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Everything you need for monster-slaying, treasure-hunting action done the way you like it! Powered by GURPS.
Everything you need for monster-slaying, treasure-hunting action done the way you like it! Powered by GURPS.
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    1. Tom Griffith on

      Definately Traps

    2. George Anderson

      Magic items please

    3. Missing avatar

      CR Hough on

      @Charles Saeger: My count was only through JustJessie23. I wonder where my extras for Magic Items came from (just not enough to check more thoroughly at the moment). Thanks for posting your count. More accurate numbers from someone taking it more seriously are always appreciated.

    4. Charles Saeger on

      @CR Hough: Counting Stephan Pennington as "Dungeon," I get 83 Traps, 58 Magic Items, 51 Dungeon through Eric's vote. Regardless of haste (mine is less hasty; I've been updating it every few hours), Traps is the pretty clear winner.

    5. Missing avatar

      CR Hough on

      As of now (with the caveat that it was a quick count and probably isn't accurate) the tally stands at about:

      64 for Magic Items
      81 for Traps
      52 for Dungeon 3

    6. Missing avatar

      Stephan Pennington

      My first desire would be another adventure...only if all three adventures could form a larger connected campaign. But since that probably won't happen, then Traps.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jay Vivian on

      Another dungeon. But make it... a wilderness adventure!

    8. Missing avatar


      I'd say traps.

    9. Chris Bradshaw on

      magic items are, well, magic. They can do anything you want them too. And we already have two example dungeons coming. But a quick trap reference is a great tool for a GM.

    10. Missing avatar

      Urtzi Jauregi on

      Traps! With advice on how to place/use them when designing your own dungeons and explaining their synergies with monsters/hazards.

    11. Bill Jackson on

      I'm changing my vote from Dungeon 3 to Traps. Any reseource that gives a newbie GM a leg up on making their own dungeons is a good one.

      And we can always petition Kromm to write up his Magic Items notes as a new DF pdf.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Harper on

      They all sound good, but I'm voting for Magic Items.

    13. Daniel Beckfield on

      Magical Items seems the most practical of the options. Dungeons and traps are things I've done on the fly for... longer than most gamers have been alive.

    14. Missing avatar

      Colin Hahn on

      My vote is for Traps.

    15. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Dungeon - traps can be fun, but are not very hard to do on-the-fly (plus while they're a part of the concept, I know a lot of players who despise them on principle), and the dungeons come with some magic items anyway.

      As part of this is about overcoming the barrier to entry of GURPS, the more accessible it is for pick-up-and-play, and the more it shows of the breadth of adventure possible, the better. Plus I'm hoping for a Town or Wilderness based dungeon, for a change of pace...

    16. Missing avatar

      Robert Conley on

      Traps, having experienced making a megadungeon of my own having a good and extensive trap reference is very helpful. Make sure the mundane traps gets support as well as the strange and unusual.

    17. Andrew Moss on

      Magic Items please!

    18. Paul Amala on

      Dungeon 3 with extra Munchkins on the side please

    19. James Robertson

      Traps, pretty please!

    20. Missing avatar

      Jeff Bernstein

      traps, please.