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Professor Pugnacious' Portfolio of Perils, Pugilism, and Perfidy is a fast paced tactical deckbuilding Steampunk card game.
Professor Pugnacious' Portfolio of Perils, Pugilism, and Perfidy is a fast paced tactical deckbuilding Steampunk card game.
Professor Pugnacious' Portfolio of Perils, Pugilism, and Perfidy is a fast paced tactical deckbuilding Steampunk card game.
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    1. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      I don't believe I've insulted you, but I'm very sorry that something I said came across that way. I apologize. I've sent the request to PSI to send you the game, and it should arrive within a week. If it hasn't, please let me know.

      By way of apologizing, I am including Treachery on the Trains and all five of the promo sets for free.

    2. Pennsyltucky Phillips on

      CREATOR - Actually, the last time I made the complaint, you claimed my contribution did not meet the Backer Level for receiving the games and that was the reason I was never sent the games "the previous December." Then I was told I was right, Sixpence Games apologized, and the games should have been sent. So which is it? I have sent my address -- AGAIN -- with the hope that I will finally get the game, rather than insults and excuses.

    3. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      I am very much not a con artist. I sent out your game the previous December, as I did with everyone else. When you last messaged me, I asked you to confirm your address, in case the problem with delivery was that the one I had on file was wrong. You never responded. If you can send me a private message confirming your address, I will get your game in the mail today.

    4. Pennsyltucky Phillips on

      I respectfully submit that you are thieves and con artists. It has now been months since the LAST time I reminded you that my promised games never arrived. Shame on you! What's it been now? Two years?

    5. Missing avatar

      Richard Leach on

      still havent received my games :( any idea why?



    6. Michael Pedersen on

      In fact, for anybody that is wondering about it, here's what I did: I sleeved all the cards, and then used four deck boxes. One is the skill and fight cards, one is the main game base deck, one is all expansions, and one is all the tokens. I also had to remove the white cardboard card holder in there. It fits very well now.

      We also changed the game play a bit, since we had five people. One of the others had brought along his print/play copy (I'm happy to say that at least two sales are going to happen because I backed this game), and he dealt out seven skill and three fight from that. The game played a little faster (more people buying cards results in the cards going quicker), but no real balance issues were noted. I'm thinking of printing up an extra set of the cards so that my set effectively becomes a five player game because of it.

    7. Michael Pedersen on

      For all that worry I had, the problem is solved perfectly with that suggestion. I've just closed up the box with everything in it. And it fits nicely, the cards are well protected, etc. Thanks!

    8. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      Hmm, I'm afraid I actually don't have any. I don't put sleeves on my cards for any of my games, and so I didn't think to take that into account when designing the box. Maybe get multiple tuck boxes, like the Treachery on the Trains one, and put the cards in those, remove the cardboard insert from the Professor Pugnacious box, and then store the tuckboxes in there?

      I'll let you know if I think of anything better. And please let me know what you end up deciding on!

    9. Michael Pedersen on

      Now comes my storage questions. I've put sleeves on the cards to help protect them, but that considerably increases the size of everything. The end result is that not everything fits in the original box anymore. With the expansions, it was always pretty tight, and the tokens were everywhere. But now? I have to do something else to carry it around. Any suggestions?

    10. Michael Pedersen on

      Yeah, we screwed up a couple bits then. We'll fix them for next time :)

      Thank you for the clarifications. Don't worry about the card. If you find an extra somewhere, great, but it's not a huge deal. One of the promotional cards in there made a great proxy, and we'll continue to use that.

    11. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      Very odd about the missing card. I think I can crack open a box and send you one if you want me to.

      That sounds like a very reasonable house rule. One of the things I really love about tabletop games is the ease with which they are modifiable, and so it thrills me a bit to see people add little things like that :)

      Ah, I understand the card movement question now. Here's how your example would work: everything shifts to the right immediately after buying, and then the empty space is immediately refilled from the Main Deck. This occurs during the buy phase, so players can, if they have sufficient skill, keep buying cards, including the ones just drawn from the Main Deck.

      I'm glad you're enjoying the game so much! That's what I wanted to get out of all this.

      Thanks for the tip about the website, it should be fixed now.

