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Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter over 3 years ago
Skarp TechnologiesBy Skarp Technologies
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Skarp TechnologiesBy Skarp Technologies
First created
pledged of $160,000pledged of $160,000 goal
Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter over 3 years ago
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    1. Adam Weisblatt on

      Hey there Skarp... Fantastic invention! Obviously just a proof of concept video but count me in! PLEASE take your time. I could care less if it takes a year or more to get it right as long as it does what its supposed to do. I cant wait to start shaving my head with it ;)

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      Jared Parrish on

      Okay I get it you were talking about the fiber optics. I believe that part! I am satisfied.

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      Jared Parrish on

      Okay I get it you were talking about the fiber optics. I believe that part! I am satisfied.

    4. Skarp Technologies Creator on

      @john knows his fibers!

    5. Skarp Technologies Creator on

      Yes Jared. With a high quality fiber which we will obtain in mass production. Shaving results will be orders of magnitude better

    6. John Birchman on

      For those that don't know how fiber optics (in general) are made, Go to YouTube and search for:
      how it's made fiber optics

      I have worked with many different fibers from 8 micron to 400 micron, with several different wavelengths of light. Most already manufactured fibers are optimized to work for a specific wavelength of laser light. If you put a different wavelength then what the fiber is meant for, the light is not transmitted as well. So since they need a wavelength of laser light that is not common to current fiber optic technology, they need to manufacture special fiber that is optimized for there wavelength and requirements.

      If they are making fibers by hand in their lab, it is going to be very hard to obtain great results, compared to one of the facilities that manufactures commercial fibers.

      What they are trying to do in the lab is very difficult, but should be able to be manufactured with much greater results.

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      Jared Parrish on

      This is a great video! I can see it actually works. The prototype does not have the higher quality fiber right? If you do get it shaving would be amazing? If it is you still have my pledge and when funded show the full grown beard shaving contest!

    8. Frank Kelly

      It appears to work. I understand that this is a new technology ,however it would really help to spread the word on this new technology if we could see how the razor works when shaving a full beard.

    9. Yuri on

      Something to be expected from a new technology prototype. Still far from a commercial product, but it works and looks totally promising. Keep up the good work.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ryan Schmidt on

      It is admittedly a disappointing video, but it also does show proof of concept. I really hope that the refined production technique can perform like suggested. This would completely change the entire industry, not to mention most men's daily routine. Is there any change in performance by increasing the intensity of the light?

    11. Vijay Vinayak

      For Me.. Its a very disappointing video! My excitement about the product came down by 100 folds.... Btw.. Come on! present it well.. Guess we need to pump in some managerial and marketing skills to SKARP!!! :P

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      Miguel Escudero on

      how many time do you need to go over a hair to cut it?

    13. Missing avatar


      If you are not able to demonstrate this technology can cut hair in a way with an acceptable efficiency for the desired usecase - how do you know that "mass producing" will solve all of your problems?
      If you need further research, why is the delivery date set to March 2016?
      At the moment i´m really not sure not do withdraw my pledge.

    14. Fraser Larcombe on

      I'm just wondering how it works with stubble, that's m daily shave and it's a pain when traveling.

    15. John George on

      Question about the durability of the fibre on production version - will it wear out with use? Does cutting performance degrade with wear over time? Is there anything we'll be able to do if laser or fibre fails, say, 6 months in?

    16. Niklas Lindgren on

      It's not perfect, but it's also a prototype.
      Can't wait to see the real thing! :)

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      Tom on

      @Skarp, thanks for finally showing us the demo we asked for :-). This will allow people to make a more informed decision about the risks of the project.

      In my opinion, the primary risks to consider are:
      1. That even with production quality mounted fibre, the concept may not ever perform well enough to be used as a razor. Unknown risk level, high impact.
      2. That although the concept can perform well enough to be used as a razor, the costs or time required to make the required modifications in production quality prototype form are higher than you have estimated (i.e. you may run out of money before you can tweak the design enough for real world use, or it may take much longer than 6 months). Unknown risk level, medium impact.

      It will be up to backers and potential backers to decide how high or low they these risks are, and seeing this video will definitely help with that.

      Are you able to share with us a bit more information about your calculation of the risks? For example how long is a production quality prototype iteration (i.e. from beginning of manufacture to getting test results), how many of these have you allowed for in your timeline and your budget? Given the current performance of the prototype it feels like there may need to be quite a few iterations and it would be reassuring to know you've actually made these calculations.

      I'll post this in main comments as well but thought it should probably be visible here too.

      Thanks for continuing to respond to our questions and see them as a positive part of the project :-)

    18. Leonce on

      Thanks for putting up the video and showing the prototype in action!

    19. Paul Salisbury on

      This is a great proof of concept. I'm sure some people will be put off by not understanding how production/prototyping/manufacturing works but by the looks of things the science is solid and with more development this could work really well. Well done guys. Keep the updates coming regularly. Maybe just monthly.
      I can wait to see the forthcoming updates.

    20. Morten Hodnekvam on

      Does the prototype also cut light hair? Can you demonstrate that?

    21. Gizmo on

      Wow great video!!.
      Glad that you could show to all the doubters that this does work, albiet without the production fibre on it as yet.
      But it does Work..
      This will be a game changer for so many people with skin & mobility issues to help them shave without issues.

    22. Skarp Technologies Creator on

      Thank you Joe!
      I'm so glad we have your support again!

    23. Missing avatar

      joe wooten on

      I just saw the video and the technology works as promised. I can see the prototype needs the higher quality industrial fiber to make it work as advertised, which is what Skarp has been saying from the beginning.
      Every investor takes risks as its the nature of the beast however I don't see one iota of risk here. For those of you who cant afford to invest $$ to be part of something as ground breaking as this new technology, this forum is definitely not for you.
      I've been telling all my friends about your project and without exception the first comment out of their mouths after seeing your technology is "how soon can I get one".
      My $100 pledge is 100% committed and I'm 100% satisfied yet again.

    24. Skarp Technologies Creator on

      The production fiber will as hard as a blade!
      It will slice through hair much better than any prototype. But we need the funding to mass produce them.

    25. Viktor Bazarov and Roman Solomatov on

      This video kinda made me hesitant about my pledge. Looks like it has really low performance and it'll take forever to shave. But idea in general is kinda cool so I keep my pledge for now.

    26. Adel Wadaah on

      You can do it . :)

    27. David Hunter on

      I actually have less confidence after this demo but I still hope to be proven wrong. I backed this project becuase I believe in the vision. I believe that Skarp can work and change th nature of shaving. This video, however, was painful. Instead of one filament on a horizontal plane maybe there needs to be many thousands of filaments, tightly packed, and stacked perpendicular to the hair follicles, much like a comb. I don't know. Just an idea...

    28. Missing avatar

      TB on

      So far not impressed with video. Looks like device will cut individual hairs slowly. It's hard to see this thing giving a close shave in a reasonable time every morning.

      I got burned before by ZPM; will drop pledge unless more realistic demo video emerged.

    29. Raymond Stone on

      Cool. My question/concern is, how will the fiber be protected on the production model when it is not in use? Will it come with a sheath?

    30. JEL

      Zomg! Looks pretty good for a prototype! Definitely have much more confidence in the Skarp now - THANKS!!!