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Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter almost 3 years ago
Skarp TechnologiesBy Skarp Technologies
First created
Skarp TechnologiesBy Skarp Technologies
First created
pledged of $160,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter almost 3 years ago

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    1. Bernard Bromell on

      @Eryk Dobson
      I hope that those who carried on to support Skarp were fully aware of the evidence that they are a scam.

    2. Missing avatar

      Eryk Dobson on

      @Benard thanks though, saved me a couple bucks, honestly with the exception of having a prototype ( I think) Munitio has been going through all most the same issues

    3. contrado on

      @Bernard Bromell agree. Every day that passes gets us closer to your predictions.

    4. Bernard Bromell on

      Skarp have released another update, which, just like the others, contains no material evidence of anything whatsoever having been done by them in the last year.
      However, it seems they make have a plan to abandon their fraudulent project and blame the fiber manufacturer. I expect that they will eventually close the project saying that the fibre manufacturer could not produce the fibre to the 'new' specification required, and that they cannot release a sub-standard product.

    5. Bernard Bromell on

      Although we say we have had several fibre iterations, we will not provide you with a single video of them.
      The razor does not work at all, but we will blame the fibre supplier for the, so far, 1 year delay.
      Indiegogo made us stop taking donations, but we will say that we decided to stop.
      Still deciding how and when to pull the plug in a way that does not get us sued for fraud.

    6. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      Thoroughly believable.

    7. Fraser Larcombe on

      And here is there most recent update at indiegogo.

      New Campaign Update!
      The ‘The Skarp Laser Razor: 21st Century Shaving’ team just posted:

      1 new Announcement:

      Hello Skarpers!

      Thank you again for your patience while we continue with development.
      We really appreciate the patience you’ve given us, while we attempt perfect this new technology.

      Without your contributions this revolutionary development would not have been possible. To get to where we are to date, we have also matched the total contributions on IGG and some of us have worked full time without pay on this exclusively for 1.5 years.

      Status as of today

      We continue to work with our manufactures to produce the fiber that is essential to the extra-ordinary shaving experience we are looking to achieve.
      We knew the fiber would be the point of most revision. Every iteration of the fiber takes time to model virtually and then about 4 months to physically produce, assuming nothing goes wrong. Most of that time is constructing the preform, a chunk of material that the fiber is then drawn from like a toffee. We are very hopeful about the latest fiber design revision and have had it on order for months.

      Our main partner contacted us today with a set back in time. They informed us that there is a 1 - 2 month delay in manufacturing of the latest preform . This is the preform that is required for drawing what we hope will be the final fiber version.

      As soon as we have any other big news regarding this, we will inform you.

      While we wait for the fiber, we continue to perfect the electronics.
      Our engineering team has done fantastic work in this area and as soon as we receive the fiber, we will begin mounting it onto a handheld device. We are now hoping to achieve this landmark achievement in the first or second quarter next year.

      We also recently decided to stop accepting contributions on Indiegogo as we still do not have a set shipping date.
      As soon as we can be more certain of shipping dates we will open pre-orders.
      Of course those that contributed on Indiegogo will be the very first to receive the Skarp Razor.

      We apologize for the delays, we understand your frustration, we are just as eager to get the Skarp in your hands!

      The Skarp Team

      Reply directly to this email to respond to the campaign owner, Skarp Technologies. Visit the campaign page to view all comments and updates for this project.

      Help spread the word about the campaign!

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      The Indiegogo Team

    8. Ron Poppe on

      just a few more weeks for our last lie of the year.. i mean update telling us what "progress" they have made and that they just need "a little more time"

    9. Missing avatar


      so happy that I don't support indiegogo. and good job kickstarter on this one suspended 4M project. almost make 20k backer mad haha

    10. Bernard Bromell on

      Skarp have nothing or they would have shown what they had in the latest update. Their new pledges are now dribbling in. They claim to have had several iterations of fibre but have not shown videos any of them being tested. It is just a matter of time before they abandon the 'project'.

    11. Fraser Larcombe on

      And another update from them, delayed again!

