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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 12 2014
pledged of 70.000 $pledged of 70.000 $ goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 12 2014

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    1. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      Not yet. I'm waiting to hear back from Let's Level Up and Undead Viking

    2. Herbert Salades on

      any date scheduled?

    3. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      No, definitely not! Check the most recent update: I just made a high quality, visually appealing prototype and sent it out to reviewers. It should be arriving in a few days, and then we'll get the reviews made and then I'll be ready to relaunch! I'll be writing another update soon

    4. caz

      Have we given up? :(

    5. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      Don't worry, I've got a nice update in the works for you

    6. caz

      @ Fredrik - yeah feel like they are due an update - come on Sixpence!!!! where are we with making this happen :)

    7. caz

      cant wait for this :P

    8. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      Art is always a slow part, and since people want the prototype to look good, we need a lot of the art done. Joshua is on vacation right now, so while he is still working (what a trooper!) things are going a bit slower. I'm not going to rush this, I want to make sure that the relaunch is as good as it can be. I really appreciate your continued patience and support.

    9. Robin Rosengren on

      Its October you guys! :)

    10. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      Coming right up!

    11. Dr. Zin on

      Mmmm, how about that update?

    12. Kelly N. on

      Buffy for the win!

    13. Corwin Briscoe on

      @Kelly - That'll just fill me up with false hope and oodles of sadness, like a kid on Christmas Eve stuck in a timeloop. (My brain just did a mashup of Buffy and a cheesy Christmas movie. I clearly need sleep. Or I need to go watch Buffy. Maybe that one.)

    14. Kelly N. on

      @Corwin - Bah! Just read the post, about an update coming, without looking at the date. It might help you with the "tonight or tomorrow" part. :)

    15. Corwin Briscoe on

      * Any, that is. (Stupid typos...)

    16. Corwin Briscoe on

      And updates on the...er, update?

    17. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      You caught me literally the day before I'm about to post a big update. I'm in the final negotiations for something very cool, and I'll have an update for you tonight or tomorrow. Don't worry, I haven't abandoned you guys!

    18. Dr. Zin on

      Yeah, I agree Kelly. I hoping for some kind of news....relaunching in July. Something.

    19. Kelly N. on

      Too bad this comment section up and died. Oh well, for those that may be interested here is a project with a very Lovecraftian feel. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/otherworldinc/the-shadow-over-westminister-co-op-horror-deckbuil

    20. Andream on

      Hopefully this will happen in the future. Be sure to message me if/when it does. You got half way there, which is quite a bit. good luck with it.

    21. Johnathan Tan on

      Looking forward to the relaunch.

    22. Jared Foley

      Best of luck with this, looks really interesting. Would be great to see it again (with chapter shopping if poss!).

    23. Ox the Arsenal on

      You made it halfway there before cancelling. That's encouraging for a relaunch.

    24. Yosef Maayan

      I'm very much looking forward to the relaunch and I would be quite interested in receiving updates and notifications regarding your other upcoming projects. Good luck!

    25. Jeff Richards

      Pledge increased as promised. Even though you're relaunching down the road, just wanted to give you a shoutout all the same; this much raised is no small accomplishment! Looking forward to phase 2.

    26. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      Don't worry, I absolutely will!

    27. Jeff Richards

      `Sounds good. I'll up my pledge to a copy just before the close. Keep us updated through here for what's next!

    28. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      Don't worry, I'll definitely relaunch the campaign if it doesn't succeed this time. Getting the total as high as possible before cancelling will be useful for showing people that there was a lot of interest the first time around, so please back and tell your friends - one of the great things about Kickstarter is that if the campaign fails (or gets cancelled) you don't lose any money, so it doesn't matter if you back for $10,000 or $10, you'll pay $0.

      Between the remade videos, reviews, lower goal, hopefully lower international shipping, and first day bump from all you guys backing it again, I think that the second campaign will do much better. I can't wait to try again!

