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pledged of $160,000pledged of $160,000 goal
Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter over 3 years ago
Skarp TechnologiesBy Skarp Technologies
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Skarp TechnologiesBy Skarp Technologies
First created
pledged of $160,000pledged of $160,000 goal
Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter over 3 years ago
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    1. Zach T

      Will there be more stretch goals? Another question I have is can we have a picture of what the green Razor will look like compared to the rest?

    2. Tom Harriss

      Congratulations on doing so well during the funding phase. Can you please let us know how the huge demand will slow down the initial production... I can't imagine it is as quick and easy to fill 20,000 orders as a few hundred, so I would guess that such success might delay everything.
      Have you started to get ahead of the game and adjusted your plans to cope with the increase?
      Also, I've noticed a lot of Kickstarter projects that do well fall behind on answering posts and emails, which angers people. Since you're clearly going to be very busy, may I suggest early on you dedicate someone to staying on top of all backer communications? Thanks, and again, congratulations. I'm really looking forward to this project!

    3. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      for 4 mill. can we have a fully Carbon Fibre Model? would really like to see that!

    4. harrio


      you might very well be correct. this is a disruptive technology that could dislodge the current 'buy a ton of disposable razors regularly' revenue model.

      i myself spend more than i would like to admit on schick extreme 3 razors every month. simply because there is no better current way to shave my bald head.

      this technology, should it succeed, will be cutting into many a 'bottom-line'.

    5. Mike Morrison on

      @Arshdeep, nono is a heated wire cutter, this uses a laser... very different technology.

    6. Missing avatar

      Arshdeep Virdi on

      How is this different from nono pro - ?

      I see nono is using a wire like material to cut the hair and you are using the same concept as seen in your previous video.

      How is this technology new? I know well about the performance level of nono pro and I doubt regarding your product's performance. You still got time to impress me before I back out.

    7. Missing avatar

      Sae Young on

      Yea like many people mentioned below, please post a video of a real person using the product to shave rather than an animated version of it. Otherwise, I don't have enough trust to back this product.

    8. Missing avatar

      Milorad Bajic on

      I think nobody wants a 'green' razor or a special color. I would prefer the Stretch Goals like:

      - 4-5 years warranty
      -unit ships with a single rechargeable AAA battery and a battery charger
      - better price for 2 Razors

    9. Prayag Patil on

      Oh for christ's sake who are these people worrying about a case and green color? WE WANT BETTER EXAMPLES OF IT ACTUALLY SHAVING, you know, THE PRIMARY USE CASE.

      I will be withdrawing my pledge if I don't see a better demo video soon, spend some money on creating a better mount and fiber for ONE laser razor and put up a demo video. It is not true that you need to manufacture 10,000 of these to even get 1 example of the final product.

      The current video is terrible and does not inspire confidence.

    10. Skarp Technologies Creator on

      Thanks for all the incredible support! We hit both the stretch goals we announced earlier in the week! Everyone will be receiving a case with their Skarp Razor & for those that want it, a green anodized aluminum version will be available. You will have the ability to choose your color when we send out surveys.

    11. Missing avatar

      Anders Plovgaard on

      I prefer easy and efficient charging rather than color. Remember also that the asymmetrical shaft could make it complicated shaving one side of his face! Have you considered the "blade" may be rounded to better follow the face?

    12. Missing avatar

      Andrej on

      My opinion is that large corporations wished to destroy this project.

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrej on

      We are here to support the project. Anyone can judge whether the project is interesting or not.If it not He is able to withdraw. I think that we will be intending to get new information.

    14. Missing avatar

      Alex Tse on

      Well since you hit $2.5M there goes all the complaints about the case! Thinking of any other stretch goals? Longer warranty, perhaps? Special engraving on the Kickstarter versions?

    15. Mike Morrison on

      @Snootch like you I only know what is written here.. but I would assume as precision alignment is requires I would expect them to be protected & tightly mounted in the head &flush so that no damage could occur. Else there is no products we know it's led.. we know the costs are for production of precision fibres... that is it!

    16. Michelle Wade on

      What is a estimate of the Razor cost once released to the market?

    17. The Snootch on

      @Mike Morrison - I'm just thinking that there has to be some way to replace the part where the optical fiber resides. I just can't believe that if you somehow accidentally damage a tiny little glass fiber that you are just out however much money you spend on the unit. If the last working prototype is indicative of the final unit and the fiber is just stretched across air, they're going to be breaking constantly.

    18. Missing avatar

      Andrej on

      You have a good support. Do you intend to replace the optical fibers with more efficient.Then you introduce the power of product.

    19. John Galliers on

      Really glad to see that this product is coming to market. Also glad to here you're adding a removable battery.

