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Everything you need for monster-slaying, treasure-hunting action done the way you like it! Powered by GURPS.
Everything you need for monster-slaying, treasure-hunting action done the way you like it! Powered by GURPS.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeff Schultz on

      My vote is for Magic Items

    2. Missing avatar

      Tom Haessly on

      I vote for Dungeon 2.

      Ideally, this would follow up on the first dungeon and continue a more immersive path with setting and background. Although, this may be a challenge with just 24 pages.

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Dungeon 2. Yum.

    4. Missing avatar

      Leo Makowski on

      Magic items! Those seem harder to think up than the dungeons tbh

    5. George Anderson

      Vote is for...MAGIC ITEMS

    6. unachimba on

      Dungeon 2 (and probably 3 and 4 etc)

    7. Nathan Hanner on

      Dungeon 2, this is all about setting, and this would add more setting.

    8. Missing avatar

      Charles Summerhill

      Dungeon 2. But a really tough choice. We need the non-winner to be available in another stretch goal.

    9. Ernest Rowland

      Dungeon 2 - there are a lot of magic items for GURPS, I'd really like to see more examples of dungeons actually designed to be run with DF

    10. Missing avatar

      Shane Miner-Headley on

      Casting my vote for Magical Items.

    11. James Patrick Patyrsun on

      Dungeon 2
      But I would vote for Magic Items to be the next stretch goal pdf.

    12. Bill Jackson on

      Dungeon 2.

      Magical items can be really good, but I can draw those up.

    13. Emily Baisch on

      Dungeon 2, definitely.

    14. Andrew Moss on

      My vote's for Magic Items.

    15. Missing avatar

      Taneli Pirinen on

      Dungeon 2 would be my preference for the first.

    16. Phil Binkowski on

      Magic items seems like the better choice here. Part of the purpose of DF Gurps is to provide a worked example of how to use GURPS as a framework. Having worked examples of magic items to go with the existing dungeon seems like another tool to put in the GM's toolkit.

    17. Missing avatar


      magic items first

    18. Missing avatar

      John Dallman on

      Magic items. Give new GMs some cues as to what's sensible.

    19. Terra-Fy

      If I know my players at all magic items is what they will want. They do love the toys ... well their characters do :).

    20. Missing avatar

      James Taylor

      Magic Items.

    21. Brian Weeks on

      Dungeon 2. When I picked up my first D&D boxed set in 1980 there were tons of modules for me to read and play through... which helped me get going with my own adventures later! GURPS needs more ready-made fun to help with eventual buy in on the copious DIY material already in print.

    22. Missing avatar

      Rhett Brogan on

      Dungeon 2. i can make up my own magic items.

    23. Missing avatar

      Theodore Briggs on

      Dungeon 2, for the lazy GM in all of us

    24. Captain Joy on

      Magic Items gets my vote: it's more of a core supplement. I'll buy extra Dungeons as stand alone pdfs when I'm ready to run them.

    25. Missing avatar

      Wesley Larson on

      Magic Items! Making dungeons is half of the fun.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jeff Bernstein

      Dungeon 2!!

    27. John Goetz on

      Magic Items. I can make dungeons myself.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ian Becker

      I cast my vote for Dungeon 2.

    29. Mario Butter

      I vote Dungeon 2.

    30. Arthur C Adams

      I pick Magic Items.

    31. Tony Graham on

      Dungeon 2. As a complete noob I need as much pre fab dungeons and campaign help as I can get!

    32. Rich Feitelberg on

      Dungeon; adventure over treasure

    33. Missing avatar

      Ken Wicks on

      I vote for Dungeons 2

    34. Missing avatar

      Kenny Quick on

      Chalk up another vote for Dungeons 2.

    35. Missing avatar

      Stephan Pennington

      Dungeons 2. One of the things GURPS often lacks is adventures. So I'd go with another adventure for the new folks. Preferably something that builds off of Dungeons 1.