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Yomi: a fighting game in card form. Learn your character, practice combos, and read the opponent's tendencies.
Yomi: a fighting game in card form. Learn your character, practice combos, and read the opponent's tendencies.
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Character Spotlights: Vendetta & Zane

Posted by David Sirlin (Creator)


Vendetta is an undead assassin from the Dreadlands. Not much is known about him or his origins.

Vendetta moves quickly and silently. He has great acrobatic skill as well as great patience. Giant pincers can extend from his arms, giving him huge range with his attacks.

Captain Zane of the Blood Guard encountered Vendetta on the road where three would-be robbers were sprawled out on the ground around him, bloodied. Zane was impressed, and offered to recruit Vendetta to the Blood Guard. Vendetta didn't say much, but he accepted. Zane is happy to have a badass crypt man on his side who slices up anything or anyone who needs slicing.

What Zane doesn't know is that Vendetta is no common foot soldier, and loyalty to Zane isn't exactly Vendetta's priority. Vendetta is actually one of Vandy Anadrose's most elite officers—he serves the Queen of D's. For now, he is her eyes. And as General Onimaru would say, spies are the most valuable asset of any army.

Vendetta is poking character, like Vega in Street Fighter. When he pokes with a normal attack, he can usually put that card back in his hand to keep poking. His gold character card adds a new power called Carrion Counter that’s similar to “Alpha Counters” in Street Fighter. That’s when you block a move, then cancel your blockstun to hit back instantly. EX Vendetta can do that with his Destiny card, and he can even use Destiny cards already in his discard pile.

His Destiny card is Venomous Stab. Whenever it hits the opponent, even if it was from his Carrion Counter, it attaches to the opponent and poisons them over time. It’s only 1 damage per turn, but that stacks with more copies of itself. He could potentially be draining them for 4 damage per turn—twice as much as Argagarg’s Hex of Murkwood—while still having his usual advantages of endless pokes and his very frustrating Acrobatics ability.


Captain Zane is head of the outlaw group called the Blood Guard, and he hates authority. While some call him "Zane the insane," there is a method to his madness. Zane doesn't mind the term though, because if people don't know what to expect, it gives him the upper hand.

Zane's purple suit is unusually tailored and it's reinforced with rare green dragon scales, partly for armor but mostly for style. I wonder what Midori has to say about that.

Zane's crew, who he calls the Blood Guard, are a band of outlaws who answer to Zane. One of his main activities seems to be staking out the roads and demanding what he calls a "traveller's tax" to any who would pass. If they refuse, he fights them for the tax, which is why he has skilled fighters on hand such as Vendetta (and later on, Troq).

While some see this as mere thieving, Zane does it for much more lofty reasons. He asserts that his power to tax comes from his ability to do so. If no one can stop him, then his law is as good as anyone else's. Or more to the point, why should he listen to Flagstone's law? Why should anyone? It's not like Quince achieved power there legitimately, and even if he had, it's not like Flagstone's laws help the Realm. The Realm is in the worst state it's been in for ages. Resources are draining all over the place, and for what—to produce more of Onimaru's useless clockwork soldiers? Personal freedoms have been sacrificed in the name of "protection," which disgusts Zane. One of Zane's favorite quotes is from the great lawyer Jefferson Degrey: "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little safety deserve neither." So why should we care what Flagstone says? Zane's defiance and infamy have become an increasing embarrassment to Flagstone, which is exactly his goal. If the rules don’t apply to Zane, why should they apply to anyone? Why, indeed.

Zane took an interest in Grave after realizing that Grave is one of the strongest warriors in the Realm. That's exactly the kind of person he could use on the Blood Guard. Interestingly, his speech to Grave is almost the same as Rook and DeGrey’s: that Grave’s inaction and disinterest in politics actually condones Flagstone's actions, whether he likes it or not. Zane trash talks whatever it is the golem and lawyer would say to actually do about it though. Something useless about civil disobedience? That just got DeGrey into Daggerfall Prison. Something else useless about some fighting tournament? How about burning the real problem to the ground so a new age can begin? It's true that Zane happens to enjoy blowing things up and burning them to the ground anyway, but that's beside the point. In this case, it's the right thing to do, says Zane!

In a fighting game, Zane is all offense with no defense. His Shenanigans innate ability helps him keep up that pressure by giving him an extra card for use in each combo (draw 2, use up to 1 of them). His gold character card’s More Shenanigans gives that huge boost: he draws 3 cards during a combo and can use ALL of them!

Zane’s Destiny card, Dragonish Flight, pictures him doing a wacky aerial move. It’s a linker so it helps greatly in making sure his extra cards from More Shenanigans really get used in a combo. The most bizarre thing about this card is that it has two suits per card! Zane doesn’t feel the normal rules apply to him, and he’s had enough of the tyranny of suits.

Zane can use this card just for it’s ability, “A Little Shake-Up,” to amp up his next combat. He can’t block during that combat, but his attack will be faster and higher damage. Also, he has a 1 in 4 chance of winning that combat outright, no matter what they play, because if Zane’s combat card suit matches the opponent’s combat card suit, the opponent doesn’t even get a combat card. That’s a 25% chance to land a 50 damage Maximum Anarchy super no matter what they played.

If Zane has two copies of his Destiny card, he can play one as his combat card and the other for the ability, giving him a 50% chance of automatically winning the combat (because his Destiny card has TWO suits on it). That’s pretty crazy, but then that’s how Zane rolls.

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    1. Ryan on

      Don't mind me, I'm just being silly over here. Make sure to block low!

      Groin Kick
      Attack (KD) 8 dmg, speed 5.0, Can't Combo

      This cannot be blocked by even-numbered blocks. If you won combat and Groin Kick deals damage, you may play another full combo.

    2. Andrew Centers on

      I think this is one of my favorites out of the bunch. I was expecting like a groin kick -knock down- ender or something..... But this is so much better in practice and flavor. And the art just makes me chuckle. I love it.

    3. ClanNatioy on

      Zane will actually have a 25% chance to deal 52 damage Maximum Anarchy. Mwahaha