    20. Mike Morrison on

      if you like the idea AND
      believe the demo is credible AND
      understand that a proper working version for demo will be the first production ones AND
      can afford to write off your pledge (lose your money if it doesn't work)... then back the project

      if one of the above is not true for you withdraw now and leave gracefully

    21. Mike Morrison on

      @Snootch there is no "head unit" to have as a spare - that is 99% of the product!

      if you want a 2 year product then have a sealed battery.. for me I would prefer a 50000hr (lifetime) product so will take replaceable batteries please!

    22. René Overhorst on

      Although I like green very much, my girlfriend would like a more feminine color, like red or pink. More color options would be very nice. :-)

    23. Jason Gilbertson on

      I want to believe this is legit as much as I want to believe Lexus actually make a hoverboard.
      I'm skeptical for the same reason.
      We've been burned too many times.
      Please show an actual demonstration of this working. You'll get a lot more backers, and you'll keep those you currently have. If we can't see proof of it working, don't be surprised when half or more of us back out in the last moments.

    24. The Snootch on

      Thoughts for Stretch Goals:

      1) $2.5 million - lifetime warranty
      2) $2.75 million - unit ships with a single rechargeable AAA battery and a battery charger
      3) $3 million - additional (spare) head unit

    25. Wayne G.

      @Skarp Don't worry about seeming greedy. I mean I understand where people might complain that being the cost for designing and delivering a case seems a little outrageous. However it's not costing us any more money. So long as we spread the word and bring in more backers we all benefit. Skarp and your backers. The reason I was not feeling optimistic with the last video (for those who are interested) it's because laser hair "removal" or "shaving" is out currently. There is a popular product called "no no" however it sucks. It burns your skin and takes forever to shave, also the thread breaks easily. The last video showed all of the same flaws I see with the "no no" so I'm looking forward to seeing this device work as promised. If/when it does it will be incredible and worth every but that people are willing to invest.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jack Thomas on

      We're going to unlock this case when we hit $2.5 Million.
      Will these be included wit the order?

    27. Thoughtcrime Press on

      People commenting against the replaceable battery idea seem to assume that a battery will last and recharge an infinite number of times. If you use a non replaceable battery, it will fade A LONG time before the razor nears the end of its life. Anyone complaining about the additional waste of AAA batteries, should research where current battery technology is and buy rechargeable AAAs like eneloops. As long as this razor will work with those, this product will be perfect. Everyone arguing for a battery that can't be replaced is arguing for a disposable culture of planned obsolescence because that's what companies have told us we need. And because we replace our cell phones and laptops often, we rarely see how even the best batteries degrade over time. We don't need induction charging. We need a reliable product that will last for years.

      You are doing great! AND the replaceable AAA battery IS THE WAY TO GO! Good job guys.

    28. Mike Morrison on

      If this product is half as good as it might be then a major company may well buy the company and stop production.. a replaceable battery should mean a lifetime of use .
      @creator stick with the plan & good luck with the project

    29. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Could you show an example of this product in action? If you can show this product shaving I'll stay backing you, otherwise I'll have to withdraw my backing I'm afraid

    30. The Snootch on

      For those of you complaining about having a replaceable AAA battery and wanting inductive charging or a non-replaceable battery, read up on the lifespan of rechargable batteries. End-user replaceable batteries will always be a better option than non-replaceables. Just ask any iPhone/iPod owner that has had their product for more than 2 or 3 years.

      Also, keep in mind while reading that the laser in this unit is expected to have a lifetime of 50,000 hours. No battery made could stand that many charge cycles without being replaced.

    31. Missing avatar

      Troy on

      I'd like to see a working prototype on the next update, or prior to the end of funding. If I don't I will pull my funding.

    32. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    33. Missing avatar

      Dermot on

      AAA batteries, I'd prefer not. If it is powered by one battery, that will mean 3 batteries sitting in my drawer, that's far from what I call a green product. Multiply this by 10,000 and you have a lot of waste.

    34. Missing avatar

      William Purdy on

      Two other quick comments...why can't the case be the charger and "please" not gold as the color!

    35. Missing avatar

      William Purdy on

      I was surprised that there is no case with the Skarp razor as I am wondering how fragile is the filament/fiber that carries the laser that does the cutting? Possibly I am misunderstanding how the product will function but it seems a thin, fine filament will be fragile and therefore needs a case to protect it during transport. If anybody can explain and correct my thinking it would be greatly appreciated.

    36. Vladimir Novosilov on

      Guys, you need to add more Rewards levels.

    37. Missing avatar

      Mattijs on

      Green?.. Wouldn't you want a more professional colorway? Maybe Gold for backers?

    38. Missing avatar

      Brandon on

      It seems like a case should have been something that would be included by default from the start. I didn't even imagine that an expensive product like this would not include a travel case. Stretch goals should be for something better than a color or a simple piece of plastic.

