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Now Steve Jackson’s award-winning Ogre Miniatures rulebook is back!
Now Steve Jackson’s award-winning Ogre Miniatures rulebook is back!
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The Envelope, Please

Posted by wolf90 (Collaborator)

The winner is . . .

. . . the Doppelsoldner!

This was an obvious outcome for many and it did garner the most 1st place votes, pulling in 141 top spots of 540 respondents and scoring in the top three for 286 people who responded to our survey. But the little Mark Is and Mark II group gave it a strong run for its money, falling less than two dozen shy of the overall spot and actually very slightly beating the Dopp for top-3 honors. I think it is safe to say we will find a way to incorporate them into a future product. The Vulcan was a distant third in overall score, but a strong third in top-3 votes. (You want it, just not right now . . . )

Ogrethulhu definitely had some love but it was an all-or-none affair. Those that wanted it tended to rate it highly, but it fared much weaker in top-3 scoring. The Ninja and Mark III-B were the opposite; only middling scores for overall choice, but strong top-3 numbers.

I was very interested in the "new Ogre" scores. Not surprisingly, they comprised the bottom tier of choices but fared well nonetheless, given that the deck was somewhat stacked against them. (People want the established units first and this is the first time we've even hinted that they were possible.) What was interesting is how well the Israeli Golem did. It scored more top choice marks than the other three new Ogres combined. It even beat the Mark III-B as a top choice! Suffice to say, it is on my radar . . .

So now that we know what the "Mark VI plus" Kickstarter will entail, when will it occur? We're still working out the details but you can expect an announcement in the near future. Strap in, soldiers! We've got incoming!

Ogre Playmat

As a reminder, we have a new map, Ogre Playmat M1, available for pre-order on Warehouse 23 at this time. We will be closing pre-orders on Wednesday, so if you want one now be sure to drop by and place your order. As previously mentioned, this is a bit of an experiment for us, but so far I'm pleased with the response. I hope to get more maps out to everyone in this manner. And it's not like I lack for possible map options - heavy forests; coastline; heavy lake; Ogre to GEV map transition; new Ogre-style; even Iron Mountain! Plus so many more. Perhaps I sense another survey in the future . . . !

- Drew Metzger

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    1. Missing avatar

      Scott Hanson on

      If you make all of the other units already known to exist would you consider running a kick starter just for new content? I was thinking a kick starter for all the "New Ogres" and maybe some new vehicles?

    2. Missing avatar

      Paul C. Teti on

      What ever you make I'll buy AND I'M NOT ALONE IN THAT OPINION.

    3. Missing avatar

      David Walend on

      Will it be possible to buy the MkVI in red and the Doppelsoldner in blue?

    4. Missing avatar

      A. Mull on

      I need a fleet plus a few, so hoping there's some overrun on top of a stupidly huge pledge.

      I'm buying while they're available, just in case you slip Purple in on us during Set 3 like you did with Gray in Set 2. And if you don't [and I wouldn't blame you if you don't, it's already a ridiculously huge pile of minis]? The extras become gifts, trophies or keepsakes for conventions.

    5. Roland Boshnack on

      Two of each in every different color you've so far offered, please. (So red, blue, dk. green, glow-in-the-dark, and gray.) Thank you. :D

    6. Jeff "Great Cane of Doom"™ Saxton on

      One or two sets for me, not many, but it'll be nice to have some actual minis for the ones I never could find in metal.

    7. HRH Mo on

      Congrats to the Dopp fans! I'll be in for a minimal pledge for VI & Dopp, don't really need a fleet of those. When the I's and II's come around to their turn, I hope there's an option to pledge up on lots of those with also having to gather a big fleet of other Mk(s) at the same time!