      And like I said earlier, I'll be doing some smaller campaigns between now and the relaunch. I think my next one will be a Bag of Holding that is literally bigger on the inside - while not a game, I think it will appeal to many of the same people, and I think I can get the goal as low as $2,000 so it should be much easier. I also have a few other things in the works that I'm not quite ready to tell you about, but which I think you will really like.

    29. Jeff Richards

      I'm very curious about this, but the international shipping costs kill it for me at this stage. Looking forward to seeing what comes next!

    30. Sean Russell

      Yeah, I was an early graduation backer because I love the look and idea. I can't wait for the relaunch!

    31. Missing avatar

      Bart Larrenaga

      Just want to say that I'll be back for the relaunch as well, barring a massive late surge. This game has a lot of interesting potential that I hope to try out sometime! I think the suggestion I saw earlier about getting promo copies to a few key reviewers to have on the main page would be a good idea.

    32. Joseph Suttles on

      I hate to see this fail but 40k in 55 hrs will be tough. I will be watching for the relaunch and will pledge again. I can understand what a lot of people said about the pricing but that didn't really concern me because I know this is a great game and I want it for my collection. I'll try to get a few more pledges from my FLGS when we are demo'n Prof Pugnacious this Sunday. If The Doom that Came to Atlantic City, after it's problems, can get made and sent to shops I know this one can, too!!! I will just be patient because good things come to those who wait.

    33. Steve Wright on

      That's I like with tom and others ;). Just get behind this

    34. Steve Wright on

      Come on. If it passes 60k I'll up to get pugnatios - sorry spell checker not working in airport lounge :). I saw friends playing at my house con last weekend and they were enjoying. Blow it backing it pugnacious now anyway, ignore tom, I don't agree on half the games i like - personal choice is freedom.
      Good luck

    35. Tim Fowler on

      It would be great if this game came out, as it has a lot of elements I like, but it doesn't seem likely. If you do a reboot, a consideration would be a better shipping option outside of the USA. When I see $60 for the game, plus $30 just to ship it to me, there's little way I can actually afford to back the game.

    36. Dave Sokolowski

      Better to cancel than to have your campaign fail. Cancel and reboot!

    37. Kelly N. on

      @Keith - I've just done the same thing, for the same reasons.

    38. Keith Scholes on

      Just added a $1 pledge to register my interest, the game seems to have great potential but I would like to see more about it and particularly the component quality, I think that is something which counts for a lot in this kind of game. The game tiles you show look great but I would love to see more.

      The other thing that held me off was the stated limited suitability for solo play (which sadly is my main mode) I realise this is somewhat inherent in the game mechanics but if you could think about some form of solitaire play that would greatly increase its appeal for me.

      Good luck with a relaunch and all the best for the future.

    39. Freezy on

      Please keep us in the loop about other projects and a future relaunch of this project if it happens (do an update here so people get notified).

    40. Sixpence Games 4-time creator on

      Hmm, I thought I posted a comment yesterday, but apparently it did not go through.

      Yes, I am aware of Stonemaier Games' blog. I will definitely give it a reread before relaunching.

      I am looking for ways to lower the goal the next time around, and I expect to be able to do that well.

      I'm going to revamp the add-ons, to try to get more bang for your buck out of them. You can expect to see some extra scenarios.

      I will definitely make higher quality videos: both higher resolution, more visuals of the game, and a full gameplay video of a complete game. I'm going to make more visually complete prototypes for use in those vidoes and to send to reviewers - I already have several lined up who are interested in the game, and I am confident they will enjoy it.

      Thank you all for your support and your advice! I am putting a lot of effort and planning into the relaunch, and with your help I expect it to be much more successful. It'll take a few months to get the art ready, prototypes made, and to get the reviews back from the reviewers. In the meantime, I will likely launch a few smaller projects, that will be quicker to make and have much lower goals. I hope you'll join me in supporting those as well!

    41. Stu Ward on


      I've been watching this project on and off for a bit, and just wanted to throw in a dollar to speak. I would love to see this project succeed *on it's next attempt*.