    12. Michael Pedersen on

      I checked each game we played (a total of three). In the box there were only 27 Minor Skill.

      I think we're going to make it a house rule during the play phase that, when playing cards, you are responsible for picking up failure tokens. If you don't, you don't have any. It'll simplify things a bit.

      As for the shifting cards/shifting spaces, I should provide an example. Two player game, so the ring looks like this at start: ABCDE FGHIJ. Each player buys the middle card during their buy phase, so now the ring looks like this: AB_DE FG_IJ. If everything shifts to the left now, then the ring looks like this: ABDE_ FGIJ_. Now comes combat;, and Player 1 beats a creature that lets him move one card 2 spaces. Assume Player 1 wants card J in his ring. If the ring collapses after the buy phase, and we could card *spaces* (not cards), then the ring would become this after the move: ABDEJ FGI__. If it moves over cards, then it becomes ABDJE FGI__. I think you can see where this starts to get complex. It's also possible that we screwed up in our interpretation, and the ability to move cards on the ring only comes up during the subsequent play phase, and that would render the entire question moot, since there's always 5 cards in the ring during the play phase.

      Now, to make something clear, these questions are the questions of people who enjoyed the game a *lot*. We played for over 3 hours last night, and would have kept playing it if not for ending at 3:30am. This is one fun game. We haven't even touched on the variants or expansions yet, either.

      Oh, one last note: The rulebook states that the FAQ is at but that page does not exist. Might want to fix before it hits the stores.

    13. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      Are you certain you only have 28 Minor Skill? I've opened quite a few and counted the cards in them and haven't found any missing ones. One other person said they were missing a Minor Fight, but that's all that's happened.

      It is good etiquette to announce your Failure total. It is a rule that, if asked, you must respond truthfully.

      I'm not sure what you mean by shifting cards or card spaces.

      The game finishes out the round, so there's still a combat phase in the turn where the deck empties. The end of the game is triggered when you need to draw a card to refill the Card Ring but cannot, so in your example it would continue until somebody bought another card.

      The Card Ring rotates during the recovery phase, but I don't think it actually matters at the moment (I have some ideas for cards that would make that matter).

      Victory bonuses are next round only. A fun variation is to make them savable, so you can choose when to use them, but that makes them very powerful.

      You are interpreting Andy's Steam Powered Suit correctly.

    14. Michael Pedersen on

      Okay, I *finally* got to play the game last night, and it went over even better than I had hoped. Definitely a hit, especially if you like Dominion.

      I did wind up with a few gameplay questions, though, and one production error for me.

      Error: I only have 27 Minor Skill, but need 28 for a four player game. We were able to use one of the promo cards as a proxy, but that would be nice to fix.


      Do the failure tokens matter, rules wise? Do people *have* to take them, or can they simply hand them out from the main pile? The reason I ask is because of a situation that occurred in one of the games. One of the players chose his fight target, but another did not pick up his failure tokens before the announcement of targets. If people need to pick them up, when *must* they do it by? Anytime before the targets are announced?

      At what point does the game actually *end* due to a deck going empty? Is it as soon as the deck is empty, or is it as soon as a card needs to be pulled, but no cards are available? We had two of our three games end with the main deck going empty, but only needing as many cards as were left. For instance, one time we needed two cards for the card ring, and two were left. Should we have continued until another buy occurred? Or was the game actually over at that point?

      When does the actual shifting of cards after buying occur? Only during the recovery phase, or right away? When cards are being shifted by other actions (like some victory bonuses), are they shifted by cards or card spaces?

      When a victory condition grants bonuses (like 3 skill) is that for the next round only? Until used once? Or permanent?

      Andy's Steam Powered Suit says that it remains in play. Does that mean that this is a permanent addition to a play field? Does someone buy this, play it once, and then always get to ignore 2 failure?

      I think that's everything from last night. We were up late thanks to this, so it's definitely a hit. Looking forward to playing it more, especially with those questions answered.

    15. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      Sorry about being slow to respond to things, I've been traveling for the holidays.

      SacredRoach: I just messaged you back.

