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Everything you need for monster-slaying, treasure-hunting action done the way you like it! Powered by GURPS.
Everything you need for monster-slaying, treasure-hunting action done the way you like it! Powered by GURPS.
1,587 backers pledged $176,450 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Steve Jackson Games 22-time creator on

      @Becky Glenn: I can confirm you do have an account with us. If you require assistance gaining access to it please email us at and we will be happy to assist. Cheers! -Brandon

    2. Becky Glenn

      I got an email with links to the pdfs, but when I try to log in it says I used the wrong password. I don't recall ever using your site before.

    3. Steve Jackson Games 22-time creator on

      @Rob Klug: Sorry about that, we mentioned during the campaign we intentionally were focusing on the printed product, but added the PDF Add-Ons later due to the demand. These are being delivered to backers now, but won't be available for sale until we release Dungeon Fantasy RPG to retail. -HS

    4. Missing avatar

      Brook on

      Ah, apologies. Thought I got an all PDF package rather than the physical main book. Had to check my pledge again... Too many Kickstarters.

    5. Missing avatar

      Eric L Piper on

      Really wish I could have made Gencon 50 this year. 4th year in a row missing it after seven in a row. I meant to take a break from the madness, but not this long of a break. lol. Looks like everyone is enjoying the game and the product looks spectacular!

    6. Rob Klug

      @Steve Jackson Games. Got it. Too many fiddly bits. Many Kickstarter products include all the PDF files with the physical copy.

      I went to Warehouse 23 to purchase the PDF files... they do not appear to be there. When will they be available for purchase?

    7. Michael Romano on

      Love, love, LOVE it!! I got just had a chance to download it all. Just in time for me too since I have some time off work. Looking forward to the print copies. Just one thing that bothers me, and it's a silly point; why don't you guys make the character sheets with the multiple hit locations in the DR box? I find it so much more useful. Is there chance of one of the new DF sheets being made with it?

    8. Axel Castilla on

      It's a nice surprise to have these files available sooner than expected!

      On the other hand, after sending an e-mail to yesterday, I just want to say that I haven't received any of the PDFs related or pledged for this Kickstarter project, nor they are available at my Warehouse23. I don't know, maybe it's easier to fix from here.

    9. Steve Jackson Games 22-time creator on

      @Rob Klug: The main book and GM Screen PDFs were add-ons, it doesn't look like you added those onto your pledge.

      @Brook: Same thing, you had the basic pledge.

      @Everyone: We have the three additional PDFs uploading to people's accounts at the moment, we'll have an update on it tomorrow with some more info. Those went to all backers! -HS

    10. Missing avatar

      Brook on

      Ditto to Rob Klug. I see the additional items in my Warehouse 23 Downloads section but not the main game (or GM screen but I'm not sure if I should have that).

    11. Rob Klug

      I only got Traps, magic items and Rat Men. How do I get the other PDF files?

    12. Missing avatar

      E Bordeaux


    13. Missing avatar

      Marc Hertogh on

      Also curious on the best way to print out the tokens

    14. Notorious BNG on

      Received the PDFs for my 50th birthday. Huge surprise and a great day! Thanks!

    15. Christopher Lee on

      I'm curious about the best way to print the tokens. Should i print two pages separately and glue them to posterboard or another suitable medium, or print double-sided on cardstock? Or some other option i didn't yet consider?