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Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter over 3 years ago
Skarp TechnologiesBy Skarp Technologies
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Skarp TechnologiesBy Skarp Technologies
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pledged of 160.000 $pledged of 160.000 $ goal
Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter over 3 years ago
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      Jane on

      Are you aware that several companies make 1-d fiber collimators and 1-d fiber arrays? Pricey but this might give you a better prototype to show off and would be a fair demo as the same part could, I think, be made cheaply in mass production. If you need to focus the beam, you could put a thin strip cylinder lens in front protecting the fiber collimator. Contact me directly if you would like the names of some of the manufacturers.

      Really hope you succeed. Good luck!

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      Scott Whitney on

      I am very very surprised that you released this video! It does your company more harm than good and from the comments only fuels speculation as to the viability of the product. As a backer I believe in what you are doing and remain hopeful this is the next revolution in shaving. I shave my "BALD" head and face daily so I chew through razors like crazy and I desperately want to be part of a movement that saves water and razors in landfills to better our environmental impact. With that said this razor needs to "WORK" not "Sort of work". The fiber part worries me a bit as to its longevity? What if you catch it on something? Is it going to break? Keep up the great work but remember your success will only come if this product shaves as good as a traditional blade per you claims.

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      Jordan T on

      "Hey everyone. Just a reminder to read the text explanation regarding this demo. It explains how the final product will be much much better & capable of a normal shave." think. If you haven't actually made one...well I feel a little deceived. You made it sound like this thing was ready to go and just needed tooling for mass production...maybe it is just me but this sounds much less sure. Also, how often will you need a new fiber?

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      Arshdeep Virdi on

      How is this different from nono pro - ?

      Jut like nono has a wire that heats up and cut the hair you are using the same concept, then how come it is laser technology?

    5. Chris Klinghoffer on

      How do you plan to combat the fact that most men shave stubble on a daily basis? Will the edge be able to provide the close shave that we have all become accustomed to with razors? Being that stubble is what damages the edge of a metal blade, how will you deal with the probability that the act of shaving in itself will wear on the cutting edge, since it seems at though not every hair is cut in the first pass?

    6. Adam Tenhouse

      Interesting proof of concept, and certainly highlights why tooling and advanced assembly is necessary for the product. Out of curiosity, how taut does the fiber need to be for an ideal shave? Is there a specific machine you have in mind for mounting the fiber? I've always been interested in "how it's made" and am curious how difficult or rare this fiber-mounting is in industrial processes.

    7. Brian Gaida on

      Can't wait to see an updated video; I backed you guys so I'm hoping you can improve this greatly and you seem to have strong following and funds are rolling in. This video is a bit discouraging in that it shows you have probably about 2yrs work of work left before a viable product can be brought to market. Best of luck!! Hopefully the extra cash will speed things along.

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      Ennpee on

      I pledged before seeing the demo video showing shave of arm hair instead of actual facial hair which is much hard, shorter and denser for men doing shave regularly. The speed at which the person is shaving in the demo is really discouraging and probably would take quite long and I estimate One hour of shaving if I shave like what is being shown in demo. I would like to see proper demo of facial shave and I want to compare with that of my existing electric shaver (I normally finish my shave in less than 3 minutes with my electric shaver) and hope my pledge won't go waste

    9. Chris Morey on

      Show us a man shaving his face with this razor! If this is truly the future of shaving and you guys have been working on it for two years, why can't we see a man shaving his face with it?

    10. Skarp Technologies Creator on

      Hey everyone. Just a reminder to read the text explanation regarding this demo. It explains how the final product will be much much better & capable of a normal shave.

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      Josh Hoffman on

      I'm excited by the possibilities this presents, but I would very much like to see someone use it to shave their face. It's great that it can cut body hair, but that technology has been around for a long time. Facial hair is thicker and coarser than body hair, so for me it is imperative to see it work on facial hair. Frankly, the fact that you all have beards and aren't yet using the product yourselves is very disconcerting.

    12. Missing avatar

      Anders Plovgaard on

      This is a kickstarter-project!
      My expectations are therefore that the SKARPteam continues working with the development, so the final product when we receive it is well designed, robust and user-friendly. I expect to shave the rest of my life and can wait some additional months for a very good product. I find the project interesting and innovative and actually can not understand that there are so many pessimistic block- posts.
      Be positive friends and support this exciting initiative.

    13. Lars Marowsky-Brée on

      Given your amazing funding levels, I'd also recommend you get your suppliers to prove they can deliver - not only for your backers, but also for yourself. I'd be very interested in seeing a more reasonable reflection of how the prototype is going to be used.

      You're going to pass your funding goal by a factor of 30 or more in the end; surely you've got some weight to throw around with suppliers now. Because, if this eff'ing works, it's going to be a revolution.

      (Better hide from the companies that sell replaceable blades. I suggest bodyguards. ;-)

    14. Missing avatar

      horphi on

      Hi guys, looks great.
      Will be shaving speed the same like normal shaving? Br Phil

    15. Missing avatar

      Ken on

      This looks freaking awful.

