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Yomi: a fighting game in card form. Learn your character, practice combos, and read the opponent's tendencies.
Yomi: a fighting game in card form. Learn your character, practice combos, and read the opponent's tendencies.
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Character Spotlights: Quince, Onimaru, BBB, Troq

Posted by David Sirlin (Creator)

These are the four characters in the Round 2 box. They are expansion characters, meaning they haven't been printed in tabletop form until now.


Sirus Quince is the head of the Flagstone Dominion, a position he attained through political prowess, the right words, and a wholesome image. There are some who call him Tyrant, but who are they, really? A stone golem and an outlaw barrister? Quince ensures the protection of his people, and protection means sacrificing some personal freedoms. It also means having values—the right values—and stomping out those who don't. Sometimes that cuts the wrong way for an overzealous lawyer like DeGrey, or a bisexual like Valerie, or a scientist doing the wrong kind of work like Geiger, but society gains of course! That's what Quince would say.

Quince used to be a lawyer and has faced DeGrey in court. DeGrey’s obsession with truth should be the most powerful weapon against Quince’s rhetoric, but somehow Quince’s deflections and deceptions gave him the upper hand. Buying the court helps too.

There’s a myth that legions of undead and demons will someday invade and either cleanse or enslave the realm. Even though it’s just a fairy tale, Quince latched on to that and tapped into the public’s fears. By emphasizing national security and a strong military, he won the hearts and minds of the people.

Quince is able to put a positive spin on almost anything. With his gold character card, Quince also has the option of putting a negative spin on things, causing the opponent to discard a card. When regular Quince puts the opponent into a mixup (such as an attack / dodge mixup with his face cards), one outcome lets Quince draw a card, while the other outcome has no extra benefit beyond winning combat. EX Quince forces a discard in that second outcome though, which can eventually cripple the opponent given that Quince can potentially do that many times throughout the game.

Quince’s Destiny card gives him the Chancellor’s Veto ability, which is the strongest counter in the game. It stops an opponent’s ability with no cost or drawback to Quince (all other counters in the game have some sort of drawback). Even though this is incredibly powerful, Quince won’t actually end up using it much. The reason is that the rest of the card is even more powerful. It’s exactly what Quince dreams of: an attack / block card.

Normal Quince is not allowed to have an attack / block face card, because it’s just too powerful given that he can use his Positive Spin innate to rotate his combat card after it’s revealed. An attack / block face card that can be rotated beats all attacks (they get blocked), beats all throws (they get attacked), and “beats” blocks and dodges (the block returns to his hand.) This is a potentially terrifying lockdown. You can’t even tell what’s what anymore against EX Quince.


General Onimaru is Quince's top military man. You can think of him like Sun Tzu in that he's a master of the art of war. He is known for his strategic planning, tactical maneuvers, use of terrain to his advantage, his ability to discipline an army, and his ability to know the enemy.

Onimaru is an outsider to Flagstone. He's won many battles in foreign lands and at least one on Flagstone soil against the former regime. Grave was just a boy then, and he lost his father that day. Onimaru claimed the Stormborne family sword as a war-prize, and were it not for the intervention of Mistress Persephone, Grave would never have received his family heirloom.

Many years later, Quince was able to recruit the General. There, Onimaru raised an army and due to his harsh style, the troops called him the Flagstone Enforcer. He also investigated unorthodox forms of military force, including the use of wild elephants and an experimental program to create clockwork soldiers with the help of the then-head of Flagstone Research & Development: Max Geiger.

Onimaru is a feared commander and despite his age, he’s still a force in personal combat as well. Onimaru’s personal fighting style focuses on powerful, precise attacks. He doesn’t need to dance around or do fancy combos; he just needs to land the one hit that ends the fight.

Onimaru’s Guard Crush ability becomes Guard Thunder Crush on his gold character card. This powered up version makes his normal attacks unblockable, regardless of the rank of card the opponent tried to block with. Good luck building your hand against that!

Onimaru’s Destiny card functions like a normal dodge (allowing him to hit back after dodging), and it also gives another bonus. The idea is that Onimaru analyzes his opponent, picking up on their tendencies and style so he knows how to counter it. Next turn Onimaru can rotate his own combat card after revealing it, helping him beat whatever the opponent does. That’s very hard to deal with and it’s like playing against Quince one turn, except it’s a Quince with unblockable attacks and very high damage.


