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Rebuild civilization after a zombie apocalypse by running in the real world, with story and gameplay coming through your headphones
Rebuild civilization after a zombie apocalypse by running in the real world, with story and gameplay coming through your headphones
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Android. ZombieLink. Windows Phone.

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Hi all,

Android. ZombieLink. Windows Phone. There’s a lot to talk about this month, so let’s get down to it!

Now on Android!

The wait is over: Zombies, Run! has launched on Android!

You should have received an email with details on how to download and play the game for free - and remember, *all* $10+ backers - even those who’ve previously downloaded ZR Advance on the iPhone - can play on Android for free.

Please read the email carefully because it includes information about how we’re supporting Android and features that we’re planning to add in upcoming versions like accelerometer support and supply missions. We’re very much committed to rapidly improving the game for Android since we recognise that it’s had a later start.


Seeing your run on a map is cool, but you know what’s even cooler?

Playing back zombie chases to see how much you speed up when the horde is nipping at your heels. Seeing all story and game events plotted on the map. Discovering which music tracks make you run faster and slower. Personalising and annotating your run history with fact and fiction. Visiting and improving your base, browsing the Codex and sharing your runs, all online.

That’s what’s cool. And guess what? It’s all free and it works across all platforms. We’ll be supporting ZombieLink on iOS later this month and Android players will have it working from today, with map view coming later this month.

Your run data will automatically sync via your ZombieLink login, and of course, you have complete control over your privacy settings so you can just treat it as a run data backup service, or as a way to show your runs off to the whole world.

We’ll be adding more features and more content to ZombieLink over time, so this is just the start: Zombies, Run! has come to the web.

Windows Phone 7

We’ve kept this a secret for a long time, but now we can finally announce that Zombies, Run! will be coming out on Windows Phone 7 devices later this month, thanks to the efforts of Microsoft, Nokia, and Matchbox Mobile! It’s a fantastic app for a fantastic platform, and naturally, it has proper Metro styling, Live Tiles, and ZombieLink support.

The app will be available on the Marketplace later this month!

More Missions and Features

The 30 missions comprising Season 1 have all been released (although the last story mission still needs to come to the iOS “Zombies, Run!” later this month), and we’re already hearing from people desperate for more story!

The good news is that we’re now in the process of editing the audio for more free and paid missions, including our Beginner 5K Training pack and Interval Training pack, plus something extra! It takes us time to edit these and to also develop the new features for the apps to support them, but believe us, it’ll be well worth the wait this summer.

And... breathe!

It’s been a hectic few months for everyone working on Zombies, Run! - since our launch in February, we’ve been flat-out on developing the Android version, creating ZombieLink, recording more missions, and adding more features to iOS.

We’re not going to slow down but we do want to take some time to consolidate the different platforms and keep everything high quality - so please be patient with us!

For now, enjoy the new features and platforms, and stay safe out there!

Team Zombies, Run!

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Zombies, Run! iOS on sale this weekend


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Very Important News for iOS users


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Android Launch: 28 Days Later (June 14th)

Yes - it's not May, and it's not Spring, either. But come Thursday June 14th, Zombies, Run! will be on Android! We're really sorry that we aren't able to release it any sooner - we want it to be out just as much as you do, so we've thrown all of our mobile development resources into Android to make that happen.

In order to make this release date, there are a few things that will need to wait until version 1.1 or later, including:

  • Supply missions (arrived on iOS v1.2)
  • Accelerometer support (ditto)
  • The Codex (despite what the screenshot below shows)

We don't want the Android version to be lagging behind iOS indefinitely though, so we are hiring more people to help accelerate development on all fronts.

The good news is that on June 14th, all Zombies, Run! players - Android and iOS - will gain access to ZombieLink, our web-based syncing service. It'll do everything you'd expect, like show your run logs and stats, and plenty of things that we're sure you'll be delighted by. But more on that in another update.

There's more good news: we're targeting Android 2.2+! This means that even fairly old Android phones should be able to play Zombies, Run! although obviously the actual performance may vary if you have a really old/slow phone.

Closer to launch, we'll be emailing all backers and people who've pre-ordered Zombies, Run! with instructions on how to download and play the game. But for now... well, it's only 28 days from now! And if you want more updates, be sure to check out our blog!

Stay safe out there,

The Zombies, Run! Team

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Announcing The Runner's Guide

Hello everyone!

Spring has arrived, and everyone (in the northern hemisphere) now has an extra hour of daylight to outrun zombies and collect essential items for their base like ammo, medkits, and sport bras! Huzzah!

The Runner's Guide

We’re really happy that so many people have gotten into the world and characters of Zombies, Run! and so we’re starting to build out that world in a lot of ways. 

The first way is through The Runner’s Guide, a 75 page book that explores the origins of the zombie apocalypse, with writing by Doctor Myers on the medical background of ZN1 and a Field Guide written by the Head of Runners, Runner 7, and it’s filled to the brim with drawings and illustrations. That’s not all, because we have have a ton of behind-the-scenes material in the book including art sketches, playlists, and the entire script of Mission 1, with extensive commentary from the writers and designers.

How much does it cost? Nothing at all. No catches, no DRM, nothing.

The Runner’s Guide is totally free, for everyone (including non-Kickstarter backers). It’s not every day that you get to work on a great game, and it’s only possible because you’ve all supported the game.

You can learn more about The Runner’s Guide at our in-depth blog post and see lots more screenshots there. 

Read and download The Runner’s Guide as a PDF from Scribd!

And if you have an iPad, you’re in luck, because we made a special multi-touch version that extra content including embedded slideshows, quizzes, presentations, and listen-along audio for the Mission 1 commentary. It’s also going to be FREE! Just tap this link on your iPad to download it directly (46MB).

Don’t have an iPad? Sick of our love of Apple? Don’t worry. We plan on making a web-based version as well, with all the same content.

About that Discount...

You may have noticed that Zombies, Run! is on a 50% sale from Friday to Sunday. We’re doing this because we want to keep adding more features and content to the game - along with more things like The Runner’s Guide - and that requires people and time and resources. By discounting the game for just three days, we can reach those people who desperately want it but just haven’t been able to afford it yet.

We have no plans to permanently discount the game any time soon, so sales like this will be very rare - and bear in mind that it’s been six weeks since we launched as well!

Beginner and Interval Training Packs

As Kickstarter backers, you’ll be receiving all paid add-ons made during Season 1 for free. 

The first two updates are for our Beginner 5k pack and our Interval Training pack, and things are coming along excellently with them - we’ve completed the design work and will be recording them in just three weeks time, so if you’re getting anxious about not having enough time with Sam, Jack, Eugene, Runner 8, and the rest of the Abel Township crew, don’t worry - more is coming!

We’ve also begun design work on the third add-on, codenamed “The Lab”. We’re really excited about this one because it’s going to offer something that a lot of people have wanted for a long time...

How's the Android version coming?

Still on target for May/June! When we have more information, we’ll let you know!

Stay safe and keep well,

Six to Start and Naomi Alderman

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