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Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter over 3 years ago
Skarp TechnologiesBy Skarp Technologies
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Skarp TechnologiesBy Skarp Technologies
First created
pledged of $160,000pledged of $160,000 goal
Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter over 3 years ago


Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter and comments are closed on project updates. For more on project suspension, please see our FAQ.

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      Arjan van Gog on

      @Jerry, I looked at the video frame by frame and magnified and I'm not convinced at all that there's a fiber showing. What I see could very well be consistent with a shadow being cast by the entire 'blade' plane being 'in-line' with the main light source as far as I can tell from a compressed video such as this.

      Regardless, I wouldn't even be bothered if their prototype uses an external laser. If they can make it work with a lab laser (set at low power which is an assumption I'm willing to make if they are in fact using an external laser) there is in principle no reason why they couldn't do the same with a small embedded semiconductor laser (which can be made with a wide range of operating wavelengths). It would also not be difficult to extrapolate from that and make a fair guess at how long the semiconductor laser would last on a AAA battery.

      I am not 100% convinced that the final product will work as advertised but it very well might and I see no good reason to doubt the creators' honesty and integrity at this point.

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      Gary on

      Look, it's a matter of optical physics. We all understand how optical fibers employed in carrying data are designed to contain light energy via reflection, right? In the Skarp, not only must the fiber channel laser energy along the entire exposed length of the fiber, but unlike communication applications, the Skarp's optical fiber surface must be configured to allow light to easily escape. Perhaps the non-cutting portion of the fiber may also be aluminized to prevent light from escaping, which would increase available power for cutting. Several orders of magnitude shall make this thing shave as quickly and easily as Luke's lightsaber. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

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      Khem on

      My idea, if it is of any interest, is for you to make a video with someone shaving under real life conditions while you only show the back side of the skarf (... If you are still that worried about your patent which will be sooner or later copied by China anyway just like they did with Zubits here on Kickstarter).

    4. Skarp Technologies Creator on

      We're working on a better demonstration video as well.
      We wanted to post this as a quick update :)

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      Kevin Conley on

      I agree with a lot of commenters here; you need to show it on a person some way or another. The video was kinda hard to see, but it looked like there was an awful lot of pull going on when those hairs were cut, which would really irritate my (and likely others') skin.

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      Jared Parrish on

      Yeah show me evidence that this product is really amazing! I a contest of shaving beards would be excellent.

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      Eivind Brandth Smedseng on

      I think this could work. I'm a bit worried about the big company trying to stop or delay it and the amount of facial hair on the team. I'm guessing the lack of a real demo of the prototype is because the medium guiding the laser light reduces the quality/power so that it at this point will not preform well in a real demo. But i think the idea of getting rid of shaving cream and blades is a wonder full idea and wort giving a shot. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out and the team getting a shave :-)

    8. Jan on

      These guys have a patent. So what are they afraid of?

    9. Stephen Swanson on

      From your previous comments, I was expecting a video showing an actual person shaving with the working prototype that you claim to have. This video did not satisfy my concerns. I'll be pulling out of this kickstarter if you cannot provide adequate evidence that this product actually works.

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      Madness on

      All kickstarters are a risk. They need the funding to take it to the next level. We should worry about large corporations trying to kill it (I'm sure Gillette is watching). This could be a radical innovation (or not).

    11. Jan on

      If you are afraid of somebody works out the wavelength, why don't you show us a black and white video with the razor in action?

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      Dieter on

      This video makes me very skeptical. Please try and show it on a real beard, or at least on a doll or something. So we can see what the real speed is, because this seems like a slow shave. What would be the point of buying this then?


    13. Sergey on

      I will withdraw my con if this speed of cutting will be at production. And I'm agree with guys below that this video is not enough.

    14. Che4ter on

      I think this demonstration is not enough. You can't compare cutting single hairs with cutting through a real beard. I don't understand why you can't show the same process in the video on a human body. I'm also wondering if the final razor has a higher cutting speed.

    15. Rich Kohler on

      I'm curious whether there will be a burnt hair smell?

    16. hanuman69 on

      I saw the video and if I base myself on it I should immediately withdraw my contribution.
      Why? Easy, in the video we see that the "razor" does not cut the hair at the touch, but only "pulling / tearing them", whether this applied to the beard of the face might, indeed certainly, would cut the skin.
      At this point I am very skeptical.

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      Charles Durrant on

      Dear Skarp,

      From the description of why you can't show a working razor:

      "We can't show a razor as somebody will be able to work out the wavelength etc"

      This doesn't make sense to me. You've shown a laser cutting hair, how would showing a laser in a razor holder cutting hair be any different. I could perceive that perhaps somebody could spectral analyse the video but if that is the case (which I doubt) could you not just post process the video?

