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$25,014 pledged of $100,000 goal
$25,014 pledged of $100,000 goal

Recent updates

Visualizing the rewards

We thought it would help to give a bit of a visual aide to the rewards we're offering at each level. Not all the artwork is final, but the final stuff will be even cooler than what we're showing here!

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Grass roots time!


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Inside Mobile Apps article on SiXiTS and ROBOTA: Vengeance

Hi All,

Here's a link to an article on that just came out today from an interview we did with Kathleen De Vere at Inside Networks. This provides more insight into SiXiTS and the project, and why we looked to raise funding using Kickstarter.

Now including a Steam downloadable version

Hi All,

After some careful consideration and planning, we are now including a Steam downloadable version of the game for a true cross-platform launch of the game if we reach our current funding goal !  You will now be able to access your Robots and virtual goods and game achievements from multiple internet enabled platforms and devices.

We will therefore also be introducing early Beta versions via Steam, that will allow access and exclusive insight into the PC/Mac version of ROBOTA: Vengeance. 

We are very excited by this latest development, and by using Unity3D, which greatly facilitates the creation of cross platform games, feel we can do this for our current funding goal.

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First pass motion and look test

Hi all, 

We've updated the project with a first pass look and motion test on one of the early robot designs. 

And you can try it interactively here (simple mouse controls for the test):

Look for updates and help us spread the word so we can hit our goal and make this game a reality!