Max Geiger built Bal-Bas-Beta and imbued him with sentience and personality. (The previous B-B-Alpha didn't work out so well.) BBB is full of clockwork gears and runs on steam power, though his design is mysteriously advanced. Geiger is rumored to have somehow communicated with an ancient lost race called the Vortoss who had advanced technology. Perhaps some of BBB's design is from another place, or another time.

General Onimaru immediately recognized the military potential when he saw Geiger's clockwork man. He ordered the production of an entire army of clockwork soldiers. Unfortunately, producing clockwork soldiers requires significant resources so Quince began scouring the Pandalands, Murkwood, the Golden Plains, and other regions for gold, silver, other minerals, lumber, and so on. Geiger suddenly left Flagstone, though his work was continued by Flagstone's new head of R&D, Dr. Beverly "Nova" Villanova.

BBB is especially interested in his own workings and how he can improve upon them and grow. He has learned about how biological organisms learn and grow, and is fascinated by that. He’s sad that he’s now separated from Geiger and wants to find him again. The mass produced clockwork soldiers don’t have BBB’s light-hearted personality though; they’re just designed to follow orders.

BBB is complicated enough that we don’t need to complicate him even more by changing around his delicately worded character card. Gold BBB has a whopping 100 hit points though, and 4 combo points rather than 2. BBB is generally frustrating to fight against because his long-range mechanic means the opponent has to hit him for 0 damage just to be able to play normally and actually damage him later. Having 100 hit points means it takes so long to kill him that he can shrug off damage and get back to range where he grinds down opponents. The extra combo points means new combos are possible. To put it another way, he can threaten instant kill combos when the opponent still has quite a bit of health.

BBB’s Destiny card lets him do what he always wanted: to get to long range without even having to hit the opponent. Simply blocking any attack automatically does it. Remember that BBB can’t even be damaged at range, so a more consistent way to access that is quite a power increase.


Troq is big and strong and likes to SMASH.

He has a good heart and he means well. He's not the sharpest guy though, so he gets confused sometimes. He likes having smart friends so his brawn and their brains can team up to do some smashing, which Troq really enjoys.

Troq comes from the Golden Plains, and like many regions these days, the area is in an economic slump due to Flagstone's mining and resource collection operations. This led Troq to seek his fortune elsewhere. Troq isn't exactly the most loyal beast, so wherever he can find the best deal is where he'll go. For the moment, that's as a Flagstone footsoldier but Zane will eventually lure him away with bribes of Giant Growth potions. Troq loves to be big and strong.

Troq’s gold character card powers up his Giant Growth to Gargantuan Growth. He gets +2 damage for each attached block, rather than +1. Also, this bonus now applies to ALL his attacks and throws, not just normal attacks and normal throws. To put it another way, if EX Troq does a 3-hit chain combo while at full Gargantuan Growth, he does 12 extra damage, which is as much as Grave's True-Spark Arc super.

His Destiny card is a new special throw: Bullbuster. What’s unusual is that it’s almost inevitable that he’ll land it. If he tries to land it and doesn’t, it returns to his hand so he can try again. It does up to 20 damage when pumped, which is pretty high damage potential, and that becomes 24 damage if he has Gargantuan Growth going.

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    1. David Sirlin 6-time creator on

      The Destiny blocks do beat mixup normals (are immune to them, basically). That will have to go in a FAQ somewhere.

    2. Ryan on

      Hey, I also just realized! Do Quince's and BBB's Destiny Blocks beat all mixup normals?

    3. Aaron White on

      I am focusing on a match between Grave and Onimaru - how about Onimaru get a taste of his own medicine from the Stormborne sword. :)

    4. Michael Salt on

      Wait, Quince and DeGray are basically rival battling lawyers?

      Note: Any similarities to Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth are purely coincidental... But i will now have to shout OBJECTION upon playing any card when i use these guys against each other! XD

    5. Gerrit on

      Increasing BBB's health and combo points instead of changing his Long Range ability was a very smart move. I like the character, but I had to read his character ability a dozen times before I finally understood all the things that it does. Having a similar, but more powerful ability on his gold character card would have been too confusing.

      I like these character / EX card info updates very much. People who are new to Yomi are introduced to the characters and their backgrounds and everyone gets to see the cool EX cards and learns about their design.

    6. David Sirlin 6-time creator on

      Yes, they are face cards.

    7. K A on

      Cool, so Destiny Cards are Face Cards?

    8. Aaron White on

      Thumbs up to BBB for being the only character to have an all block Destiny card.