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Everything you need for monster-slaying, treasure-hunting action done the way you like it! Powered by GURPS.
Everything you need for monster-slaying, treasure-hunting action done the way you like it! Powered by GURPS.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Tom Haessly on

      I'm a bit late to this party, but wanted to add my preference.

      I would like to see an introductory boxed set focused on SPECIAL OPERATION TEAMS using modern and maybe near future RANGED FIREPOWER.

      There's just too much goodness in GURPS High Tech that needs the support of a boxed set.

      As some have mentioned here, this could easily be blended with treatments of genres such as monster hunters, post-apocalypse, and near science fiction.

      This option may allow the opportunity to add rules and scale for what are typically larger area shooting battles than a dungeon crawl warrants.

      Even more so than in the Dungeon Fantasy boxed set should be provisions for pre-constructed, basic characters and support to get newbies into the adventure with minimum hesitation.

    2. Missing avatar

      Eric Scott on

      An operatic Sci-Fi box set would be sweet.

      I also LOVED the Action series and might be interested in that getting a treatment. Especially if it could incorporate other splat books that explored sci-fi, monster hunting, and other Action tropes.

    3. Missing avatar

      Euan Hastie on

      Thinking about it Monster Hunters seems to be the best fit. But to put a foot in the other camp what if one of the stretch goals was "monster hunters in space" a modification of monster hunters with various sci-fi aspects explored, adding a few weapons and enemies and the movie Aliens could be emulated.

      Supers and Sci-fi are both interesting ideas but I think they both may require more setting development than has been the norm for gurps related lines. Urban fantasy might be another idea to consider.

      Personally I would like a fantasy world created from the ground up with gurps (or a gurps like system) in mind but they may be a harder sell. Realm management would be nice as well while I throw out unlikely ideas.

      On another note while people do complain about the cost of shipping, it would be nice to have a faster (and inevitably more expensive) option available, especially for overseas backers.

    4. Missing avatar

      Urtzi Jauregi on

      I votefor space opera. I'd love to see a setting heavy on exploration, and which allows both character-based and ship-based action. Maybe flesh out the Galactic Operations Directorate setting from Ultra-Tech?

      As a second option, I'd support anything with pirates/swashbucklers or 1930s pulp.

      I'm not a fan of supers or post-apoc, so I doubt I'd support them unless they were truly original.

    5. Missing avatar

      DreadDomain on

      So many good choices. However, I belive the next boxset should be used to cover a gap that GURPS has in a very popular genre, namely Supers. A boxset would greatly benefit the genre by streamlining the required elements, provide pre-buit power sets (the possibilities are endless) as well as adjusting the rules to the genre. Scaling in GURPS is not adequate for Supers so why not use the KyoS scale and expand its application to damage, HP, DR, etc...

    6. Charles Saeger on

      1) Space/sci-fi
      2) Western
      3) Pirates
      4) Post-apoc
      5) Horror

    7. Ze'Manel Cunha

      1. Modern/Monster Hunters
      2. Space/Sci-Fi
      3. Supers/Wuxia

    8. Missing avatar

      Steven Hartline on

      All genres, but this would be my top five in preferred order:
      1). Monster Hunters
      2). After The End
      3). Space/Sci-Fi
      4). Wild/Weird West
      5). Supers

    9. Bob Cram on

      I pledged for Dungeon Fantasy as a way to try and wrap my head around GURPS - as a kind of entry point and Rosetta stone for understanding the system. It's worked great for me in that regard - the rules are easier for me to make sense of in a familiar context. Not everyone in my group is a Fantasy fan, however, so in the spirit of an 'entry point' box that would work for the folks in my group:
      1) Space/sci-fi
      2) Supers
      3) Horror (Okay, to be fair, this is just for me again.)

    10. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Box sets I would be interested in
      a) Super powers (comic books)
      b) Space or Sci-fi (laser guns and space ships)
      c) Horror (kind of like the tv show Supernatural)

      I have played all 3 with the normal GURPS books but would be a great way to introduce GURPS or role playing in general to some new / younger people. Dungeon Fantasy by limiting the options with a couple of gaming session pre-made story is a great way to introduce rules and get people wanting more.

    11. Joseph Mason on

      The boxed sets I'd like to see are:
      1) Post-Apocalypse
      2) Space
      3) "Kitchen-Sink" - something that takes sci-fi and fantasy tropes and throws it all together. Maybe an Infinite Worlds like setting, but with more crazy magic meets tech, and less cold-war style espionage.

