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Steve Jackson and Phil Foglio bring the award-winning comic to Munchkin!
Steve Jackson and Phil Foglio bring the award-winning comic to Munchkin!
2,195 backers pledged $88,543 to help bring this project to life.

All Stretch Goals Unlocked!

Posted by Philip Reed (Collaborator)

You destroyed those last stretch goals! With one week to go before the project closes, you've managed to shatter the final stretch goal and added the final cards to the package. And amazing timing, gang, because the office is set to review the Munchkin Steampunk: Girl Genius files later today. At this point, if all goes well, we'll be in a position to deliver the rewards slightly ahead of schedule; we'll have more info on the expected ship date in early January.

BackerKit Add-Ons?

Thanks to your overwhelming support for Munchkin Steampunk: Girl Genius, we have a little extra time to plan for the BackerKit stage of the project. If you participated in our earlier campaign for The Fantasy Trip, you're already familiar with the idea of BackerKit goals. That concept was popular with backers, so we're exploring a few special BackerKit goals for Munchkin Steampunk: Girl Genius.

As part of the planning process, we wanted to ask you a question: Which Munchkin items listed on Warehouse 23 would you like to see offered as a part of the BackerKit survey for this project? Do you want us to include a game or two in the add-on options, or maybe a few accessories? Please leave a comment with your requests, and we'll see what we can do.


- Phil Reed


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    1. WarriorPriest on

      Reply posted to wrong update

    2. WarriorPriest on

      So i guess i will address the elephant in the room.
      So we are 5000 over goal with still 6 days left and then get told there will be a promo set in the backerkit with a bookmark and cards for this for sell....
      Ok... have to admit that kinda rubbed me a little the wrong way first this this morning.

    3. Jeremy S.

      Looking through Warehouse 23 for things that are thematically appropriate...
      - Seconding the playmat. W23 has one: Flower Cashes In.
      - Munchkin Sketch Edition seems like fun for someone who wants to channel their inner Foglio.
      - Looks like you have a couple of webcomic properties that people may not know exist in Munchkin form.
      - Munchkin 7 in particular is made for crossover Munchkin play, which everyone I know does anyway and would do with this set.
      - And lastly a bit of a personal ask because I kind of want it, but Munchkin Kobolds Ate My Baby is vaguely the same kind of humor as one sees in GG.

    4. Eric A Jackson on

      Munchkin steampunk t-shirt seems appropriate

    5. Missing avatar

      Susan Miller on

      Also “boxes of holding”, GG standies, and GG pawns!

      (Sorry, was trying to remember all the cool things other people suggested.)

    6. Missing avatar

      Susan Miller on

      Oh so very many extras!! I’d especially LOVE to see more sets of the science dice available as add-ons! Also GG themed bookmark(s), a dice pouch, and card holders! Thanks for asking!!

    7. Brandon James Huse on

      Would love to see some Munchkin obscura become available again like Four More Knights or Four More Dragons

    8. Missing avatar

      John Welker on

      Love to finally get Flower pawns and some Girl Genius pawns or standies

    9. Missing avatar

      RandomElephant on


      MUNCHIN STEAMPUNK DELUX...the levels kept selling out and I need a box to hold all the GG loot!

      Also more science dice!

      From warehouse 23: Boxes of holding, science dice, holiday theme expansions...

      I liked the campaign Tshirt idea.

    10. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Amanda M - "Playmat, please! Seems suuuper handy, wish I'd had one when I was first playing!"

      Are you thinking a level tracker, or something else?

      Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe includes a level tracker for all of the players to use during the game.

    11. Amanda M on

      Playmat, please! Seems suuuper handy, wish I'd had one when I was first playing!

    12. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @CNR - "I'd like to see Munchkin d10s become available again."

      To make that happen would very likely require a separate campaign. And the dice wouldn't be identical to the originals; we would cut new steel and tweak the design slightly.

    13. Missing avatar

      CNR on

      I'd like to see Munchkin d10s become available again.

    14. Missing avatar

      Pawel "Felis" Piwnicki on

      How about Munchkin Steampunk themed stuff like Bookmark Of Reckless Re-Engineering, Prof. Tesla's Electrical Protective Device card or Munchkin Steampunk T-Shirt?

    15. Missing avatar


      Great Munchkin Game, im a Fan from Germany and so i cant buy any game at warehouse23 like marvel and so on. But you offered for example oz in "Munchkin Unicorn" so if i could wish me anything i want to buy any kind of munchkin game that is not buyable from germany

    16. John Snoopy Henson on

      Great Kickstarter as expected from the bunch at Steve Jackson Games, how about some adding, dice (like the different colored you’ve had in the past?);what about sleeves for the cards?, boxes of holding?;if you think you might have some previous Kickstarter projects left over in the warehouse, offer them as limited qualities; ability to preorder some future title like the 40k Munchkin or Harry Potter Munchkin. Anything would be great!!