      This time around, I can't back fully - the cost/reward ratio isn't there. I know the idea of KS is to help fund new projects etc etc - but frankly, a $60 buy in for the base game, plus another $30 or so for expansions is too much for what's being offered. That would seem to indicate this game would hit retail stores for $90+.. and even at full retail, that's almost the cost of Arkham+Eldritch.

      I heartily agree with the below poster's comments on Jamey's blog. That dude is fantastic, and makes miracles happen without coming out of pocket.

      There have to be some reasonable and feasible ways to bring costs down on a game such as this.. I love love love the concept. I want the game. But a $90 buy in, and a $70K goal are too high.

      Please accept this as being sent with love for the game, and love sent generally; I absolutely want to play this!

    42. GLGMike on

      New backer here. Although I don't actually expect the game to fund (could still happen though!), I wanted to add my support to this game project, because I really do hope it gets made.

      FWIW, I went through the comments, and didn't see anyone mention Jamey Stegmaier's blog at Stonemaier Games. He's run several great KS campaigns, and writes about his experiences with the aim of helping other KS Game project creators avoid a lot of common mistakes. Here's a compilation of most of them: http://stonemaiergames.com/kickstarter/

      If this is all familiar territory, I apologize for the duplication.

    43. Ox the Arsenal on

      I agree with the many other comments. Your videos are a major weakness. Shorten your intro vid and see if you know someone who could do a slick 3 minute video there, and then a playthrough of the game using the actual graphic components instead of your index card prototype and with a full table. I'd also consider sending out some full graphic games to some game review sites. Right now there are at most only 360+ people talking up your game, and without the playthrough videos that showcase you at your best, you won't hook them. Getting three or four video reviews/testimonials will boost your exposure significantly. Using the actual graphics will boost confidence that you are making an actual game. Using a full table of players will boost fun factor of the game.

      I am really surprised this isn't getting much response, but I guess not seeing a game that is right up to print-ready makes backers really nervous about backing these days. You have a great product here that looks really fun to play. You just need to up your pitch material and broaden your exposure. You'll get this one funded eventually.

    44. Jim Whaley on

      As a big fan of Betrayal at House on the Hill and Arkham Horror it's exciting to see a Kickstarter for a game that combines the two, especially from a creator who already has established credibility. Even if this campaign doesn't fund, I hope it won't discourage you from reworking your strategy and restarting it. I would back this again in a heartbeat.

    45. Missing avatar

      Martin Schultz-Moller on

      Seeing as this looks to have a minimal chance of succeeding now, I feel I may as well leave some of my own (possibly misguided) feedback. Understand I have never run a kickstarter as as such some of what I about to say may be completely logistically unreasonable.

      The things that stopped me pledging more the the dollar I have currently are the presentation of the game, and the pricing. I will start with presentation as that for me leads straight to the pricing. As far I can tell, there is no actual playthrough. You have provided the rules text as a video description of how the game is meant to be played which is good, but a full game playthrough would have allowed me to see how player interaction within the game works (which is a big thing for me personally [i.e. the difference in interaction between 'snakes and ladders' and 'the resistance' is immense and what ultimately makes the resistance a better game in my opinion out of those 2]).

      Now onto price-i've no idea how much it costs to produce a game. But for me to get the basic version as I live in Australia it would be $60 for the game with an additional $30 in shipping. For me at least, $90 is a significant amount for a game that I am basically gambling on whether I will enjoy myself to a reasonable degree.

      Further on from that, as a generally compulsive collector if I get a game, I like to also get the expansions. To add those 3 would be an additional $60-and with these ones, I would have liked a video explaining exactly how they enhance the game-how the player interaction changes would not be necessary. That comes to $150. I would be happy to pay that if I felt I had the guarantee of a game that I would play repeatedly, but with the current content I can view I am simply not willing to risk that much on a game I might enjoy.

      Again: I have never made a kickstarter. This is just me rambling so that in the event you try again and put this stuff in I will have a clear Idea of the game and be able to commit without doubt.

    46. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    47. caz

      I love the idea and enthusiasm!! Will be sad if it doesn't make it - will you try again with a lower goal? :)

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