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Rebuild civilization after a zombie apocalypse by running in the real world, with story and gameplay coming through your headphones
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    1. Cameron Gietz on

      I'd rather not have the beta and get the full game earlier!

    2. Six to Start and Naomi Alderman 2-time creator on

      Hi Royden: Nope - simply because the "Limited Edition" won't have anything extra or special in it, it's really just an advance version of the game. For Android we're likely to just launch the main game without a public beta. We could be persuaded otherwise if people *really* cared, but it would come at the cost of a later full release!

    3. Royden Unwin on

      Ah ok, will there be a 'limited edition' for android though is what i mean :D.

    4. Heather on

      I just wanted to say, I'm so excited I could die just thinking about its release! Great work!

    5. Six to Start and Naomi Alderman 2-time creator on

      Colbyclay: If you've pledged $45 or above, you'll get access to the Limited Edition (previously known as the beta); otherwise you'll get the game for free when it launches in February!

      Karen: Thanks! Glad you like the updates :)

    6. Karen Greaves on

      Just wanted to say you guys are doing an awesome job. I love the regular updates. I work in software and know that when your head is down with a looming deadline it's easy to forget about customers. I wish our teams communicated this well! Keep it up. Can't wait to get off the couch and try the app!

    7. colbyclay on

      For the Limited edition, how do us as donators get our zombie avoiding hands on it? Will it be available to us at no cost?

    8. Six to Start and Naomi Alderman 2-time creator on

      Yep, Android will be out 3 months after iOS - and then after that we will aim to bring the release of new features much closer together in time.

      Royden: According to Apple's rules, we are prohibited from releasing unfinished or beta software on the App Store. So we are doing it a different way!

    9. Royden Unwin on

      I think they said somewhere that android would be out 3 months after iOS?

      Bit confused with this advanced edition, so is there not going to be a beta any more ? (for iOS or android?) :s

    10. Isaac on

      I get the Apple app store love but what about the android market love?