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Skarp TechnologiesBy Skarp Technologies
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Skarp TechnologiesBy Skarp Technologies
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pledged of $160,000pledged of $160,000 goal
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Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter over 3 years ago

Second weekly update!

Posted by Skarp Technologies (Creator)

Hello everyone! Firstly, thank you for amazing support! We get so many supportive messages and emails every day from people as excited for the Skarp Razor as we are and it really motivates us. Thank you!

We have a video update for you all. We explain our working prototype and how it works in the lab, we have a demo of the Skarp Razor cutting light hair (Finding light hair was harder than we thought!) and we talk about some of the challenges we face in bringing the Skarp Razor to production.

Thanks again!

Skarp Team

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Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter and comments are closed on project updates. For more on project suspension, please see our FAQ.

    1. Missing avatar

      Rasmus Knudsen on

      Dear Skarp Team

      Hereby 1 advice and 1 question:

      As you have got a lot of attention in the news, a lot of money from people who support your project, and you "risk" dramatically to change a very well paid industry, you can be sure the interest and thoughts of you project will only increase in both positive and negative ways. Let me recommend you do A LOT of communication to your audience, but more important stress what information and dialogue people can expect and when - else things including funding can go where you cannot predict nor control the future. I do understand people in this forum expect answers also on critical questions. On the other hand, I also understand you cannot make necessary progress if you use most of your time answering questions.

      If I were rich I would support different projects - but I am not. I just like you project, and have more or less put my pocket money in your project, with an expectation to get the best shaver possible, before many others and to a reduced amount of money. However, I can read different expected retail-prices for the future. Are there any benefits when it comes to price, features, add-ons for the people who support the project?

    2. Missing avatar

      impippo49 on

      I am looking forward to this technology. I have NF1 (Neurofibromatosis Type 1) which means my face is covered with bumps of varying sizes. Blades are not a reasonable option and electrics require many passes. This could be a godsend. I don't care about handle thickness just so it cuts more than one at a time.

    3. Donnie Muraoka

      @mike why don't you mind your own business??? If Bernard wants to ask the creators a question about the product or suggest things for them to do he has every right as a backer. Mike you must have a money tree at home because it seems like you'd back any product claiming to work miracles. While we're on the subject would you like to back my flying car concept? I don't really have proof that it works but you don't mind backing projects that can't prove they completely work....right?

    4. Bernard Bromell on

      @Fraser Larcombe
      Please read my comments in the Comments section. I have already detailed my reasoning there, just as I said in my previous post.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mike Haydon on

      @Bernard if you don't like it, leave. No one forced you to back it and there's still time for you to withdraw your pledge.

    6. Fraser Larcombe on

      @Bernard what makes you say you believe it's synthetic, for you to "believe" this you must have some proof, you seem so sure of yourself I'm starting to "believe" you do work in either the industry, or just like being a troll.

    7. Bernard Bromell on

      Another suggestion would be for Skarp to use actual human hair. As I have posted in the comments section (with my reasoning), I believe that the 'hair' they cut is actually a synthetic fibre.

    8. Lyndsay Williams on

      @Goran, great and useful post, but perhaps also post it in the "comments" sections so more people, i.e. the public can read.

    9. Goran on

      Thank you for the second demonstration video. It does show that the laser can cut blond hair. In the test model I don’t care if it has been powered from outside of the unit, nor do I care for the battery life of the final model (when you make one) until one battery will suffice for at least one shave so one wouldn’t have to replace the battery mid-shaving :)

      Firstly I’d like to apologize for a longer post that follows, but I want to be as clear as possible. This might sound harsh, but as a fellow scientist, although from a different scientific field, I must note that your testing methodology which was used in the demonstration video is flawed. Here are several elements where I see significant room for improvement of demonstration and functionality of the test unit. 1) Stick to the cardboard all four types of hair: dark, blond, grey, ginger and mix them up. With this you’ll demonstrate that your test unit can actually cut all types of hair. Currently you’ve demonstrated that it can cut both blond and dark hair but in two separate videos and this doesn’t assure that someone didn’t change laser frequency, wave length or some other parameter in the background. 2) Apply the same technique for cutting as you have done with the blade in the second video. By using two different techniques in the same experiment, one on the control unit (the blade) and another on the test unit (Skarp razor) your testing methodology is significantly flawed, and as scientists working in the lab I’m sure you’re aware of it. 3) When you’re taping the four types of hair to the cardboard tape it just on the one side of the board, so the testing procedure will be closer to real life scenario. In your second video the hair is perfectly aligned and has tension (it is stretched since it has been connected on the both sides to the cardboard). Although this might be good for laboratory testing this results will significantly deviate from real life use. We all know that when shaving the hair is connected to the skin only on the one side, it has no tension and it isn’t perfectly aligned. 4) In both of your videos you haven’t demonstrated that the Skarp razor can cut multiple hairs simultaneously. Make sure to demonstrate that possibility since this is crucial for real life use. Cutting single hairs is fine for laboratory use, but it isn’t valid to claim that similar results will be achieved in real life scenarios.

