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We are a group of roller derby skaters trying to raise money to build our own banked track in South Jersey.

Flat track Roller Derby has exploded, and it is only getting bigger. It is a vast community, all linked together by the passion and love we feel for this newly revitalized sport. For the past decade the new version of Roller Derby has grown from a few women to over 600 leagues comprised of women and now men of all ages, worldwide. Out of these leagues only a handful skate on the traditional banked track we all remember from the original Roller Derby.

This is mainly due to the fact that it is a huge undertaking to build such a track on your own, without any kind of corporate funding.

So, why do we want to take on this challenge and build this track? Because the deep rooted love everyone who straps on a pair of skates ends up feeling for derby is all about the challenge. Challenging yourself and coming out on top is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can feel in life. We also feel the track will add to the intensity of our game. We want to accomplish something big and know that we did with our own hard work and efforts; a group of people, all very different, brought together by a common love and goal in their spare to time to accomplish something amazing.

We hope to raise enough money to cover the remaining materials and construction of our very own banked track. We have already come so close by fundraising on our own with car washes, volunteer work, bake sales, etc. Now we are reaching for outside help to finish the last leg of our goal. We have already purchased most of the materials with the fundraising efforts mentioned and now we hope with the help of Kickstarter and you we can raise the rest. The money raised will go toward the remaining materials for the construction of the track. We will then house the track in our private warehouse where we will skate our little hearts out on it, and put on all kinds of derby related events, adding a unique new pastime for our community to enjoy.


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