    12. Bernard Bromell on

      @Simon Granville
      Kickstarter acted ethically, and it caused them to miss out on a significant amount of money. They have rules about projects, and they enforced them when shown that those rules were broken. The important bit is that evidence was provided that Skarp was breaking their rules. It was not opinion, it was fact.
      Indiegogo however does not enforce their already lax rules. I went through the official channels and gave them the same evidence showing that their rules were being broken by Skarp. Indiegogo actively chose not to enforce their rules.
      In my opinion you can trust Kickstarter if you have evidence that the campaign is a fraud, but you cannot trust Indiegogo.

    13. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      @Bernard Bromell. Apologies if I caused any offence. You did do exactly the right thing. I am just disappointed that you were right. This was a real future tech product and I wanted to believe in it. My expectations have now been set much lower on KS - sadly some projects still fail to meet lower standards - Znaps being an example.

    14. Bernard Bromell on

      @Adel Wadaah
      I made an official complaint, with the documented fraud, and stated Indiegogo's terms which were broken and should have resulted in the campaign being withdrawn.
      Indiegogo chose to ignore their own rules and not close the campaign down.
      Kickstarter did enforce their rules, behaved ethically, and shut the campaign down.
      Skarp will continue to milk their fraud as long as it is worth their while to do so. They will then m ake up some bogus reason why they cannot provide a product, and disappear.

    15. Bernard Bromell on

      Kickstarter did not suspend the campaign because some people posted that it didn't seem legit.
      They suspended it because some posters, myself included, made the effort to document actual fraud and go through official Kickstarter channels to get Kickstarter to examine the campaign.
      PS: From the comments history it appears that you did not make a single post on the Kickstarter campaign

    16. Adel Wadaah on

      sorry but what happened in indiegogo?

    17. Missing avatar

      mishal on

      we old backers commented on how this doesnt seem legit and kickstarter suspended it. if u still paid on indigogo or whatever and complaining you deserve whatever bad regarding this happening to u. idiots.

    18. Bernard Bromell on

      @Simon Granville
      Posters such as myself were not naysayers,
      We produced evidence that Skarp was a fraud.
      We also saved at least 20,000 people a total of about $US4,000,000.
      I feel pretty happy about that.

    19. Michael Chorney on

      I'm so glad I didn't back on Indiegogo

    20. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      How disappointing that the naysayers were right on this :( Since this I have moved back to double edge safety razors and am getting a decent shave. Looking to get a Rockwell blade holder later in the year.

    21. Fraser Larcombe on

      @zozo what refund, you never paid anything on Kickstarter for this

    22. Adel Wadaah on

      What is the situation now?

    23. ZoZo The Magic Queen on

      How do I get a refund?

    24. Missing avatar

      Rodney Smith

      I Just received mine and I must say I was a bit taken back.
      I turned it on and the "Pssshhew" noise of it powering up startled me, I dropped it and it fell laser down right on my foot, the laser cleanly cut off my big toe (luckily it cauterized as well).
      While I was jumping up and down from the pain it then preceded to eat through my floor and falling into the apartment downstairs,(Bob, my downstairs neighbor was not impressed). After his floor to the basement it went and cut the power to the building,
      I'm now being chased by the council for repair costs.
      So my Question is: as i dropped it is it still covered by warranty as the battery cap is a bit bent and I like to have it fixed if possible?
      Thanks :P

    25. Aaron

      lol shit is getting real but this skam isn't. So much for "we're totally ready to manufacture and ship in March guys, we just need $100k for the fiber, we're not a scam even though this is physically impossible and we don't have a prototype!". Nope, 3 months delay. Nope, 6 months delay.

    26. Bernard Bromell on

      Skarp has posted an update on Indiegogo saying that shipping is now expected in December. Not a single piece of evidence was provided that what they say about their progress is true. If they are testing multiple blades then they can easily provide a video of that testing. It looks like they are going to keep on milking this fraudulent cash cow.

    27. contrado on

      @ALL those who are asking for a refund: this project was suspended in October 2015 therefore no money has been taken from your credit card!
      Please, get your brain together and try to connect dots in it, it shouldn't be hard.
      @ALL the others: I'm glad I asked for a refund on IGG, it looks like things are not going too well, no communication (or poor at least), no clear dates and schedule, no pictures, no video, no updates in more than 2 months.. I start thinking naysayers were right..

    28. Stephen Hales on

      How do I request a refund?