      As a final suggestion I would advise to use better quality camera and pay attention to color balance, focus and other important elements when making a video. It took you several days to produce the video and its quality definitely isn’t up to 2015 standards where every kid in the block makes several times better quality videos ;)

      Best of luck and I truly do hope that we’ll get the razor which will match 21st century :)

    10. Mike Morrison on

      @Bernard, if you are not happy withdraw your pledge and walk away....
      yes this project is a risk
      it may not work - we ALL get that
      we get that there will probably be a v2 just months after ours that is way better

      this is what KS is really about

      With real tech innovation a "full prototype" is often not an option, as is the case here, and the creators have explained this. If you do not believe this - walk away now.. before you whine about losing money

      please folks - if you cannot afford to lose your pledge, if you will be upset if delivery is late - walk away NOW - do not ask for refunds in 5 months time!

      let the creators be honest and not defensive and help them to work on the product not nanny state PR

      creators - make an announcement offering people to withdraw - make it clear - you will still have enough honest, and believing backers. Do not get sucked into the "big bucks" here - its a prototype first production run, we (some of us) get that - stick to the knitting!

      good luck!
      ps - after funding keep communications at least weekly even if there is little to say, mentally commit to this now and it will make the journey much easier for all of us - good and bad news!

    11. Bernard Bromell on

      There are three rules every Kickstarter project must follow.
      Skarp has undoubtedly broken the following rule as I have documented in previous posts.
      “Projects must be honest and clearly presented.”
      “Our community is built on trust and communication. Projects can’t mislead people or misrepresent facts, and creators should be candid about what they plan to accomplish. When a project involves manufacturing and distributing something complex, like a gadget, we require projects to show a prototype of what they’re making, and we prohibit photorealistic renderings.”
      In the ‘show a prototype’ link it says:
      “Projects that involve the development of physical products must feature explicit demos of working prototypes. While you can run a project focused on the creation of a prototype, you can't offer the product that is under development as a reward.”

    12. Bernard Bromell on

      From a post in the comments section.
      You may not care that Skarp refuses to respond to legitimate questions.
      You may not care that Skarp has deceived.
      You may not care that Skarp has lied.
      You may not care that Skarp has faked their photos and videos.
      You may not care that Skarp does not have a working prototype.
      You may not care that Skarp has broken several of Kickstarter's terms.
      You may not care that this campaign is a fraud and should be shut down according to Kickstarter's terms.
      But others do care. You do not speak for the entire set of potential backers. You have posted far more than myself, yet tell me and others to leave this forum. One of the purposes of this forum is to ask questions. It is not your concern that I and others ask these questions, as it is not my concern that you post wholly unquestioning support for a fraud.

    13. Missing avatar

      Justin Quesnel on

      You guys look like you're working pretty hard, try not to let the negative comments get to you ( the Internets a rough place to stand in the spotlight ) and stick to the vision.
      Long way to go from here to release, keep up the good work!

      My 2c on design, I like the choice for all the reasons you laid out, this is a kickstart, if/when the idea takes off there'll be time for different models etc.

    14. Skarp Technologies Creator on

      Haha, Thanks @Lars

    15. Mike Morrison on

      hey folks - suggesting changes to design is interesting, but the developers have already invested in design.. they need the money to produce the production items and tooling, if you want to add 12 months to the delivery time, by all means suggest the design change..
      or that could be KS version 2... lets get this version into production first!

    16. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Ehnbom

      > You could mimick those straight blade razor that fold on themselves, neat look, and a build in protective case for the fiber.

      That's brilliant @Dan. L.!