    39. Sergeant Pepper on

      If the stretch goal for green razor is reached I will definitely opt for that one.
      Great work up till now I don't really care for a video with a working prototype as long as you deliver in the end.
      If the final product works as described then it is all said and done!
      So please keep up the good work and don't let all those people try to pressure you into anything you are not 100% sure of.

    40. Missing avatar

      Sam Kirk on

      +1 re David Hunter, Scott Coker and Steven Maeler, you put it in a much better way.

      Induction charging is more 21st century than 20th century rechargeable AAA batteries.
      Re 2.5 m for a case, a bit greedy considering on should be getting a case especially if we are talking "rechargeable" razor.
      Come on Skarp team, you have done good so far, let's keep it on track?..... Show us a working prototype.

      Sam, London.

    41. Missing avatar

      Gero on

      Hi. You said that you read all comments, and so I hope you read mine as well.

      First of all, I'm so happy to be part of this revolution of shaving. Although I would have loved to be in for one of the early backer packages with the lower price, I won't start to yell to you about me being late.

      Neither will I yell about it being powered by a replaceable AAA battery – as long as it supports 1.2V rechargeables (like e.g. Eneloops). Having a water-tight closing mechanism plus the global availability of batteries of this type is definitely golden. If inductive charging is out of the question (and it probably is due to space and weight restrictions), then replaceable, rechargeable batteries it is. Don't add an easily damageable USB charging port on the cost of a non-replaceable battery!

      In fact I won't yell at all. But I would certainly chime in with the people who say that exceeding your initial funding goal of 160,000 $ by the factor of ten in a land-rush should have led to a list of belated stretch-goals. Like perhaps an inexpensive travel bag at 500,000 $, replaced by the sturdy case with room for a spare battery at 1 million, the (optional!) different color at 1.5 million – simply to reward the huge crowd of backers who already lifted your project into the sky. Plus a couple of even cooler stretch-goals for the next 500,000 steps.

      ... But instead, you tried to push the bar even higher, with those nice, but someone controversial add-ons that should really in that "we got what we asked for, and 10 times more" budget.

      And: Yes, find a "red-shirt" volunteer who is willing to demonstrate a working prototype in front of a camera. Soon.

      You know, good PR is an art-form. And at the same time, bad PR can be a bitch.

    42. Missing avatar

      Graham Sivill on

      I am slightly concerned that all the guys at Skarp have beards!?

    43. Brian Levinsen

      Regarding stretch goals, people remember the more people the larger manufacturing and more units. And the pledge paid here is lower than retail will usually be so the margin of earning the creators get might not be very large. So anything "extra" added for free is a dent in the potential of starting a business later. I'm also not so fond of AAA battery in the unit. I would rather see the case being a portable wireless charger where you can use an AA battery to charge it on the go or connect it when at home. With a good case/charging solution, then the shaver does not need long battery life, instead it can use some type of energy storage that is durable for prolonged use and does not deteriorate over time.

    44. Steven Maier

      AAA battery in a revolutionary product.... That just sounds silly....

      Have a look at the electric toothbrushes way of charging. No wires, no replacable batteries, and they last as long as the lifetime of the brush. Also this will provide a better watertight seal, sleeker design, and something that is not as out dated as replacable AAA batteries...

      There are so many awesome possiblities to do with this product and design, but it seems that all you can come up with is a AAA battery, an colorway and a case (which should be standard already)... What about wireless charging stands, induction charging, removing the carbon section for a more cleaner look, full motion head to ensure smooth contact with the skin / jawline / neck etc....

      For a revolutionary product such as this, your imagination and product development insights seem underwhelming....

    45. Missing avatar

      PHQ on

      I really do not like the idea of a replaceable battery. It totally not fits in the whole new innovative way of shaving. Just make a strong battery that recharges fast. You get 10x the money you wanted to raise, so I am sure you can arrange something way better then this.

      The razor I pledged for suddenly has a 'cheap' feel to it.

    46. Werner Vesteraas on

      I cannot say that I like the replaceable battery idea... You should reconsider it. I guess a hermetically sealed unit (no battery lid) would be less prone to damage due to water leaking in to the unit.

    47. Chris Heale on

      I don't know if this has already been discussed, but is the asymmetrical design of the razor suitable for left-handers?

    48. Missing avatar

      Evgen on

      Even more intresting "They discovered a chromophore in the hair that would be cut when hit with a particular light wavelength...This chromophore they identified is shared by every human, regardless of age, gender or race.". If I would have such knowledge and ability...o, my god, I have captured the whole world for two years in this area without kickstarter! Think about it, women, men, beard, animals...

    49. Missing avatar


      This is going to be very interesting!

    50. Daniel Mackenzie on

      Why do people on here think they know so much? didn't see you coming up with this idea and presenting on Kickstarter. Some of you suggesting they are con artists! That's a great way to show support. Well done.