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Everything you need for monster-slaying, treasure-hunting action done the way you like it! Powered by GURPS.
Everything you need for monster-slaying, treasure-hunting action done the way you like it! Powered by GURPS.
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    1. Kebab on

      We can all wait

      I want it to be playtested, rule checked, spell checked and double checked! :)
      And passed to Miranda, when all she has is just this project :)
      I just want the game to be as perfect as possible.

      So a few months delay, no problem.

    2. Lars Gravert

      Sounds great.

    3. Missing avatar

      Guilherme Freitas on

      Stickers / book plates signed by Sean in Gencon would be a great idea. On the other hand... I can easily bring my own sticker/piece of paper and get his signature, then place it in my box.

    4. Missing avatar

      Rory Fansler on

      Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    5. Steve Jackson Games 22-time creator on

      @Ravenpenny: We aren't ready to commit to a specific plan, but we are definitely paying attention and want to do something special for backers who were getting signed material.

      Rich Spainhour: That's a pretty cool idea, I'll let Phil know. Not something I could say for sure, but definitely an option. -HS

    6. Rich Spainhour

      13th Age RPG got around the printing schedule preventing author signatures problem by printing bookplates. I received my hardback, then I received a high-quality full-color 4" x 4" sticker signed by the main authors & artists, which I then affixed to the endpages of the book.

      Maybe send Sean to GenCon with a bunch of stickers he can sign and hand out, so people can affix them themselves, once their box sets arrive?

    7. Christopher R. Rice on

      I won't lie, I'm a bit bummed we won't be able to get Sean to sign copies. I bought an extra copy for that express reason. Is there a way you can just ship it to him and have him sign it and then ship it to us? Or is that too much?

    8. Peter Dell'Orto on

      Is that a rock mite on the left? If so it's pretty amazing to have a Dennis Loubet Cardboard Hero of something I originally made up for my own games. Very cool.

    9. Missing avatar

      Guilherme Freitas on

      You guys are doing great work and delays/schedule conflicts happen. Thanks for making this game a reality!