    12. Korbeau on

      As I already said, a Banestorm supplement box set to adapt Yrth into DF would be a great project! but If we want to leave the Medieval Fantasy aside, my interest would be into Monster Hunters, (but it must include The Madness Dossier as default setting).

      But hey! Whatever decision, I was a huge fan of RPG Box set when I was young so, if it's would be the same quality as the DF box set, you already got me :)

    13. jSarek on

      As someone who needed a replacement after the Post Office lost my "I Want It All!" shipment, I can only imagine how expensive having that happen multiple times over, at international shipping rates, must be. (As someone whose replacement shipment *also* went to the wrong address, I'm extremely grateful the second package was received by a more honest neighbor than whomever received my first one.)

      As for what I'd like to see, I think Action or Monster Hunters are best suited to being the next project. As much as I'd love to see Transhuman Space revisited as a big glossy boxed set, it's a game that demands a lot of a player, both in terms of grasping the complexity of the setting and in understanding its characters' mindsets. Action and Monster Hunters both have settings and characters that are based on the real world, modified by widely-recognizable cinematic tropes, and are thus readily comprehensible to people new to GURPS and/or roleplaying in general.

    14. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Owen Smith - "So is postage for the GURPS Archive Mystery Bundles still so prohibitively expensive that only US customers are likely to buy them?"

      We work within the numbers provided by the shipping companies that we've contracted with. As to "no tracking!" options: That was leading to excessive losses as packages would go missing and we would be forced to ship a replacement, effectively doubling our costs on the sale. For that reason, we prefer to stick to international shipments that are trackable.

      You can also elect to use a fulfillment service. If you do, our part of the process ends when the games are delivered to your designated address. We are not responsible for what happens when a fulfilment service is involved in the delivery of games.

    15. Philip Reed Collaborator

      @Gontzal - "Is not enough what has been gained in the Kickstarter to secure a second box?"

      We're watching GURPS sales through retail and will make decisions in January as to what our next steps are. So: If you have friends who don't have the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, please encourage them to buy a copy at their local game store. We have a store finder on our site:

    16. Missing avatar

      Gontzal on

      A Call of Cthulhu box, I guess it will not be possible because of licensing issues, maybe some horror and investigation generic settings.
      A Space Opera box, my favorite is Traveller, but I guess it would be better something generic, with spatial combat maps,spacechisp miniatures, etc.
      Is not enough what has been gained in the Kickstarter to secure a second box?

    17. Missing avatar

      Nick Comber on

      As no-one has mentioned it specifically, Transhuman Space. It has a great setting, but can be difficult to see entry points.

    18. Missing avatar

      Alex Davey on

      My heart of hearts says science fiction, be it Bug Hunt or Space Opera. But I think I'd want to see some main line support first. Part of the strength of Dungeon Fantasy is that is has dozens of books and Pyramid articles to draw from, if the GM knows how to convert. Space just doesn't have that right now.

      So it has to be Monster Hunters or After The End. The other advantage is that those two have hooks that describe the basic action just like DF. DFPG has "Kill Monster and Take Their Stuff". Monster Hunters has "Investigate the Horrors and Fight Them" or "Survive the Wasteland". Action could maybe have that if you drill down to the exact genre (spies, heist, police), but what could Space be? "Kill the Critters"? "Explore Strange New Worlds"? "Space Truckers"?

      Again, I desperately want a Sci-Fi boxed game, but I'd want to know what the tone would be first through a dedicated line of books first.

    19. Missing avatar

      Chris Bowling

      Space Opera. Or maybe Monster Hunters.

    20. Chase Street

      It has to be science fiction in my mind! From the moment 1st edtion GURPS came out, it has been my go to game for all things space related.

      Don't get me wrong, I use the game for all sorts of genres and games, but GURPS is the first thing I reach for when I'm getting ready to run a Sci-Fi game.

    21. Daniel Gallant on

      Space opera or supers

    22. George Anderson

      Monster Hunters for various point values as mentioned previously- however don't restrict to strict action packed.

      I run a very gritty monster hunters/ mystery / horror (think x-files meets the Secret World ) and I find material lacking unless I go back to third edition.

      Bestiary is crucial here.

      I love GURPS but it inflicts a lot more work on the GM . Many times it would be so nice while building an adventure to be able to reach for a bestiary and select a thing to use and for those times I need a quick NPC I wish there was a 4th edition "Modern Folk " book

    23. Jeff Wilson on

      Monster Hunters is a no-brainer. There’s already a lot of material and the implied setting is good enough. Other choices - like sci-fi - would need a specific setting developed.

    24. Josh Brock on

      Supers? I've never messed with GURPS outside of DF, but I'd love a good Supers game!

