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A premium board for playing Settlers of Catan, perhaps the most popular Eurogame. Laser-cut and etched in wood. Amazing detail.
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After getting some feedback, I've decided to make some alternate versions available.

The original Fancywood Edition used Padauk and Walnut for the brick and stone tiles, respectively.  An alternative combo would be Cherry and Butternut.  There are some photos posted here so you can compare for yourself which one you prefer.

Comparison page

There is a caveat though.  Because I don't have any supply of Cherry and Butternut (I've already made a huge order of Padauk and Walnut), if you want to change your Fancywood Edition to the alternative version, it won't ship until after Christmas.

Another bit of feedback I want to react to is that some people have told me they prefer the tiles and pips with more patina (aka "smoke") on the surface.  The boards I made when I first started this project generally have more patina, and the more recent boards have less.  If you'd like one with more patina (see that link above for photos), respond affirmatively to that question in the backer survey (which should come out this week).  I'll try to satisfy that preference, but I have only limited supply.



    1. Creator sjbrown on December 1, 2011

      Hi Patrick.
      Yeah, it's not possible to control it entirely, but you can just not put any masking on your surface, and the smoky patina should set on the surface of the wood.

    2. Creator Patrick Goussy on December 1, 2011

      For someone new to laser cutting, how exactly does one get a good smoky patina? I really dig that look. Is it just an issue of leaving the surface of the wood unprotected while cutting or something?

    3. Creator kitt hodsden on November 14, 2011

      Love these pictures! So excited! :)