      Matthew: I'm sorry that I was unclear about that. I meant 2-5 cards, not 2-5 unique cards. You aren't missing anything. I'm glad you like them as they are! I think that they do a good job of adding a lot of new, interesting gameplay in as few cards as I could fit them.

    16. Matthew on

      I think my question round thanksgiving got skipped. Probably due to the holiday. So...

      Looking through all the mini expansions, it looks like they all only have 2 unique cards. With Cthulu expansion being the exception with 3. I know they were said to be 2-5 unique cards, but I assumed that meant some would reach the high end of 5. Were they made smaller for some funding reason, or am I missing some in all expansion?

      Totally okay if they are this small. I'm just stoked to have the game and want to be sure I have the whole game. Again, a components list would be nice.

    17. SacredRoach

      No tracking information nor package yet...

    18. Ally Beaton on

      Tracking says my package is out for delivery!

    19. Chris Sanderson on

      Games arrived with our freight firm and on the way to Thailand, should be here later this week! Thanks!

    20. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      Splendid! I trust your eyes more than the post office.

    21. Chris Smith (Smoothsmith)

      Game arrived! I mean the tracking says it's pending international dispatch still...but I'm pretty sure I just opened it & popped the tokens ;)

    22. Tyrone

      Okay. Thanks for the answer.

    23. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      The cards your deck starts with, Minor Fight and Minor Skill, are not very good compared to what you buy once the game begins. Trashing them makes it more likely that any given hand will have good cards than bad.

    24. Tyrone

      What is the purpose of the training dummy? Why would I want to trash tons of cards to where I would be using the training dummy a lot?

    25. Tyrone

      I didn't get a tracking email but mine also arrived today. Thanks.

    26. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      Fantastic! I'm glad to hear it. I can't wait to read your thoughts once you play it.

    27. Michael Pedersen on

      A very pleasant surprise came my way this morning: Professor Pugnacious has arrived! The tracking email I got said Dec 3, and it got here a day early. Very happily surprised.

      Like many, the TotT box was a bit crushed, but that doesn't faze me in the least. The production quality looks amazing, and it is *definitely* going to my next game night. Can't wait to try it out!

    28. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      I'm glad you're enjoying the game! Yeah, one of my biggest regrets is definitely not hiring an editor for the rulebook. The card ring is supposed to be based on the number of players: each one has a 5 card card queue in front of them.

    29. Jonathan McFarland on

      Received my copy of the game last week. It was encased in bubblewrap and survived shipping with no damage or issues. The game is fun and uses some interesting system designs for a deckbuilder. My biggest complaint is that the rules were not clear enough for my taste. I didn't know if the full, four-sided card ring should be used in a two-player game, and the mechanic of moving cards was not clearly explained in the rulebook. I figured out the latter by piecing together instructions from the rules along with card text. I'm still not sure if the card ring is always supposed to be 4-sided or based on number of players.

    30. Matthew on

      Looking through all the mini expansions, it looks like they all only have 2 unique cards. With Cthulu expansion being the exception with 3. I know they were said to be 2-5 unique cards, but I assumed that meant some would reach the high end of 5. We're the made smaller for some funding reason, or am I missing some in all expansion?

      Totally okay if they are this small. I'm just stoked to have the game and want to be sure I have the whole game. Again, a components list would be nice.

    31. Matthew on

      So I just want to confirm a couple things to make sure I'm not missing any components.

      Does the expansion Mythos Monstrosities come with just the three cards? (Necronomicon, Shoggoth, & unnatural geometry)

      And does the Kickstarter exclusive expansion just the one event card? (Ghost in the machine)

      I'm not complaining about these small sized expansions, just making sure I'm not kissing anything. Perhaps a link to a components list for each expansion would be helpful.

      Love the game. The base game is absolutely a beautiful masterpiece. Well done guys!

    32. Chris Smith (Smoothsmith)

      Tracking email received! It'll be a while as its in America and I'm in the UK, but its fun watching progress on int. Packages :)

    33. The Hype Train on

      @Sixpence No worries on the smashery - I'm not a box junkie. Half the time I wind up gutting trays and whatnot to condense expansions into things. I've got cards on one side of the box and tokens on the other. Perfect fit.

      As I said - thanks for going the extra mile and making Treachery and the Mini sets, even without the glut funding.