    17. Lars Marowsky-Brée on

      Thanks for the update. As an engineer who had to go on videos several times, I fully sympathize and have a lot of empathy for you guys. ;-) Good luck with the product!

    18. Thoughtcrime Press on

      Gavin Avey-Hebditch : It's right there in the FAQs, third from the bottom.

    19. Missing avatar

      midas89 on

      To the makers of the Skarp, I am sure you have considered that even if success shaving one's face quickly proves more difficult than anticipated, I hope you will at least also consider that countless men would buy a Skarp to manscape, which would not require the laser beam to cut as many hairs at once, or cut as fast. So perhaps a "personal grooming" model can be released quicker, as a consideration if "full" development runs into snags.

      Shaving sensitive areas always causes fear of cutting the skin, of course. So with your laser razor not capable of cutting open the skin, I predict huge laser razor sales for both men and women who want to more safely shave "down there."

      Good luck!

    20. Missing avatar

      Connie K. Arnold on

      Connie - Did everyone choose to invest in a Marketing Idea or a great concept that may become a reality? I put my bit of money on the concept and I am very glad to receive updates and also read some of the comments that are more technical. Great ideas don't happen overnight, I don't need a slick presentation - patience and good technical advise would be much better. Keep up the good work guys.

    21. Dan. L. on

      I really enjoyed the video, I like short to the point sentences rather than fluff.

      I'd just like to join some people saying that you don't need to make the product look like a normal razor.
      You could mimick those straight blade razor that fold on themselves, neat look, and a build in protective case for the fiber.

    22. Missing avatar

      Russell Morales on

      This is great and nice to see it cut hair...but when can we see someone shave? See it shave stubble and a beard (we know there are lots of beards on your team � )? With a well lit closeup after the shave to see how close the shave was? It won't matter if the laser is connected with fiber optic cable--most folks get the bit about electronics not being ministurized yet.

    23. Tim Eacott on

      Much Excitement! Very Wow! lol

      Keep up the good work guys, looks like it has been very stressful for you both...

    24. Missing avatar

      Gavin Avey-Hebditch on

      Can anyone read anywhere that this product will be quicker or just as quick as a wet razor shave? If so I have not found it. There are some plus claims that it can be used dry and reduce ingrowing hairs that current shaving techniques cause; these are all well and good.

      Can anyone hand on heart from the demonstrations shown believe that this product is going to be faster than conventional shaving?

      I have now thought further on the matter and it appears to me that the product would need to be accurately aligned somehow to cut the hairs/stubble. The demonstrations show quite clearly that because of the skin the laser disappears and you can see that hairs are not cut when this happens. There is nothing in front of the laser to prevent this happening, so that once the razor is placed on the skin the lazer cannot do this. Look at a normal razor construction; to the best of my knowledge apart from a cutthroat razor they have a bridge in front of the actual blade which helps maintain a level across the skin among other things it seems to me.

      I don't pretend to be an expert; I apply the KISS principle to everything, Keep It Simple Stupid.

      Others who appear to be more knowledgeable than I on business matters and risk when investing do not seem happy either. Some though retort that this is a punt and to stop belly aching because KS is all about this. If I wanted a punt I might as well throw $299 dollars at a horse.

      I have seen enough there is nothing here now that convinces me that this is going to better wet shaving, because at the moment it appears I could well be spending double or triple the time looking at my ugly mug in a mirror. I could always frame my SKARP razors when I go back to wets though. Heck I am off I'll buy it at the shops if it ever gets there.

    25. Ian Selvarajah on

      Hey guys, for the first time in my life, I thought: "TAKE MY MONEY!!!" as soon as I saw this product. I can't wait to see a real prototype in action!

      A small note as a few people have mentioned: We don't need a fancy video, but a little excitement wouldn't kill you! ;) Techies are typically introverted, but a little modulation in your voice, some movement and facial expressions will go a long way to make your next update a little more dynamic.

      Feel free to get in touch with me, I'd be happy to share some tips. Keep up the great work!

    26. Missing avatar

      Sion on

      @Luther Burrell: Fantastic idea for producing this as a straight razor, love it. Fold the 'blade' back into the handle and the fiber is nicely protected, no need for a case. I suspect the difficulty would be constructing the hinge so that the fiber doesn't break after repeated opening and closing.