    29. Missing avatar

      Nobuaki Iwano on

      I have decided an investment in your project and have registered with KickStarter.
      But I have not paid the bill yet.
      Is this situation the right situation?
      If I'm wrong, please tell me procedure of payment.

    30. Bernard Bromell on

      @Mike Liu
      The situation is that Skarp still has not delivered anything that they promised 6 months ago. No videos, no prototypes, no product. They missed their March delivery and said there would be a 2-3 month delay. When that deadline approaches there will be another excuse. We should help them out.
      The dog ate every one of the prototypes.
      We've all been in bed with the flu for months.
      My grandmother died, and the all the other guys grandmothers too.
      We want to make this the very best vaporware product ever, so give us more time.
      The fiber we were given from multiple suppliers, months ago, is not good enough. It is their fault.

    31. Missing avatar

      Mike Liu on

      What is the situation now??!

    32. contrado on

      @Cheung, it's obvious you didn't, you never spent a single cent!

    33. Cheung Tennis on

      Still not yet received the refund!

    34. Fraser Larcombe on

      @Russell correct you were never refunded, this is due to the fact that they never took your money in the first place, this was killed off by Kickstarter before the campaign ended, therefore nobody had any money taken from them

    35. Missing avatar

      Russell Reese on


      I was not refunded.

      Creator Skarp Technologies on November 20

      @SUNG-MIN KIM Everyone on Kickstarter was refunded. You can go to http://igg.me/at/skarp/x/12437452 to pledge & receive your Skarp Razor Next summer!

    36. Gennaro Galante on

      Who's comments haven't they deleted yet.....

    37. Fraser Larcombe on

      I see they deleted Lyndsey's question on indiegogo

    38. Bernard Bromell on

      Skarp is not exhibiting at CES. They are attending, but try to give the impression that they are exhibiting.

    39. Lyndsay Williams on

      I agree with Bernard on most points. I don't understand the business of Skarp, typing their name in http://kepler.sos.ca.gov/ reveals SKARP TECHNOLOGIES LLC ( California) and also SKARP TECHNOLOGIES LTD. (Virgin Islands), both operated by one of the Skarp founders. Why 2 companies? Yes, Indiegogo remove many questions, so I just reposted mine as deleted.

    40. Bernard Bromell on

      @Fraser Larcombe
      There have been no "updates" on the Indiegogo site except to say that the funds have supposedly been given to the fibre manufacture almost a month ago. The rest is fluff. By now they should have the PCB boards in production and should have some fibre from the manufacturer. Neither is forthcoming. Skarp continue to remove any posts on Indiegogo which they do not like, including the post from Lyndsay Williams below. A legitimate developer would not behave like this. Skarp are scammers.

    41. Fraser Larcombe on

      Interesting, not many updates on their indiegogo site

    42. Lyndsay Williams on

      Noted all comments below.
      Skarp progress, now (8 Dec 2015) raised $440,166 on Indiegogo and increasing daily.
      Skarp have received the money according to them.
      Backers waiting for progress updates on Indiegogo.
      2nd Sept 2015 Skarp Technologies business details noted in the Virgin Islands, an area with tax advantages, see http://imgur.com/6xlxETU
      Oct 8th last video progress update showing hair cutting (on Kickstarter)
      November - Skarp Facebook - technical questions erased.
      23rd Nov http://www.cnet.com/uk/products/skarp-laser-razor/
      Dec 4th Facebook - Skarp ask who else is going to CES (2016)?

    43. Bernard Bromell on

      @Matthew Henley
      I will give you that price.

    44. Matthew Henley on

      I didn't realize this project was still ongoing elsewhere. However, I will say that I originally backed for one of the lesser price tiers, not the full $289 one, and unless you can give me that same price on indiegogo, I'm not even going to consider it. Not worth it.

    45. Bernard Bromell on

      Skarp's timeline is for the printed circuit boards be in production in November. Have you seen them?

    46. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      I am supporting you on Idigogo now....good luck...Andy

    47. Casualt on

      5-10 hairs at a time. No way in shit is that faster than my razor I use now. So how can it be faster???

    48. Casualt on

      Hilarious. The reporter continuously mention that it was burning his hair and he smelt burning hair. Hilarious.

    49. Bernard Bromell on

      @Otaku Kani
      Of course you won't take me up on the offer of a wager because you are blow hard chicken sh*t

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