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Help us bring back Steve Jackson's first tabletop RPG.
Help us bring back Steve Jackson's first tabletop RPG.
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Posted by Philip Reed (Collaborator)

And we're off, gang! After months of behind-the-scenes work by our team, we're proud to bring The Fantasy Trip to Kickstarter . . . and based on the response, you're as excited about the game as we are! So far, you've broken through five stretch goals and are clearly working your way to that next goal: Adding five more slimes to the assortment of extras at website!

Unlocked Melee and Wizard Counters

Two of the stretch goals you've shattered add more counter sheets to the Melee and Wizard boxes, increasing the number of foes in each box and making your battles even bigger! Finally, we can undo one of the very old changes . . .


Some have you asked about the playmats. These are neoprene-backed cloth playmats illustrated by Dyson Logos, who is hard at work on the Melee and Wizard playmat designs. We will absolutely reveal these when they're completed; for now, you can find examples of Dyson's spectacular maps at his website.

The playmats use 1.5-inch hexes, making them perfect for anyone who wants to use Cardboard Heroes (the plastic bases will be helpful if all you have are PDFs) or miniatures in place of the flat counters packed inside the Melee and Wizard games.

A couple of messages have come through asking about opening the playmats up as add-ons. Before complicating things, we thought we would ask the larger group: Would you like to see the large Melee and Wizard playmats included as add-ons so that you can get extra copies?

Spread the Word!

Thanks, everyone, for supporting the project. Please be sure to share our Twitter and Facebook posts; if we get enough shares, those two posts will unlock even more goodies and make the game better for everyone.

- Phil Reed


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    1. Frank Troise on

      Would love to see the mats as add-ons. I'm an old-school gamer but The Fantasy Trip was a little bit before I started. Now I can finally get it!

    2. Jeff Vandine

      I think making them add-ons would be a great idea! Even someone who only wants Melee and Wizard might pop for the battlemats!

    3. Douglas Bailey on

      I'm getting the I Want It All pledge but would like to see the playmates offered as add-ons for PDF backers and folks who want extras.

    4. GranitePenguin on

      playmats as add-ons: yes, please!

    5. Steve Hanson on

      If you make the plaumats add-ons, those of us with PDF pledges would have the option to get one. So yes to add-on.

    6. Bruce Gray

      This sounds fantastic to us very old Game Masters! I've been role playing for over 40 years! Starting with what is called "The White Box" ("Volume 1: Men & Magic" and "Volume 2: Monsters & Treasure", and "Volume 3: The Underworld & Wilderness Adventures", as well as a small booklet of tables and charts for use in battle. I bought mine in 1976. I also have my original copies of SJG Fantasy Trip material. I remember "melee", "Wizard", and "In the Labyrinth" only too well. I can't give enough praise that these role playing games are being reprinted! Personally, I know I can't wait! It's been a long time, and it's been long overdue!

    7. Josh Brock on

      I can’t afford the “I want it all!” option, so making the playmats available separately would be nice. Especially if we’re allowed to order one or the other, instead of just the set!

    8. Paul Lidberg on

      I too think being able to get extra mats might be good.

    9. Robert Gilson

      I would be nice to get more playmats.

    10. Missing avatar

      David Nichols on

      It would be nice to be able to buy additional playmats.

    11. Missing avatar

      Chris Robinson on

      I'd also like the option of getting the playmats separately.

    12. Missing avatar

      John Buczek

      An option to get extra playmats make sense. It's an accessory that you might use more than one of.

    13. John Gardner on

      Re: playmats. Do you use a pledge manager to track extra purchases and/or add ons?

      I'd also like a second set of everything and I'm not sure how to go about that, either.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jim Dirmaier on

      Yes. Please include the play mats as an add-on!

    15. ExcalibursZone

      This rerelease was 100% unexpected! I'd heard about the game back when I was a kid, but have never seen it. Now I'll have a copy! :)