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Rebuild civilization after a zombie apocalypse by running in the real world, with story and gameplay coming through your headphones
3,464 backers pledged $72,627 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Six to Start and Naomi Alderman 2-time creator on

      Yep, that's how it'll work!

    2. Darrel Hutchins

      What's the plan as far as the early release period for those of us not insightful enough to have pledged for $45? I see talk about backers getting access "at least a few days before everyone else"--does that mean that us cheapska...err, lesser financial backers will be receiving access to ZR Advance for at least some period of time?

    3. Ian Tuason on

      can't wait for the final version!

    4. Missing avatar

      myles on

      Can't wait for the Android version to come out so I can start running.

    5. Six to Start and Naomi Alderman 2-time creator on

      Yes, there'll still be an early release for Android backers before the public Android release.

    6. Michael Crane on

      Will the $45 and up android backers get an early release before it goes public at least?

    7. Six to Start and Naomi Alderman 2-time creator on

      Kristoffer: Absolutely, just email us

    8. Kristoffer on

      While not necessarily an issue, do you want E-mails for input also?

    9. Six to Start and Naomi Alderman 2-time creator on

      Tom - for the moment, if you email us at with issues, that would be best!

      Rachel - we're definitely thinking of things that we can do that'll make everyone happy

    10. Luke Batt on

      Android too, but glad it's all running along smoothly :)

    11. Tom Shortridge on

      Is there a dedicated place we should mention issues we find with the beta version of the app?

    12. Rachel McMahan on

      Aww. I too am an Android user, but Jon Sharp's comment was enlightening. /sigh Well, at least Android users should get a better starting experience. I wonder if there's anything Six to Start and Naomi Alderman can do to placate their disgruntled Android backers?

    13. Jon Sharp

      I am an Android User. I do not own any Apple devices. However, as a developer, Six to Start has to work as a business. The unfortunate truth is that even though there are many more Android users, more money is to be made on the iOS. (See this blog as an example, but the stats can be found anywhere: As was originally stated during the project, the Android version will be out after the iOS version. Not sure why people would expect this to change now. I am eagerly awaiting the finished version, and look forward to hearing updates as progress is made on both platforms.

    14. Missing avatar

      machshop on

      This is ridiculous.

    15. Patricia King Hayes on

      I would much rather the iOS people become the zombie snacks test subjects to increase the survivability odds for us Android users =)

    16. Jarvis on

      I'm not worried about it guys. It just means the iPhone users will work out kinks and give feedback that can only improve my Android version. :-)

    17. Missing avatar

      Sebastian on

      So even though Android is far more popular than iOS, you dedicated more resources to iOS development? Have a look at these stats from early 2011:

      Android already had double the market share than Apple. I realize that it's your decision as te developers, but it's rather dissapointing.

      Just my 2c.

    18. Six to Start and Naomi Alderman 2-time creator on

      Mea culpa, everyone - apologies for not mentioning Android. Here's the situation: as we described in the project several times, we are planning to launch the Android version 3 months after the iOS version, in May. We have begun development, it's going well, but it will take time.

      We know it's frustrating to have to wait, especially when you're getting updates about iOS, but we're a small team and it's difficult for us to work on two platforms simultaneously. We don't want Android to be lagging behind forever, but for the moment, there will be a wait.

    19. Missing avatar

      Ry4an Brase on

      Agreed. Watching the numbers on the original kick-starter buy-in the rate really jumped up when android support was announced. Did any of the polls to date include "on which OS will you be running this?" because it's entirely possible Android is the majority. It's not a popular fact among iOS developers, but it is a fact that there are more android devices than iOS devices in current use.

    20. Balazs Nadasdi on

      Yeah... My question is also about android app's development... What's the point?

    21. Graham Irvine on

      Yea everything so far has been about the ios . I believe you have a lot of backers from the android platform. Please give us an update as well.

    22. Justin Hensley on

      Good to know I'm not the only one wondering the same thing about the android app.

    23. Tom Lowenthal on

      What's the timeline for the android app's development?

    24. Stefan Dahlgren on

      I would also very much like to know something about the android release!

    25. Tonja Davis on

      Super excited for the iPhone release because it means (in my mind at least) that the Android version is coming "soon". I'm really looking forward to this app!

    26. miggea on

      Is there going to be beta release on android soon too? I pledged enough for the beta access but I do not own a single apple product, I know that the full game is going to be released for android but I would enjoy being able to try out the beta (ZR advance) on my phone now/soon if possible! Thanks!

    27. Shawn Stanley on

      Shoot, now I wish I'd pledged $5 or more. ;)