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A collaboration between people with (dis)ABILITIES and professional dancers communicating a clear message of sameness and oneness.

Sadly people with disabilities, especially developmental disabilities, are often times stigmatized; shut away behind closed doors and forgotten; virtually segregated from the general populous and considered a burden on society. Just the word disabled in itself is an extremely negative and unfair label to put on anyone. The truth is each of us have limited abilities in one area or another.

Sixth Day Dance is partnering with the City of Everett, Washington on a project entitled "A Day in the Life of a Butterfly", intended to:

- Raise awareness of disabled issues prevalent in society.

- Provide a forum for discussion of society's development from the perspective of people with disabilities.

- Provide a creative outlet for people with disabilities to communicate, through the powerful imagery of dance, issues that are important to them.

- Challenge people to see the contribution that people with disabilities can make in the performing arts and the wider society at large.

This project will be videotaped. It will consist of interviews and rehearsal footage chronicling the creative process spanning several weeks, and will be shown during the first part of a two part performance piece.  In the second part, dancers with disabilities will perform a section of improvised movement generated from their own organic creativity. Then the Sixth Day dancers will join them and embellish on that movement.

      >Like the caterpillar emerging from its cocoon transformed into a beautiful butterfly, you will witness the emergence of people with (dis)ABILITIES transformed into a beautiful dancer having overcome social stigmas and seeing personal dreams realized.<

To make this happen we need $4100.00. The City of Everett generously donated $1000.00 so our goal now is to raise the remaining $3100.00.

"Where does the $ Go?"  "We're glad you asked!"

-Rehearsal Space $400
-Advertising  $500
-Venue Rental  $1500
-Costumes  $100
-Videographer  $200
-Lights and Sound $250
-Licensed choreographers who specialize in people with disabilities $150

Realistically and truthfully without you"A Day in the Life of a Butterfly"will simply not happen.  As a partner you will be an integral part of one of only a handful of dance companies throughout the United States who reaches out to and collaborates with the marginalized, the disenfranchised, the forgotten.  With your pledge you will be a member of the Sixth Day team who will create a 'cutting edge' dance piece that will change the way society views people with disabilities forever more.  

Needless-to-say we need you, but even more importantly those less fortunate need you!  Together we can make a huge difference. Help us bring joy, excitement and a meaningful sense-of-worth and accomplishment to their lives. 

Thank you so very much for taking some of your valuable time to read this.


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