Zombies, Run! The Board Game

by Six to Start and Naomi Alderman

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      Marijke Derieuw on

      I actually received the game today in Belgium before this update was sent out! I never got any warning or tracking. But yay :)

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      Klaudia Fejgin on

      I also received the package - cannot be more happy. Does anyone know when the app will be released? Can't wait! And thanks for doing such a great job guys! It's amazing!

    3. Rob Rowald on

      Got mine a couple of days ago here in the US. I was shocked to find it in my post.

    4. Missing avatar

      Aine Griffin on

      Mine landed yesterday - super exciting. I can't wait to play it over Christmas. I got very excited when I saw the zombies run post mark on the box, I wasn't expecting it for awhile yet!

    5. blazingwolf on

      Got mine this past Friday. Was surprised to see it so quick after your announcement. Can't wait for the app so I can start playing with the family.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tom Brazeau

      Just got mine today, which is impressively quick... but now I can't do anything with it until I get the app! Gah! I know the zombies are coming, but I can't run yet!

    7. Mujtaba Walji on

      @Tom: You could always play versus mode if you have that. Just forget about the app telling you when to pick versus cards and make plans for them.

    8. Missing avatar

      Theresa Phillips on

      I got mine two days ago! I was confused when I first saw the international shipping package (I live in the USA) but immediately excited when I realized what it was. I can't wait to play :)

    9. Stephen Whitehead

      I don't seem to have received any email. Should I be concerned?

    10. Wendy Vermeers on

      Wow! Arrived so fast! Got mine here in Seattle today (Saturday the 2nd). Thanks! Looking forward to playing this game. Can't wait for the app. This looks great.

    11. Puck Malamud on

      I have received it and it looks great!

    12. Diana Ries on

      Should I be concerned that my game hasn't arrived yet? (Am in NY, US)

    13. Diana Ries on

      NM - Just saw there was a survey regarding my current abode...