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First and last mile droid service

My project is to build a service that gives people an easy fun way to make short trips. Without owning what they drive.

First and last mile droid service

My project is to build a service that gives people an easy fun way to make short trips. Without owning what they drive.

pledged of 20.000.000 $pledged of 20.000.000 $ goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, July 16 2016 1:13 PM UTC +00:00
Last updated July 16, 2016


My project is to build a service that gives people an easy fun way to take little trips. Using autonomous powered skate boards. You rent one from your phone, and it comes to you. You drive.

(This song is so you will spend more time reading my page.  If you like it, I can put you in touch with the unknown artist.  Just go to my bio page and hit "contact me".)

Here is a sample walk thru of a trip using this service. 

  • 1. You need to get to school by 20 minutes from now. 
  • 2. You click on the cell phone app for "first and last mile" service. 
  • 3. You enter a destination, due time and prefered mode. 
  • 4. App responds with available choices.
  • 5. You select choice of "drone skateboard by zep". with further instructions of "I will start walking, track my cell phone to meet up with me." 
  • 6. "drone skateboard by zep" meets you and you have a fun ride to school. 
  • 7. You arrive at school, you step off ending the trip.
  • 8. "drone skateboard by zep" drives itself to the nearest empty charging place and starts charging.

A longer trip example:

  • you call the night before and say you want to go see grandma...50 miles.
  • this will take 4 different skateboards each way
  • you select the boards you want for each leg of the trip.
  • Along with any prefered switch over points.
  • And how long you wish to pause at the switch over point.
  • Starbucks at mile 25 for sure.
  • The way back is the same.  4 boards.
  • With a rider:about $.03 per mile for electricity and about $03 a mile for rent of the vehicle. 

Without a rider:  $.01 per mile for electricity and about $.01 a mile for rent of the vehicle. 

------- Rewards that backers will receive when the project is completed

They helped to create a useful service for mankind. And they can smile every time they use the service.

But I'm looking for way more than just backers. I am looking for collaborators people who have powered skateboards for example.  I've seen one product called one wheel. 

The way I am envisioning this is that it will be a virtual company instead of a brick-and-mortar company. A swarm of collaborators is how I think about it.

So that I will have collaborators who manufacture powered skateboards and are willing to provide powered skateboards with navigation equipment on board and robotic so that they can deliver themselves to the  customer. Autonomous so  they can get themselves recharged or if there's a malfunction  they can get themselves to a local repair shop.

here are some of the vehicles I am thinking for my service:

I'm also interested in collaborators who develop drone hardware for powered vehicles to navigate because it's very important that powered skateboards can deliver themselves to  the pick up destination and then after their left by the customer at the drop off destination they can find their own way to get themselves recharged ready for their next customer. 

And since there are lots of different portable devices like cell phones and what not I will need collaborators a lot of collaborators at least one for each one of the different flavors of portable devices it will be able to communicate with the system. 

A collaborator who supplies the website and the accounting system because I would like though where the money would work is that every ride gets divvied up by who provided so that we can pay for: electricity used,. Weight of customer. Weather conditions   G forces. Speed ,serial number of skate board, serial number drone hardware , serial number drone software, serial number of cell app software,,

Lots of collaborators like for instance bike shops where the drones could take themselves to get repaired hopefully there would be one of these in every town and city in the world.

Lots of collaborators like for instance individual homeowners who have me a piece of sidewalk in front of their house where they're willing to have a charging station installed I envision a charging station being 10 feet long with maybe 10 plug-ins so that the drone skateboard could. It's plug-in would be individually forward so that it be able to keep records to repay the homeowner for their electricity used for charging plus a percentage for his troubles envision charging strip being 2" x 2" x 10' A few inches off the ground so that it doesn't get wet and hooked into the houses power system

And then another bunch of collaborators that are sort of like independent electricians or something like that who are willing and capable of installing these charging systems. 

And another bunch of collaborators who are independent testers so if a skateboard provider wants to bring out a new model of skateboard he can request the services of an independent tester to make sure that it works according to the system needs

A conversation with a board builder.