    27. Missing avatar

      Hirudin on

      My suggested rig below would also eliminate unsteady hands. If you wanted to go crazy you could even line up a bunch of different colors and thicknesses of hair, just to show off.

    28. Missing avatar

      Hirudin on

      OK. I've now read all the comments and watched all the videos. I think I have a suggestion that nobody has said yet.

      It seems that the prototype works. But, because of the hand-drawn fiber, there are only narrow patches along the fiber that are emitting the laser light with sufficient intensity to actually cut hair. In addition to that, it sounds like the fiber line leading into the prototype laser may be having a negative impact on the performance. Perhaps the movement and variability of the bends are causing disturbances in the laser intensity as well. In addition to that, since the fiber is so fine, dragging it along hairy skin is dangerous because the fiber may snag on something and snap.

      My suggestion is this: keep the razor stationary and move hair into it. Personally, I would attempt to create a line of hairs, all sticking up in a manor that would resemble the tines of a comb. I'd make this "line of hairs" ridged enough that it could be attached to some form of linear motion, like a linear rail. Of course, the linear rail and lines of hairs would need to be setup so that someone could manually push the hairs into the stationary razor.

      I think this would be a good simulation of shaving. Certainly enough to convince me. Basically, what I'd like to see are hairs, which are only supported at one end, being cut by the laser razor at a decent speed. If the hairs are being pushed at a realistic shaving rate (maybe about one or two inches a second) and a sizable percentage of them are cut, I'll be completely sold on the technology.

    29. Missing avatar

      Frank Montanaro on

      Great update and info. With the amount of backing money I'm sure you'll have no problem getting us some awesome demos in the coming months!

    30. Missing avatar

      Luther Burrell on

      I agree with below comments that the handle can be beefier without any impact to use. But I also wanted to say, don't be locked into a design that has to look like an old safety razor. It can look like a straight razor or even something completely different that is optimized for shaping the hair.

    31. Michael Niccolai on

      how about some discussion on longevity of the fiber? videos appear to show a very small fiber suspended between the two ends of the razor head. What happens when that fiber breaks? How long will that take? are the heads interchangeable? how much will they cost?

    32. Anthony Licko on

      Will the razor head pivot like most razors, to accommodate for the contours of the face?

    33. Missing avatar

      Sloan Kiechel on

      Has anyone discussed this and tattoos? I want this razor so bad, but, I have a tattoo on my calf and am starting a full arm sleeve. I don't want to damage my tattoos.

    34. Missing avatar

      Waldemar Oliveira on

      Joshua Wolff has a point in what he says "What backers want to see is a dude with scruff shave his face with your product."

    35. Joshua Wolff

      Fell asleep twice and that guy was still talking. What backers want to see is a dude with scruff shave his face with your product. This product is loosing my interest due to lack of operational testing ON A PERSONS FACE. Please don't ever have that man speak in a video again. Or have him take a bump of cocaine first.

    36. Missing avatar

      Hirudin on

      I backed for one thing: a laser razor. I don't give two squirts about PR people or lighting. Slick presentations and salesmen annoy me more than woo me.

      I also *barely* care how "sleek" the razor looks. In fact, my current razor handles are larger (a Gillette Fusion something or other and whatever Dorco's 6+ razor is called). The handle could be the size of my electric toothbrush if it needed to be. In fact, I'm a little concerned that the current handle might be too thin. A larger handle could allow for a bigger battery and maybe even a charger. An RCR123A powered razor would be nice as then I could use the same batteries (cells) as my flashlight.

      Seriously, if the thing *looks* like a piece of crap I won't care (much) as long as it works. If it *works* like a piece of crap but looks amazing I'm going to be pissed.

      One last thing, if it turns out you need multiple fibers (like modern razors have multiple blades) please do us a favor and just go straight to the optimum amount instead of trickling out "improved" models like the other guys.

    37. Alex on

      Lol the people commenting about shaving one hair at a time. You have to understand the technology is there. They don't have a working model that they can just go and shave with. They need the money for further dev work to actually make something they can shave decently with. I think once its a couple months after production we should see some nice updates.

