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Yomi: a fighting game in card form. Learn your character, practice combos, and read the opponent's tendencies.
Yomi: a fighting game in card form. Learn your character, practice combos, and read the opponent's tendencies.
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Character Spotlights: Lum & Argagarg

Posted by David Sirlin (Creator)

A Panda and a Fish make an unlikely pair, but Lum and Argagarg complement each other well.


The Pandas are a playful and mischievous race. They enjoy gambling, eating, and trickery. Lum is a renowned Panda because of his success and his exciting style: he thrives in chaos. He makes unusual moves and relies on being better able to navigate unpredictable situations than other Pandas. He just loves when things HAPPEN. And he loves bamboo, too.

Even though Lum is “out of control” in some ways, he’s actually a very logical Panda. He knows the odds, the knows the math, he knows the games he plays. He’s a particularly strong Pandante player, though he doesn’t have as much interest in Human Poker. (Fold 80% of the time? Where’s the fun in that?)

Lum travelled outside The Pandalands in search of “the spice of life.” There he met Argagarg and other fish people. He challenged them to Pandante, but they really wanted to play “Muck Jump.” Lum didn’t do well at that, but he made fast friends with the fishes.

Lum entertains himself as he fights. He tries to work in poker flourishes, coin tosses, die rolls and anything else splashy he can come up with. His gold character card lets him roll loaded dice with more powerful effects than his regular dice. In Panda culture, cheating is considered fine as long as you get away with it. Though his Roll the Loaded Dice is full of far more powerful effects, the backfire of pulling a Joker is also more powerful. In that case, Lum instantly loses the game. Them’s the breaks.

Lum’s Destiny card is his Item Toss. This is similar to Faust’s Item Toss move in Guilty Gear. Lum can’t control which item he gets, so he has to improvise and try to make the most of whatever happens. Whenever you play the Item Toss card in combat (even if you get hit out of it), you get to draw a random card from your item side deck. The item card side deck is a special set of cards that only EX Lum has. Here they are:

It’s easy to see why Lum is a rockstar amongst Gambling Pandas. Everyone likes his style.


Argagarg is a careful and wise elder Merfolk from Murkwood Marsh. He’s known for patience and non-violent diplomacy, though as a practical matter he is very capable of defending himself. When pressed, he fights with a staff in his four arms and commands the power of water.

While Lum is intelligent in the realms of probability and logic, Argagarg has a refined emotional intelligence. They each have an appreciation for the other’s skills. Unfortunately, outsiders stereotype the “fish men” as being savage or vicious. While any population has outliers, on average this is a very wrong view. It’s especially wrong for Argagarg himself, but humans often judge a book by its cover. Argagarg is unhappy about that, but his main concern is with protecting his people and their land.

A nearby mining operation contaminated the Murkwood Marsh, and the wildlife is suffering. Argagarg organized protests and negotiations with the miners to get them to stop, but to no avail. It’s hard to argue them out of getting paid by Flagstone.

Argagarg’s gold character card gives him a much powered up Curse of Murkwood, dealing 250% of his usual Hex. Nine turns of this curse does as much damage as Grave’s True Power of Storms super.

Argagarg’s Destiny button in a fighting game would summon a flow of water that pushes the opponent back. Fish might jump out and attack, as cutely pictured in the art on the card. The Raging River ability disables the opponent’s throws for a turn, and Argagarg is able to “hit confirm” into this, meaning if he sees his normal attack hit he can tack on a Raging River. (It works on block too!) What disabling throws really means is that Argagarg gets to do what he likes most next turn: block. Every turn he stalls the match is 5 free damage from Curse of Murkwood, plus even more if he has a Bubble Shield (Ace) active.

Argagarg gets his way in the end, and he’s willing to wait for it.

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    1. K A on

      The Gold characters have so many fun concepts hat I actually wish they really were standard! Wonder to what extent they'll take over my casual games...

    2. Paul Zagieboylo on

      No one claimed the EX versions were balanced, even against each other. They are probably not. Arg in particular seems really absurd, but then, so did Rook, so did Midori, so did... pretty much everyone, actually.

    3. Aaron White on

      I feel like Arg's EX version just magnifies everything that makes him frustrating to play against. Not that it is bad, but it will be fun to find out how frustrating once we get the cards. :)

    4. Jan Englund on

      Oh my... That Lum thing is so crazy. I wonder why these are not tournament legal. ;)