  • I will refer to him as BB.
  •  BB: I've checked out your draft project. We would need a lot more information before I can authorize us to be associated with this project. 
  •  Pete: Ok.
  •  BB: My understanding is that you are trying to do an "Uber" type app, where instead of cars, e-boards/bikes show up automatically to take you for a short trip. 
  •  Pete: Yes. However, the board owner need never see the board. And the board does not take you, you take the board. The board just gets to you. They you drive. 
  •  BB: I have many questions: 
  •  BB: Have you done any design into how the self driving technology would operate, or are you proposing to leave that up to the various companies to develop? 
  •  Pete: Yes I have some thoughts. And yes I am proposing to leave that up to the various companies to develop. 
  •  BB: Have you done any costing about how much it would cost to develop such tech? 
  •  Pete: Much of it is ready, but all the work has gone into flying things like quadcopters. 
  •  BB: Are you aware how long such technology would take? 
  • pete: The collaborative swarm method may be able to speed up the process. 
  •  BB: Have you done research into Google's self driving car technology? Pete: Some. But it is important to note that my system does not drive people. It only drives empty boards. 
  •  BB: This would be relevant to what you are trying to achieve, but there could also be intellectual property conflicts if others try to design self driving boards / bikes. 
  •  Pete: On the contrary. What I am designing is a service that can include anything that can self deliver. And self charge. And self get repaired. 
  •  BB: How would you propose that other people don't just steal the drone boards/bikes when they are en route? 
  •  Pete: The boards/bikes would have cameras like a cell phone. They would also have a cell phone to call for help. 
  • BB: E-boards/bikes are not street legal in most cities. How would you address the regulatory side of things? 
  •  Pete: Global warming is on our side. We need ways to travel that produce less co2. We may have to start with campus centers. Or dirt bike parks with a charging station nearby and 100 4 x Boards to rent. 
  •  BB: Have you spoken to any residents if they would be happy to have a charging station installed on or near their property? 
  •  Pete: No I have not. Good point. So maybe I should be thinking of Walmart or Home Depot or any grocery store. School. Gas stations.   
  • BB: The fact that the only Risk & Challenge you have put down is: Once this get going we will not be able to keep up with demand. is a concern. 
  •  Pete: Me too. A new concern is silence. But this email from you has helped on that score. Thanks for the not silence.
  •  BB: Please don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be negative, otherwise I would've made this email a lot shorter. 
  •  Pete: I got that on my first read thru.
  •  BB: I like to see it go up on Kickstarter, but in the current draft form, there are a lot of gaps. Maybe you have addressed those already and simply haven't put them up, in which case, you can let me know.

Here are some of the possible devices that I could see being autonomous drones available with the service:

I would like your permission to use a link to a picture of your board...

A fine example of a board with only one wheel
A fine example of a board with only one wheel

Ondy Ma to Peter, approved. keep me posted on your project status. Please put I invented surfwheel for on land surfing experience. cheers, Ondy 

 Inventor of surfing on land 

skype: matszwai

drone one wheeled skateboard

drone two wheeled skateboard

drone 4 wheeled skateboard

drone fast four wheeled all terrain skateboard

A drone adult tricycle.

A drone four wheeled riding chair that the old folks like when they can't walk so good

And my personal favorite is a kick starter I saw a flying motorcycle where the fans overlap quite a bit to make it more sleek. 

drone motorized grocery cart like they have at the grocery store. 

But have it a drone so ride a skateboard to the store and then if you got more than you can carry on a skateboard, take a drone motorized grocery cart home and when you leave it at home it will  go  back to the grocery store and recharge. 

Home Depot same thing but a bunch of different sized drone carts to choose from.

When in doubt go to follow the links that seem right. I will add new links there as needed.

If you want to help in this venture:

Send an email to:

Tell me what you can do to help.

  • Anyone interested in owning an autonomous vehicle for running in the system. You will receive a profit payment at the end of each year. And access to your vehicle's records 24/7 online. 
  •  Anyone who would like to provide space on the outside of their house or business for a charging station. Ten feet long by four inches by four inches. Just a guess at this time. 
  •  Anyone with the necessary skills to install a charging station.
  •  Anyone who has a bicycle repair shop or other repair shop who wants to repair autonomous vehicles. 
  •  Anyone who wants to design the charging station. 
  •  Anyone who wants to build the charging station. 
  •  Anyone interested in owning 1000 autonomous vehicle for running in the system. For example a large campus or small town. 
  •  Anyone who can write an app for a cell phone to create the front end of this service. 
  •  Anyone who makes autonomous vehicle hardware/software. 
  • Anyone who makes autonomous vehicle hardware/software that they would like to see used in this service. 
  •  Anyone who wants to connect their autonomous skateboard to this service. Or any other autonomous transportation device to connect to this service. 
  •  Anyone with the computer hardware and software skills to be able to handle a world wide service like this.
  • Anyone looking for some part time work, note what you are looking for. If someone has work they can post it here.

Risks and challenges

Once this get going we will not be able to keep up with demand.

After some thought I see we need to be very aware of supply and demand on a second by second basis. Rates will be very cheap at night when demand is low and supply is high. And rates will be very high at rush hour when demand is high and supply is low.

We could offer a special rate to police departments to park a watchful skateboard at a place of interest. Sort of an easily relocatable security camera. We will have a fleet of cameras available every night that could be earning a little graveyard pay.

News Service

Our autonomous skate boards will have cameras, so we may get pictures the news media would like to buy. Fires, etc.

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