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Everything you need for monster-slaying, treasure-hunting action done the way you like it! Powered by GURPS.
Everything you need for monster-slaying, treasure-hunting action done the way you like it! Powered by GURPS.
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    1. Peter Dell'Orto on

      @Rory Fansler: If you have Berserk, it's not losing, it's just part of the payment for victory.

      If this was caster-only, I might use it.

      You guys clearly disagree with me, which is fine. I'm not using it as written in my game. Even my players said they felt it was too abusive, and they'd be the ones largely profiting from abusing it. Hopefully your experience in play will be different.

    2. Jason W on

      Me, I just love how the quote on the right says that Clerics "... channel the divine to heal and bless." then the first spell shown is one that causes damage to a foe! Perfect Dungeon Fantasy!

    3. Missing avatar

      Rory Fansler on

      @Peter if your taking damage your losing.
      Even if you could cast this every turn it would mean your party is taking damage every turn to be more useful than another spell.
      I agree its useful but given that limitation I dont think its a deal breaker.

    4. Missing avatar

      Rory Fansler on

      @Dougkas Bailey, you said in play. The thing about Prerequisites is they are whats needed to learn the spell. So important during character design but once play starts there ignored and not needed. You either have the spell or you dont.
      Also prerequisites can get rather lengthy for advanced spells. I think having them at the end makes that easier to read.

      The first 3 lines are all that is important during play and are each short enough to read in one glance.

    5. Peter Dell'Orto on

      @Jonathan Watts: Sure. Skill 20 would cut that to 2 seconds, though, Great Haste on the cleric would mean it's going off every time the cleric gets to go, and further out of combat 3 seconds is a non-issue. Plus, it's worth 3 seconds to cast it, just like a lot of powerful buffs and attack spells - people spend 3 seconds casting Great Haste in my games or casting Fireball, why not Retribution?

      I just don't see how you wouldn't put this on everyone you could, all the time. Especially berserkers who are going to get hit all the time, on everyone before or during fights with dragons or other high-damage attackers, on creatures with cosmic attacks that ignore DR (now it ignores theirs, too) . . . if it was caster-only, maybe. If it was much more expensive, possible. But right now, for me, it's too good. I don't need another spell that everyone or nearly everyone has on all the time.

    6. John Morrison on

      There is always that one player that can't roll the dice to save his life. With a 1 minute duration and 3 second casting time I don't see this as too powerful and can be very useful. I can see my players casting it on attack dogs.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Watts on

      @Peter: you did notice the 3-second casting time, right? I doubt most clerics will find it worthwhile to spend 3 entire turns recasting it every time a party member gets hit in combat! I do see that it might be worth making sure it's active before combat begins, however.

    8. Douglas Bailey on

      This is probably nit-picking, but for the Spells format, would it not make sense to present the last four lines in the order they're needed in play (which is to say, Prerequisites first, then Time to cast, then Cost, and then finally Duration)?

      If you don't meet the Prerequisites, you can skip the other entries. Similarly, the cost and duration don't matter if you haven't got enough time to cast the spell, and its duration is irrelevant if you can't muster the cost.

      There may be a good reason things are in the current order, I suppose, but it definitely feels backwards to me.

    9. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Might make for a decent combo with a created servant, giving them a little bite for when they inevitably trip the orcish ambush or have a slime drop on their head - and cancelling the spell just in time for combat to start.

    10. Peter Dell'Orto on

      Oh, I know that . . . but buff casters in my experience are used to keeping 5-10 spells on at all times, and buy the skill to do so. This one, I know my players would use constantly, would pause to refresh it every time they could, cast it in combat, etc. etc. This one is too powerful for my games possibly at any price.

    11. PK Levine

      @Peter: The thing that limits buffs (IME) isn't the maintenance cost, but having yet another spell "on" for -1 to all further casting. The cleric in our game is usually buffing the swashbuckler's ST, the scout's DX, etc., while also needing to cast support spells on the fly. In most cases, the party is better off focusing on buffs to not get hit in the first place.

      (So you know, I've been discussing this, and other thoughts about Retribution, on this forum thread:… )

    12. Axel Castilla on

      So my understanding is that this bonus spell isn't going to be finally included in "Spells". But I think it would be a pity not doing it.

    13. Peter Dell'Orto on

      That's a very cool idea for a spell but, geez, PI 4, 3 to cast, 1 to maintain? I wouldn't allow it in my games, because it would go on everyone all of the time because it's too useful not to keep on constantly . . .

    14. Steve Jackson Games 22-time creator on

      @PK Levine Thanks, I just updated the update! (Say that 10 times fast).

    15. PK Levine

      One clarification: Retribution does not actually appear in "Spells," but is instead a bit of bonus content exclusively for those taking part in this Kickstarter. It does, however, preview some of the subtle changes to the way spells are listed and categorized in "Spells."