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35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
35 years after the first publication of OGRE, we're coming back with a massive new edition, and YOU can make it better.
5,512 backers pledged $923,680 to help bring this project to life.

Ogre Has Arrived: News From The Front

Posted by Steve Jackson Games (Creator)

A while back we got this communiqué from one of our soldiers on the front, Eric Dow. He was one of the first to sight the Ogre arriving, and it's been a long road since then.


We converged on the Ogre Logistics Facility at 13:45. Keith had already secured the site and engaged the environmental controls. Carl approached from the southeast, and Stacy and I came from the southwest. We were planning to prep the loading facilities for our Kelly Services team, who were scheduled to rendezvous with us at 14:00 for a briefing.

Before we could start, we received word from the trucking company informing us that our transport had been disabled at the port, and they were making emergency repairs. We were now scheduled to receive the goods at 16:00, a full hour later than the 15:00 plan. I negotiated with them to extend the two-hour unloading window since we were going to lose Carl and one of our three-person Kelly team at 17:30.

I then got a call from Darryl and Devin, who volunteered to help out. After I confirmed this with their command, I gratefully accepted their assistance. Fully staffed at 15:00, with no unloading to do, we proceeded to clean the facility and replace ceiling tiles while Keith set up the recording and surveillance equipment.

At 16:00 our truck arrived, and we started emptying it 20 minutes later. It took us unloading a few hundred copies of Ogre to hit our stride, and 75 minutes into the processing saw us hit the halfway mark. At that point, we were down two team members, and it wasn't looking great, but at least we had found our rhythm. Darryl and Devin handled nearly every copy of our beloved Ogre as cameras rolled. Stacy, Carl, our Kelly team, and I added to a steady wall of Ogre in the facility’s allocated spaces. We wound up with almost four mini-rooms loaded in this configuration: 3 boxes high, 4 deep, and 18 across. That's 860 copies in total off this container!

After attrition had taken its toll, Keith set the cameras to autopilot and jumped in, and I secured energy drinks from our FLGS two doors down. The combination saw us moving steadily again. We lost another Kelly member at 18:00, but we got to the 2/3 mark and pressed on. By 19:00 we were down to the last few columns, and by 19:20 we were done!


That was Day One, six weeks ago. Imagine that happening six more times, and you'll have an idea of what the unloading process has been like. We’re now pleased to tell you that the Ogre has officially landed! All boxes have arrived and are in our Logistics Facility, ready for the Launch Party and for shipping.

The transmission also included some pictures. You can find more at our Flickr set. We'd like to extend a thanks to all our staff who helped with the unloading: Eric, Keith, Carl, Devin, Darryll, and Stacy. You rocked it.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Greg Lahti on

      @Edward Elder: It's even more than that, they got 6 MORE containers, so 7 total.

    2. David Autzen on

      What about retail copies, ordered through hobby channels (Alliance)-will it be in stores before Christmas?

    3. Edward Elder on

      Hmm ... 800 copies times six at 28+ lbs per box. Comes to at least 4800 games and over 67 tons. Good thing the offloading all goes on one floor.

    4. Eric Dow on

      Extras get their own box, as there is literally no room in the shipping carton. The pocket OGRE is all the room left, by design. At 28+ lbs you really wouldn't want to add to it.

      Shipping will commence on the 22nd, the Monday after the release party, though with some luck, we will have a good portion all labeled and ready to go before then.

      Looking forward to seeing s bunch of you next weekend for Launch, and a reminder if you want the discounted rate you have to call the local number for the extended stay directly. The central reservations line doesn't have the block or discount loaded.

    5. Poi on

      Inching closer. Just the import VAT to pay I hope (An extra 20%. According to, no other duty to pay on board games from the US)

    6. John H. on

      Thanks, Kevin - I was just going by the pics in the update.

      Two sets puts those handcarts at 50-60 lbs, right?

    7. Justin Gramm

      I suddenly have this image in my head of a warehouse full of Ogres all quoting the same exact line from Independence Day, "Release me...". :)

    8. KevinR

      @John -- there are several handcarts in the full set of pictures. It looks like they carried the boxes to the end of the truck and then could put two at a time on the handcarts.
      @Roncaster -- the Ogre boxes will be untouched. Swag ships separately.

    9. James Cook on

      This is going to be awesome, can't wait to get mine in hand. Great job guys!

    10. Ronster on

      What box will the Swag go into? Does the swag get its own box, or will you open up the boxes shown in the pix, drop in the swag, reseal and ship?

    11. Brian Oz

      Yay! Everything is in! Now shipping begins, right? Would be interested to hear how many/day you're able to ship. I wonder what day the first copy will arrive at a backers....

    12. John H. on

      You guys don't own any handcarts? There isn't a Harbor Freight in Austin?

      $200 will save you at least that much in massages alone, to say nothing of any chiropractic visits!

    13. Robert Huss

      I think I see my copy!

    14. Susan Davis

      So, what you're saying is that the Ogre has reached the CP? Great job defending it, guys....