      I'll see you on the Quad at Miskatonic ;) (Hopefully, around March? Seems like a golden time for Kickstarter funding. Everyone has recovered from holiday expenses and is getting over cabin fever. I'm watching so many campaigns limp right now because of smack dab between Black Friday and Holiday end games. Sorry guys, no money to spend on presents for myself. *shakes fist at Heroquest*

    34. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      Splendid! I'm sorry to hear Treachery on the Trains got smashed up. Personally, I didn't even keep the box for my copy of ToT-I think the main Professor Pugnacious box is completely gorgeous, and I intentionally left just enough room in there that the complete expansion could be kept inside, tuck box and all.

    35. The Hype Train on

      Received my copy today :) Was encased in a bubblewrap burrito and Trech on the Trains box was a little smashed, but everything seems fine. Sifting through to make sure all the expansions are there.

      Main game looks grand - a tip of the bowler to you :)

    36. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      Yes. Last I heard was two days ago when they told me they had received my payment for shipping and were packaging everything up, which would take another day. Given that I think the mail doesn't happen on the weekend, my guess is things may have started shipping on Friday and will probably start shipping on Monday. I don't know with super high confidence, though, which is why I've avoided updating you guys.

    37. SacredRoach

      Any movement from PSIs end?

    38. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      You should not be worried. I'm having some difficulties in communicating with PSI, which looks like it means a delay, but it shouldn't be a huge one and it should be resolved soon. They're busy with a con and also having trouble with their email servers, so my shipping requests didn't go through when I thought they did, but I *think* that has been resolved.

      If I don't hear back from them by tomorrow (Tuesday the 12th) I'll start kicking up a fuss and see if I can't get some more answers.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jennifer M Munnings on

      November 11th and no game yet - should I be worried?
      I have checked and re-checked emails, updates, etc.

    40. Michael Pedersen on

      Forget the game: Are you better now? I've had a cold I've been fighting, but it's nothing severe. Mostly it's just resulted in a rise in sales of Kleenex.

      This is one of the games I'm most excited to see. Thank you for the update!

    41. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      The boat has arrived. There's been an ever so slight delay on account of I was moving from Australia to the USA and also got terribly sick, which made it so I couldn't set up anything to happen in advance. Things are moving forward again, now, as evidenced by the update I just sent out.

    42. Michael Pedersen on

      So, the boat was scheduled to arrive Oct 20. Did it? Are things on their way out yet?

    43. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      They'll all be sent out in the same package. I recommend playing the core set a few times before opening up the expansion and promo sets, to get maximum enjoyment out of it.

    44. Michael Pedersen on

      I just thought of something. As I'm looking forward to the arrival of this game (soon, sounds like it should only be about a month away! yay!), I'm wondering about the expansions and the promo sets (Hey, I went for Potential Professor, so why not? :)

      My question: Will everything be coming to the backers at once? Or will we get the base set first, promo sets later, and expansion at another time? Or has that been decided yet?

    45. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      The games are fully assembled and waiting for a boat to go to America. My plan was to post the next update as soon as Panda tells me they're on the ship.

    46. Michael Pedersen on

      Time to ask an obnoxious update question. I'd try to wait, but this is one of the games I'm really excited to see. Do we have any update? Has everything been printed? Has it been assembled? Has the game left the factory yet? Will the evil Baron von Frustikopf be defeated by Colonel Mumford?

      Inquiring minds want to know! :D

    47. Michael Pedersen on

      Ah, sorry. I should have thought of that. Still, it's that much closer. Congrats on making it to this point!

    48. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      Not quite. I'm hoping to receive the initial print tomorrow and will be able to confirm that Panda should go ahead and complete manufacturing and assembly of the full run, assuming FedEx delivers when they said they would. The actual delivery is still a ways off. The survey means that I need to know how many people want what so I can start making more definite shipping plans.

      I'm going to post a more thorough update when I get the initial print, hopefully tomorrow.

    49. Michael Pedersen on

      Does this survey mean that the game is printed? Here in the US and ready for sending? Can't help but be hopeful for such a project!

    50. Matthew on

      Love waking up to a KS survey.

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