      Either the person does NOT know how to shave or the prototype is really bad. No one shaves like that unless they're shaving their hair on their arm or whatever. This product supposed to be shaving a FACE, so why not show us someone shaving with the Skarp on their face?

      Alot of people do a close shave and it seem this prototype cannot do this...

    16. Louis Bonaviso on

      I'm really not impressed with this. If someone were to try to shave their face with that before work, it would probably take several hours to complete. From looking at this, it's faster to shave with a real razer.

    17. Missing avatar

      Catalin Falcan on

      I pledged $189 but that was before seeing this video. i don't like it at all. i hope you can improve it. do you have any explication why its so bad? you can't ever do a shaving with this.

    18. Missing avatar

      pizza2004 on

      @François Martin I feel like you don't understand the fact that they probably don't have the kind of money necessary to get a manufacturer to do that. The way it sounds to me, the technology is so new that it would require new ways of manufacturing the product. Like, there are places that could do this sort of thing, but they'd need to do some work to get things set up in order to make the fiber and everything. I'm guessing, if I'm right, that maybe they'll find a way by the end of the Kickstarter to show off something better, but honestly, I wouldn't count on it.

    19. Casualt on

      it looks like its doing a terrible job. I'm confused.

    20. Missing avatar


      Very nice video on updated 5. I really like to see normal sharp hope one of your member volunteer to do:)

    21. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      @Goran, that would be rather tough. They'd need to put an induction charging system into the handle. It's definitely possible, but I think they'd have to give up on the metal handle and it would probably increase the cost substantially.

      As it is, I'm planning on just using rechargeable AAA NIMH batteries. I can have one in the charger and one in the razor at all times. They're not exactly expensive at this point in time. Plus, you eliminate the possibility of damage to the razor from dirty power and it's one less component that's capable of failing.

    22. François Martin on

      One thing that leaves me still very skeptical is the fact that I know when working with manufacturers, you usually can have made some samples with the desired quality to evaluate if a manufacturer is suited or not. Sure, most of the time this involves a much higher cost than when ordering let's say 1000 pieces.
      Since you have 1.5 million dollars of funding at this point, it should be no problem at all to cover that cost, and if I were you, I would get out to the manufacturer and require them to supply a fiber at all cost to present to backers what you are able to achieve before the end of the funding. Why did you decide not to do this? This leaves me wondering how well you evaluated your suppliers and why you don't aim to supply us with a video of a prototype that would shave well? At this funding stage, you could even start mass ordering the fiber, since even if people would go back on half a million dollars, you were still at 1 million dollars which would be more than enough.

    23. Missing avatar

      Will on

      @david anderson: It should be exactly the same as normally shaving. They wouldn't be able to press this demo model to their skin because of the issues mentioned in the post--it's a homegrown fiber held together with (essentially) makeshift parts.

      As for myself, this proof of concept is just about perfect. It was enough for me to back the project. I love my beard and I love shaving with a straight razor. However, keeping the nether regions cleaned up without having to worry about razorburn...oh man, that's incredible.

    24. Goran on

      For all those talking about modern integrated batteries please do keep in mind that they're developing a RAZOR, and not a battery. I'm perfectly fine if they go with AA/AAA battery and i even don't expect them to provide one with the unit, nor the option to charge the battery via some micro-USB cable or whatever. Going with a standard-size battery which is world-wide available is IMO a great choice. All i expect from them is that i can shave my strong beard in equal or greater quality and speed as with the regular blade/razor. And once more - they are not developing a battery so please stop turning them away of their focus (the laser razor)!

    25. Stephen Swanson on

      This is the demonstration I've been waiting for. My doubts have been assuaged, and I am happy to retain my pledge.

    26. Mike Morrison on

      actually there is one stretch goal worth having - a beard trimmer function... aka plastic comb attachment!

    27. David Anderson on

      Question. (That's possibly has been answered already)
      1 - the video doesn't appear to show the shaving process as we all know it. I.E. Skarp pressed to skin like a traditional razor would be. Can you clarify if the shaving mechanics will be different?
      2 Will hair fall to the ground/sink when shaving. I assume it doesn't just disappear?!

    28. Skarp Technologies Creator on

      Thanks for all the support everyone!

    29. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      As soon as I read about the Skarp Laser Razor, I logged into Kickstarter and pledged for two. I look forward to clean, smooth, irritation-free shaving...anywhere! That is, I expect to shave wherever I happen to be; no more hot, steamy environment.

    30. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      @MikeMordin - great points. You have hit it squarely on the proverbial head. Yesterday I received a product that was about four months late. The product does exactly what I wanted and something I have been trying to find for a while. My frustration with that project was the lack of honest communication towards the end. They already had our money so honest statements of delays would have been ok. The Skarp team are being open and clear with us. They have said exactly why we can't see a working prototype but have shown the proof of concept. I am hopeful for this product as this could really be a revolution. If it isn't it's not like I am betting the house on this...

    31. Mike Morrison on

      @Moridin the journey is from funding success to the end of the project and pledges send - working or not!
      the journey is all about communications. The ups and downs. the ahead of plans, and the oh sh*** we are behind here because...

      Its a journey, not a destination (receiving the product) - this is startup funding not amazon!