    38. Missing avatar

      Mark Laffin on

      I appreciate you both addressing the concerns that have been raised. I'm hopeful and confident that the Skarp will work as you forecast. I'd like to see a more real-life demonstration of the razor in action. Show the Skarp razor being used on one of your engineers to shave his face with a day or two of normal stubble. Cutting a few hairs taped on a piece of paper is an interesting engineering demonstration but, does not show the Skarp being used as you hope it will be. It appears that all you need is a longer fiber to enable the demonstration razor to be used on a human under real-life conditions. If the demonstration is successful, then it will be clear to your backers that your major hurdles are miniaturization and packaging of the razor's components.

    39. Rocco LiBrandi on

      wow. just. wow. I feel SO MUCH BETTER about this project now. Thank you for the in depth explanations; multiple demos, and additional images. My largest criticism is that you show attempting to cut the multiple hair strands with the steel razor in a few different methods (several strands simultaneously, sawing motion, all parallel to the ground) and then use a DIFFERENT method to cut with the skarp razor (perpendicular / at an oblique angle to the ground) I know it takes a while to set these things up, but using the razors in the same motion would be more indicative of the actual effectiveness

      again, thank you for the in depth update, and my faith in your product is renewed!

    40. Missing avatar

      Jared Ionin on

      Guys - Time to hire someone in PR. Appreciate the update, but you need a college PR student to help you with presentation and communication. Shouldn't cost you more than a few thousand and you have plenty of funds to do so.

    41. Missing avatar

      Wayne on

      Go on! Shave your forearm! Nothing ventured, nothing gained in science. Even if it doesn't work now it would give us an idea of the progress you are making...

    42. Matthew Ryan McHenry on

      You guys look so "pleased and surprised". Relax, we're all really excited for this. Just don't take it to heart if you're results aren't going as planned. A product this great will have it's challenges.

    43. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      In my mind, the smallest fiber diameter practical, combined with permanent fixing to a robust but thin support ensures lifting most hairs. Pushing a Skarp into the flesh poses no risk of incision. I would love to see microphotography comparing conventionally sliced hair ends with those deconstructed by Skarp (and remaining stubble!) when that becomes possible.

    44. Sebastian Schwarz on

      @Edon: The Bora Bora part made me laugh out loud the first time in the comment section of this product :D

    45. Andrew TheTransponster Trunkfield on

      Keep up the good work! I'm sure the development stage is going to be interesting & challenging. Excited that you've hit your stretch goals, can't wait to see the finished product and to anyone worried about throwing away batteries... Perhaps try recycling them instead?! ;)

    46. Andres Meyer on

      Love the video. Real engineers doing real work and tests, showing where they stand. I don't need no marketeers or correct white balance. I need a cool gadget that works better than current tech. And I like to see where you stand, without using too much time or money for it.
      Not smiling makes a nice contrast to those presenter-types. Did you do it on purpose ;-)? And knowing you are doing controlled testing, with the tricky type of hair (that I actually have), not some random human beard that is impossible to measure against, makes it more scientific, even if it shows that you are not there yet in final performance. Which is very honest and therefore trustworthy.

    47. Missing avatar

      Vance on

      Thanks for the update! In the next video can you please address the issue of the fiber breaking/wearing down after shaves? I understand that the current fiber you're using is not the same as the one you will be using in the final product, but in reality no matter how good the fiber you're using is, there is still a distinct possibility that it will break at some point. If that happens, do you expect people to buy a new Skarp? Or are there going to be replacement fibers that the user can install? Thanks!

    48. Missing avatar

      Nick Cullinan on

      Whoa! calm down guys! don't act so excited!

    49. Edon van Hees

      Sorry, came back here for just another comment...
      As of me, a lot of people believe in you and the Skarp, that's quite obvious.
      I am convinced, that after a successful launch more will believe, follow and eventually buy.
      Everybody here in this comment page, is very curious and supporting.
      Most of them are aware of this product being in the concept / lab stage, no problem.
      Anybody complaining about video/audio quality and your "looks" should consider that these vid's are made in a lab in as it looks like, a tiny, bad lighting condition, environment.
      What do people expect? A catwalk model shaving her armpits on a Bora Bora beach?
      I like to see that too, but not at this stage, for now a weekly update with facts is just fine.
      In my humble opinion, there is only one thing you can convince people with, performance.
      The rest will come, even that model...

    50. Dennis on

      From the first time I heard of this project, I needed to get in on it. I am very glad I'm investing money for you guys to be able to make it. Someday, you guys will be bigger then Gillette. �