      If it is the case that you don't have a prototype that works well enough for display (this is alluded to when you say that full production will only yield the quality required) that is fine but I do feel (maybe wrongly) that avoiding this head on is a little shady?


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      Stu #KSPromotesFraud See Yarra3dx on

      Nice, thank you for doing a more thorough demonstration video. Very exciting stuff!

    19. BrianUnknown on

      Here's the airing of the "Laser Razor"

    20. Fraser Larcombe on

      The great thing is that the sceptics can all cancel their pledges if they ant, it's no too late, me, I'm a believer so won't do that, but would really hope those that don't believe just cancel while they can so we don't have to listen to their whining later.

    21. Alic Pang on

      You guys should worry less about intellectual property, if you build a chair, simeone else is also gonna build a chair. Plus it's a wavelength of light, u can't stop someone from using a particular wavelength of light. Should focus on making a good product, better than future competitors.

    22. Gizmo on

      Unless you are the best con men in history I am sure you would not have invited a film crew in to check over your idea at such a close range so this encourages me & I don't have any concerns.
      Obviously I would love to see an actual prototype shaving a real person but as you say you have to protect all of your hard work & investment.

    23. Tadas Mitkus on

      This video does not prove a working prototype (+1 for David Hunter for opinion). The actual beard cutting would... Hopefully Skarp team understands that and will provide demo video which will satisfy all backers !

    24. Cameron Swartzell

      As a fairly serious skeptic I am somewhat encouraged by this video. I think many questioning it still have valid points though, and ongoing demonstration is needed. The cutting was slow, but keep in mind the amount of time wasted with a traditional razor; lather, multiple strokes, repeated wiping and rinsing etc. even if the final product required slowing down each stroke, it might net roughly the same amount of time when you lose the overhead of traditional shaving.

      I do agree that given enough funding your partner, or a smaller firm contracted specifically for the purpose, should provide a few of the necessary fibers for a real demonstration. It would be worth several thousand dollars of your seed money here to have a real, demonstrable prototype. I suspect many of there are many backers on the fence, or only in $1 like I am waiting to see this sort of proof.

    25. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      Looks great - clearly able to see the hair being sliced so as a proof of concept I am happy. I assume that as you are already 200% funded after three days that you will be able to obtain some of these mass produced fibres to provide a more real world demo. I would have hoped that your manufacturing partners would be willing to provide such samples on the basis of you actually being funded (subject to pledges dropping out at an incredible rate). Thanks for the update.

    26. David Hunter on

      Like so many other people, I am doubtful that this razor will work. Even if it does, I envision having to use it slowly and deliberately therefore being far less efficient than traditional razors. With that said, this is a high risk, high reward project. This could possibly change the nature of shaving in the future and this is why I decided to back the project. I am sure Gillette and Schick are watching this project closely too. If this razor works efficently and expediously I see a billion dollar buy-out. Do I think it will work? No. I hope to be proven wrong.

    27. BrianUnknown on

      Yes get that fine fella with the beard (from the video) to trim it for the better CausE!

    28. Missing avatar

      Anton Strunets on

      The way it looks in this video is very disappointing as the razor is actually "pulling hair" rather then burning through it!!! The talk of intellectual property protection and "deciphering" the laser wave length over a video is misleading and should be clear to anyone with elementary knowledge of physics. Actually, seeing the poor performance of this "prototype" in this video makes me want to rethink my pledge… I agree that you should demonstrate a video of a prototype shaving a real beard.

    29. A Fathman on

      I agree with comments below, we need to see someone with a beard shaving. There was so much "yanking" in the demo video, it certainly could have been a sharp razor with leds on the end.

    30. mixmaster on

      +1 Jared - what is the difficulty in demonstrating using it on facial hair? Also, will it be faster than this or does shaving need to be an order of magnitude slower with Skarp?

    31. Artie on

      Thank you for the update. The fact that you have invited a local California news crew to see your demonstration speaks volumes. It definitely makes sense to want to protect your intellectual property. I am an early backer and my pledge remains. I believe you have already put forth more than enough information to prove your credibility and ability and I have no hesitations with this campaign.
      Looking forward to future updates and receiving my Skarp.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jason Stouffer on

      I would love to see what this would do with the orders-of-magnitude-better fibers. You still have my pledge!

    33. Missing avatar

      Jared Parrish on

      We need see a person actually shaving a full beard.