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$25,675 pledged of $87,150 goal
By Linda Feinberg
$25,675 pledged of $87,150 goal

Definitely Due for Update #2!

Thank you Siteseekr Cheerleaders!

So here is where we are: We are 26% funded with 17.5 days to go! What a ride it has been thus far! And all because of you! We are so grateful and I just want to make sure you know that.

Here's some press we received in the last few days:


MocoLogo Magazine

Also, check out the images below to see some fun complimentary comments that we noticed about us on Twitter and FB. We've been called 'sexy' and the CDR organization in Canada wants Siteseekr to come there.

But yes we still have a ways to go to get the first region up here and only 17.5 days to do it. We would really LOVE to get on Kickstarter's 'Popular Page.' We think it could be a chain reaction with all that constant exposure. But how do we get there you ask? Well for one, you can share the project link with your friends, coworkers, family, neighbors, post on Facebook & Twitter even daily.. And if just 100 people contribute $1.. that will raise our backer numbers to over 100 and 'Siteseekr' might then be considered a 'popular project'. It's all about creating a buzz!

We have also been emailing and meeting with local organizations, architecturally significant hotels, and local developers to help with exposure and perhaps sponsor the campaign a bit in the process. In doing all this I must say, I have learned a TON about social media and marketing techniques. I have enclosed one of our letters here just so you can see get an idea.

We may add another reward incentive soon. Perhaps a cool designed umbrella for all your Siteseekr travels, rain or shine??? What would you guys want to see as a reward that you would really like? As always, we are open to all ideas and feedback.

Remember daily updates and fun Siteseekr facts are located here: Siteseekr-SouthFlorida where all your names are also called out in a post. Please 'like' us so you can see our updates in your daily facebook feed. also lists you as a fabulous sponsor in the Contributors section.

Thanks again everyone! Spreading the Siteseekr love and excitement to all! Stay tuned!

xxx ooo Linda

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