      Like you I am skeptical, but can afford to lose my investment if it does not deliver. i have carefully backed projects in the past, most have completed.. eventually, sometimes the creators just do not communicate - that is frustrating and for me spoils the journey...

      btw, my post was not aimed at any one backer, but a "flavour" of some of the comments that seems to expect perfection and not understand the nature of KS

      stretch goals... a case would be useful to protect our "investment"... but limit options.
      If this is going to be successful, one great thing is for the KS version to be a different color to any that are purchased outside of KS - keeps things "special", but do not get sidetracked into offering lots of options.. keep it simple

      another way of offering stretch goals is to offer backing of an additional unit at a lower rate if goals are beaten! - scale of production can then also be lifted - win/win

      good luck

    32. Skarp Technologies Creator on

      Hey guys.
      The production model will be vastly better! Please read the explanation in update 5 as to why.
      You'll be able to shave as fast as you do currently, probably a little faster as you don't have to prep or use a lather.

    33. Javier Orellana on

      Looking at this demo it shows a lot of potential but I have a question. How close is the shave compared to a blade? Will the end result be the same as a blade leaving the skin smooth without any stubble?

    34. Missing avatar

      Locoenglazy on

      Well this to be honest looks pretty useless so far.
      I have pledged 159 bucks for something that will apparently take me 2 hours to shave with and leave short wirey hairs every
      I shave my face an head every other day with a regular zazor and it takes maybe 4 minutes. I was expecting this may take a little longer but for the lack of shaving rash and savings on replacing blades and cans of foam I was willin to try it.
      If the finished product is as bad as this then I might have to withdraw my pledge.

    35. Wayne G.

      If I don't see it cutting better than that before the end of the campaign my pledge will be gone. I have lots of hair and that would take forever. I noticed even though you were doing individual hairs it took two strokes to cut one. That makes me very skeptical. Yes the technology works and that's cool, but it needs to be much more effective to replace a razor.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jared Parrish on

      I am just curious do y'all have any stretch goals?

    37. Skarp Technologies Creator on

      We can't talk about many aspects of our technology because it would reveal our IP. A few users have made comments regarding how we might be achieving this but we are not going to comment on wether they're right or wrong.

    38. Missing avatar


      With March 2016 as delivery date, what "journey" do you mean?
      I´m used to wait years for the end results of the projects I backed for - and in regard of your backer history I´m just wondering why you are promoting the journey aspect here.

      I really love the idea of this project and i will stay a backer, I´m skeptical, not angry.
      I´m forgiving in terms of deadlines and even not hold promises. But i´m not so forgiving with bad communication - and this project could do a lot better with better communication. There is a relevant number of backers who cancelled their pledge because of the demo videos.
      The creators even need backers to explain the technology related problems of their project - in my opinion this is a major problem that really needs attention.

    39. Skarp Technologies Creator on

      @Amdrew the final product will be much much sturdier. We've had lots of requests to add a case as a stretch goal, so stay tuned.

    40. Skarp Technologies Creator on

      Thank you for your support Mike!

    41. Andrew Nakamura

      Great video, I was having my doubt for a minute after comments from earlier, but this set those to rest.
      I do have a question though, how fragile is the end result going to be? Can I throw it in with my normal hygiene kit and take it on a deployment, camping, into a rucksack and take it rock climbing? Will it need a special case to store it in? If so, will you produce the case? Would you release the dimensions of your product so I can print my own if youre not going to produce a case?

    42. Mike Morrison on

      Proof of concept confirmed.. thanks

      To those backing.. this is a prototype of a concept. Providing the creators keep us informed this will be a great journey... but.. please if you have doubts then do not back this. Get out now.
      There is a chance ghat even if everything is done right that this project may fail. Don't get angry.
      This is a 1st gen concept. .. few are very successful. You are investing in the journey not the product!

      @creator.. whatever the journey please keep us in the loop.
      Good luck!

    43. Missing avatar

      J A

      Proof of concept confirmed. My pledge is definitely staying.

    44. contrado on

      This is awesome. I wish I had funds to back 10 times the amount I backed. You're going to be reminded as the ones who reinvented shaving.
      Thanks and keep up the great work.

    45. Missing avatar

      Derek Van Vessem on

      Hey Skarp,
      I just watched your recent demo video of the razor cutting arm hair. This demo does show that the in lab quality fiber has the ability to cut the hair. Which is great. But as you watch the video the hair has to be oriented in the correct way to allow cutting to happen. I think that an implementation of a comb before the fiber would hold the hair and keep it from moving around as seen in the demo. Another thing that I noticed was as the razor was taken across the skin, the fiber would get caught/ bend in the way of razor use. Does this bending of the fiber reduce the function of the laser? Based on how optic fibers work the bend should be no more than 15 times the diameter of the cable.

    46. Skarp Technologies Creator on

      @Timothy Many have thought of it & tried to find a way!
      Our CEO spent over a decade on this project before he has the eureka! Moment

    47. Timothy Hamlett on

      Wow. Just wow. Such a brilliant idea, I'm wondering why no one thought of it earlier!