    25. Christopher R. Rice on

      Modern Day or Space Opera (Bug Hunt!) would be the best way to go. It will showcase some of GURPS strengths that many other systems lack.

    26. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Waun on

      GURPS Space Opera! With Precursors! (GURPS All-Star Jam 2004)

    27. Lloyd Rasmussen

      Traveller style Sci-fi or a Modern Spy/Horror type thing.

    28. Nicholas Bergquist on

      My gut says a GURPS Sci Fi or GURPS Space Opera, as it's very much in vogue right now in RPGs.....and everywhere.....but that also means the market is loaded with competition. I like the idea of GURPS After the End Adventures (post-apoc) and also the idea of a GURPS Modern Adventures set with maybe a focus on three genres (espionage, action hero, horror) or something?

    29. Missing avatar


      Sci-fi as well.
      Could be far future or near future. Cyberpunk taking into account the current social, technological advancements can be interesting.

    30. Douglas H. Cole on

      I'd LOVE to see a Modern Action boxed set, since that's a genre that GURPS does better than just about any game out there. It would need to be more specific than that, of course, but I'd like to see Special Operators of some stripe with modern weapons. Heck - giving the Monster Hunters line the Boxed Set treatment, but with very explicit support for 100, 200, and 400 point hunters, would be spectacular. A blend of Monster Hunting with the simplified Action rules is what's called for here, and it's an area that is not well served by the various offshoots of the Big Name class-and-level systems.

    31. Missing avatar

      Owen Smith on

      So is postage for the GURPS Archive Mystery Bundles still so prohibitively expensive that only US customers are likely to buy them? This “we only ship insured” is a pain, in the past you have shipped uninsured. On one occasion in the past you changed to insured only, and so many people complained that you back tracked on it. But you’ve change again to insured only. Frankly the shipping rates that imposes basically means W23 is US only and you are abandoning the rest of the world, which given how many SJ Games products I’ve bought over the years feels like a betrayal. If that sounds harsh well it feels harsh at this end. I can’t buy your products if postage doubles or triples the price.

    32. Wayne Stewart

      Definitely sci-fi! Space pirates, evil galactic empires, who could ask for anything more!

    33. Missing avatar

      Aaron Mulder

      Car Wars. :) Any other Sci-Fi would be nice too.

    34. Thorin on

      For me personally, I'd love to see an Infinite Worlds boxed set. There are few other games on the market that fill that niche, and I love the Infinite Worlds setting!

      If I'm being honest, though, a Transhuman Space boxed set (all updated to 4e) would probably be a better seller.

    35. Greg Nokes on

      Ooh. Reign of steel sounds great.

      However more of agnostic modern take on SciFi would probably appeal to a wider audience.

      Think transhuman + expanse + Traveller. Real ultra tech and all of the sociopolitical ramifications that would bring.

    36. Michael McCauley on

      My vote is for a sci-fi themed stand-alone GURPS boxed set, either as a Transhuman Space or Space Opera style game. I would also like to see either a GURPS Action or After the End boxed set.

    37. Missing avatar

      Rhett Brogan on

      i'd say stay world/setting agnostic and focus on genres.

      we've done fantasy, so sci-fi's a logical next step. but there's also a lot of sci-fi, so something lesser marketed, while risky, is less likely to get loss in the slush.

      So i'd say something in the realm 20s pulp, film noir, or wwi-wwii. something very actiony, but leaving plenty of room for character stories.

    38. Robert Huss

      Some kind of SF, perhaps more Expanse-esque. A focused version of Transhuman Space, perhaps, or Terradyne, or the implied setting from a lot of David Pulver's GURPS SF stuff.

      Or some action-oriented post-apocalypse; either After the End or Reign of Steel.

      Hmm, now I want Reign of Steel.

    39. Missing avatar

      Frits Kuijlman on

      1. Western in space, Firefly inspired.
      2. Ultimate fantasy megadungeon, preferably mostly system agnostic.
      3. 1920's pulp, darkest african mines of king Solomon, Fu Manchu, El Dorado, that kind of stuff.

    40. Emiliano Marchetti

      Space Opera or Post-Apocalyptic.

    41. Missing avatar

      Matt Riggsby

      For a second box set, I'd love to see something space-operatic. It might be cosmic cops, space troopers, interstellar merchants, explorers of the unknown, or something else, but I'd like to see a serious move into SF adventuring.

    42. Missing avatar

      Rory Fansler on

      Supers or a cinematic Space game would be my top picks, followed by Horror or something unusual.

    43. Michael Botterill on

      Personally o would love to see a sci-if version, but I always want sci-if versions of everything!