher, the delay is due to the "author".

      Heina also appears to have deactivated or deleted her Twitter account (@heinousdealings).

      In the immortal words of The Steve Miller Band: "go on take the money and run"...

    2. Missing avatar

      David MacCallum on

      @Matt - in the absence of any updates, I'm assuming Heina bit off more than they could chew with this project, and fell further and further behind to the point where it was easier just to forget about it and move on. I suppose these are the risks you take when you crowdsource a first time author.

      I'd have a lot more respect for Heina if we got an honest "Sorry everyone - I screwed up. There isn't going to be a book. I started out with good intentions but ended up spending all the money on cat food. " final update, but I guess that's unlikely.

    3. Missing avatar

      Matt Jamont on

      Does anyone know what's going on with this project or why Heina never provides updates? This project was successfully funded 5 and a half years ago...

    4. Richard Murray on

      December 2019 now on the Pitchstone page and on Amazon. Two more years. Someone's missed the relevance window.

    5. Jason Murray on

      "Backers who selected a digital copy will receive the book approximately 3 months before its official release date and hard copy recipients will get it about a month or more before it's out."

      So with a publication date of 07 December 2017, I guess we should have expected to receive our digital copies a month ago, and can expect our hard copies in another month or so?

    6. Missing avatar

      Ulrike Dunlap on

      Any news on this?

    7. Missing avatar

      Gabe Krabbe on

      One year later, still no sign.

      See y'all next year, I guess...

    8. Richard Murray on

      Oh boy. That "hard" date is shockingly soft.

      Amazon now shows "Pitchstone Publishing (Dec 7 2017)"

    9. Missing avatar

      Dale Bryant on

      Did this ever get published? Did I miss that?

    10. Brian Engler on

      Heina, do you have any update beyond the expected publication date shown on Amazon of December 2016?

    11. Missing avatar

      Jim B on

      Amazon is now showing a publishing date of Dec 6, 2016.

    12. Missing avatar

      Gabe Krabbe on

      According to the expected publication date is July 2016. That would make the three-months-before shipping date about now. But after the complete lack of effort H has put into communicating here in the past, I will continue not to hold my breath.

    13. Missing avatar

      Matt Jamont on

      Hi Heina,
      Any news? There haven't been any updates for over a year. I'm just curious where the project is at...

    14. Jason Murray on

      Hey Heina - given that we are now well in to December 2015, is there any word on if or when your backers can ever expect to receive your book?

    15. Dave Cross on

      Time for another update, perhaps?

    16. Missing avatar

      David MacCallum on

      Hi Heina - that's us into December now, so according your last update the release should now be imminent. Any updates on Pitchstone's release plans? Is the December deadline still realistic?

    17. Missing avatar

      Gabe Krabbe on

      Hi Heina - it's now 1 month before Pitchstone's hard date; any news about the ebook versions your update said they'd ship about 3 months ahead?

    18. Richard Murray on

      Heina; In our chat on Facebook Messenger on March 9th, you had mentioned "I will be posting weekly updates"

      So, how's things?

    19. Mark Entel on

      Any updates? Seems that Fall 2014 is on its last legs

    20. Richard Murray on

      How's that manuscript coming along, what with fall marching on...?

    21. Missing avatar

      Gabe Krabbe on

      Any updates? New expected timeline?

    22. Jason Murray on

      It's February 2014. Any updates at all?

    23. Marc Baker on

      Any updates? Word from the publisher, etc?

    24. Missing avatar

      Marcus Tillmanns on

      Hi, it has been quite a while since the last update, do you have any news for us?

    25. Marc Baker on

      How comes the manuscript?

    26. Avi Blackmore on


    27. Jamas Enright

      Immediate question: how much extra do international backers need to add (if anything, and this might depend on tier) for postage of the print book?

    28. Missing avatar

      Stephen Pehrson on

      I bet this book will have value far beyond the skeptic/atheist community.