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Escape zombies. Find allies. Save humanity. Prepare for frantic,  real-time, audio-driven fun for 2-4 players!
Escape zombies. Find allies. Save humanity. Prepare for frantic, real-time, audio-driven fun for 2-4 players!
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We filmed our colourful new cards

Posted by Matthew Wieteska (Collaborator)

Hi Everyone!

We’ve had an exciting couple of weeks here in the land of Zombies, Run! the Board Game, as we’ve started receiving the first sets of materials from our manufacturing partner, and we’re getting ready to run demos of the game at the UK Games Expo in early June.

I could write a lot about the new card designs, the dummy box, the story artefacts, and everything, but: a) it’s early b) I haven’t had my coffee yet and c) Adrian filmed me talking about it all for like 20 minutes yesterday so you should probably just watch the video instead.

Check it out to see new card designs, a sneak peek at secret puzzles, and my hair, which has discovered how to escape the earth’s gravitational pull. Then pre-order the game, if you haven’t already - it’s only $36, which is frankly criminal when you see how tired I look.



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    1. Janet McGlothern on

      I'm also hoping for an upgrade option. :)

    2. Rosslessness on

      Hi chaps, as an existing backer is there an easy way to upgrade to the party pack?

    3. Missing avatar

      Matthew Wieteska Collaborator on

      @James - Great! Really excited to show you the game and for you to play through the demo. We'll be in booth C28, on the corner of Buckmaster Street and Gamesquest Avenue. Can't wait to meet you.

    4. Missing avatar

      Matthew Wieteska Collaborator on

      @sarah - Yup! We're still on schedule to deliver the game in December this year, as listed on the campaign page. It feels like a long time to us as well! But there's a lot more for us to do compared to a normal board game on here - we have scripts to write, audio to record, an app to code, and so on, all on top of the normal game production stuff. Thankfully we're right on schedule, and we're super excited for you all to get to play it in December!

    5. Stephen Carnaggio on

      I don't see how other board games are problematic with the visuals. Zombies, Run has a millenial diversity whatever feel to it, to me. So while I appreciate this game having that diversity in it, I don't think its fair to bash other games for being how they are. In a lot of fantasy games, people want to play things they aren't, and it seems silly that people would be upset that they aren't represented in every game ever made. I know I'm not upset because every board game doesn't have a pudgy, hairy short guy with glasses.

    6. James Aubury on

      See you there! Looking forward to seeing what you have been up to :)

    7. Sarah Winter on

      I preordered what feels like a looong time ago. Do we have an ETA for receiving the game?