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Escape zombies. Find allies. Save humanity. Prepare for frantic,  real-time, audio-driven fun for 2-4 players!
Escape zombies. Find allies. Save humanity. Prepare for frantic, real-time, audio-driven fun for 2-4 players!
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Matt's Interview + We're Going To Essen!

Posted by Ranjani (Collaborator)

Lots of things have been happening in parallel at ZRBG HQ! Here’s a quick update.

Podcast Interview

Story Etc.: The Podcast About Making Stuff Up
Story Etc.: The Podcast About Making Stuff Up

Matt was interviewed on Story Etc., a monthly podcast that explores the art of fiction in various forms. This month’s episode focuses on interactive storytelling, which is what both Zombies, Run! and our tabletop adaptation do, although players have a lot more agency in our board game. One of the podcast’s producers is Eleanor Rushton, who voices Janine deLuca on Zombies, Run!Listen to Eleanor and Matt chat here (starts around 27:25, but the whole episode and the podcast in general are a great listen for anyone interested in the art of storytelling).


Blurb on the box base
Blurb on the box base

We’ve finalised all the artwork and component specifications, and told our production partner Imago to go ahead and make these boxes now! It’s a major milestone completed, and to be honest it’s a great big relief to be finally done with this part of the process now. It’s involved a lot of care and attention to detail, and we’re extremely happy with what is now going to print. We’ll be getting printing proofs as they get further along with production, and we’ll be ordering some advance copies because...


Yes, it’s official - we’re going to be at Essen for Spiel 2017! This year, it’s running from 26 to 29 October. We’ll be in Hall 8, at Booth 8C 139. Are you excited? We’re so excited we’re vibrating off our chairs. We’ll be bringing advance copies of the game for folks to buy there, and we’ll be demoing the first 30 minutes of the finished game. Matt and I will be there so come say hi!

Can you tell we’re excited?
Can you tell we’re excited?

Spiel 2016 saw over 170,000 people, which is just mindblowing. It’s pretty much the biggest board game fair in the world so we are really looking forward to being a part of the experience this time! If you’re going to be there, come see us and try the game with the finished game components!


Autopilot likes to dispassionately state the obvious
Autopilot likes to dispassionately state the obvious

Matt is currently deep in writing mode, finalising the first few scripts he wrote by incorporating our experience and feedback from UKGE. The next couple of months are going to be full-on writing, testing, rewriting and retesting this and the remainder of the story, before we get into the first phase of recording.

It’s exciting times here at Six to Start. Thanks for being part of this ride with us!

Until next time,


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    1. Missing avatar

      Matthew Wieteska Collaborator on

      Hi Alex!

      Thanks for your concerns about this. Yes, we were planning to have a small number of copies of the game box with us at Essen, which people would be able to buy after demoing the game with us. In all honesty, we hadn't considered that this would raise any concerns, for a couple of reasons.

      Firstly, the game has a massive digital component, which won't be released until December. When we bring the game to Essen, it'll be with only around the first hour of the game playable in the app. This is roughly the same amount of gameplay as we previewed at UKGE earlier in the year. As such, we're really thinking of the boxed copies we'll have with us as a way of bringing more people on board for launch in December, rather than as any kind of pre-release sales.

      Secondly, the copies we'd be selling at Essen would be higher priced than your Kickstarter pledges, and won't contain any of the extra features from the Party Pack or the Runner Five. The benefits you've gained from supporting us here aren't available in the advance copies.

      Additionally, I want to clarify that we absolutely are not in any way altering or delaying our promised delivery to you by taking some copies of the game with us to Essen. We're able to have these copies shipped directly to the show from our manufacturer in bulk at the same time as all of our copies for distribution will be arriving at our offices in London. While we're in Essen, team Six to Start will be preparing to ship your copies out to you. Indeed, if you've ordered the Basic game and you're coming to Spiel, you could come and collect it from us in person! It just takes a little longer for us to process, pack and ship all the boxes individually than it does to have 40 copies shipped directly to Essen from the manufacturer.

      Finally, I just want to say thanks for bringing this up. We absolutely should have considered the impression our previous post gave on this point, and communicated more clearly about the situation. We'll pay more attention to this kind of thing in the future, and hopefully our communication will improve as a result.



    2. Missing avatar

      Alex Morrison on

      I've re asked the question both on FB and as an email to the creators - not hugely impressed with the lack of response. Anytime know how to report this to KS?

    3. Missing avatar

      Damon Diehl on

      +1 on Alex Morrison's comment. "Preselling" the game to Con attendees before the backers get copies? Not cool.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dunxtreonz on

      Essen sounds like a place I would actually be able to attend! Awesome. But I have to agree with Alex Morrison - What do you mean, buy advance copies? What about us faithful backers? :'(

    5. Missing avatar

      K McNelly on

      Will the game be replayable or is it more like a one-time-use Legacy game?

      I thought I would be able to replay it (making different decisions) as you could re-read a Make Your Own Adventure book to get a different narrative-- and I thought you had stressed this in the initial advertising with a board that you wrote on but can fully erase. However, the blurb on the box mentioning envelopes (that once opened can't be resealed) makes me think it may realistically only be a one-time game. So what was the point of having a stretch goal for solo play?

    6. Missing avatar

      Alex Morrison on

      Can I check what you mean by "We’ll be bringing advance copies of the game for folks to buy there"? This is before the Dec 2017 delivery date for backers - I'll be a little unhappy if the folks at Spiel 2017 can get this before I can.